Whatever the Weather

Name any kind of weather and I bet you I can confirm that we've experienced it here today.
We've had rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, thunder and lightening... all accompanied with an Arctic blast of freezing wind!
The sort of wind that my Mother used to call 'a lazy wind'
The kind of wind that doesn't go around you... it just goes straight through!
I remember December was so much warmer than this.
If at any time today I looked out of the window, it definitely looked like we were in the grip of winter. 
But along with this changeable weather, we've seen some spectacular sights... from the sun kissed snow capped mountains, with dramatic stormy cumulus clouds behind them adding to the drama, to the beautiful snowflakes drifting slowly down to earth making a white magical landscape. 
But my favourite sight of the day, was to see the local roe deer sparing. 
Not quite rutting, but perhaps practicing for tougher bouts ahead. 
I think it's possibly a yearling (or young male) testing his strength against an older buck. 
The younger deer has been taunting and baiting the elder all afternoon. 
There is a doe (female) involved, but she got bored with the proceedings and after finishing eating, she wandered off to possibly take a snooze in the thick yellow flowering gorse.
Meanwhile, the boys were tearing around the field and didn't even notice her departure. 
I did think at one stage that I really should go to set up my video camera... but then I thought I'd rather watch and enjoy them, than miss it whilst searching for the camera.
Yesterday, I witnessed the female chasing off a fox, who had obviously come into her personal space.

Later this afternoon, I was rewarded by the deer coming right up to our boundary to nibble on some new shoots.
Stunning isn't he? 
I'm getting so used to them walking nearby now, so much so that I'm thinking of names for them!
They have the habit of visiting up near the house at night time too, whilst we are sleeping. 
Well we are until they set off the intruder light! 

I hope your week is going well and that you have been able to appreciate nature too in some form or another.
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I hope you enjoyed your visit here today and will come back soon.
Hopefully, I'll have some springiness to share with you.

My Sunday Photo... Spring Snow

They say variety is the spice of life, well in that case I think we can safely say we've certainly had an abundance of spices today. 
We've had all the seasons rolled into one and here's the proof!
The sun is shining, but there's a flurry of snow every so often, with a little rain too.
If you look past the car you'll see some of the hundreds of daffodils that I planted last year.
This weather is certainly confusing to us, so I can only imagine what it is doing to the wildlife.
The poor birds are building nest in my nest boxes... I think they'll need lots of insulation at this rate.
Whatever the weather try to turn that frown upside down.

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Having A Hoolie Day.....

Its batten down the hatches today...with a hoolie blowing in and I have heard the words "be prepared for hail" and unbelievably 'snow' was even mentioned.
So does this mean that summer has finally packed its bags and headed off to visit some other part of the world? Hopefully it may be where you are...but don't forget to send it back!
I'm going to miss it terribly, but I know they'll be lots of other things to keep me busy whilst its away. Plus all the autumn colours haven't really arrived yet...

 I do love to see all the changes that each season brings as I've mentioned before....living in countries previously where there are little changes from one month to another, except from hot to hotter weather, or dry dusty conditions to a few droplets of rain that hardly meet on the tarmac, can leave you wanting.
Although most of the trees haven't got organised yet with their new autumn wardrobes...my potted grapevine has really pulled all the stops out.

 There's still so much happening in the garden and I was thrilled to see that the birdcage plant has flowered. I wasn't really ready, but it decided to bloom without much help from me.

Plectranthus Oerthendahlii (Brazilian Coleus)
I'm really pleased that it feels so comfortable and at home here with us :D

I came across one of the flowers that I'd featured on a previous blog...well it wasn't the flower that featured but the seed pods that looked like little aliens and someone had asked what it was...I knew I'd got a photo of the flower somewhere in my files, but gave up trying to find it, as it liked hiding! This little specimen must have been feeling very brave to be still on show...

I now know its a Butterfly Iris! (there's always something new to learn in blogdom)

I also passed my tree today, I say my tree because I helped to plant it along with lots of other plants way back in September 2010...and what a fine specimen its turning out to be...  

 LOL....I bet that got your attention....obviously this isn't the one I planted, but I have great hopes for my little treelet! Isn't this tree incredible? So tall and straight....
Here's the real one that I planted...modelled beautifully by my extremely exclusive models. Thankfully Zac and Muffin didn't christen the tree by marking it as theirs! For that matter nor did my friend!!!! ;D

I hope you can make out which tree it is...it's central in this photo.

The sun is shining so I think I should wrap up, tie the hair away and get outside to get on with some of those gardening jobs...I want to replant my hanging mangers to a winter display with plants that will be happy through the cooler months...but then the studio is calling me...oh decisions, decisions....

Good Luck to everyone who has entered into the 'The Iron Man Triathlon' on Sunday here in Melbourne ~  I'm sorry I couldn't enter this year...I'm so disappointed as you can imagine....but its my ankle, knees, hips, shoes, wind direction, well you know how it is?....who knows I may be free next year :-$

For everyone else not in the race...have fun this weekend and keep smiling  :D