Brighton, Australia... PPF

I have to admit that I'm reeling today from the outcome of our EU Referendum, along with many others no doubt. We are on the cusp of many changes in the coming months for sure. 
It also looks like there may well be a Scottish Referendum because of this result... so uncertain times lie ahead. 
We never envisaged so many changes when we made the decision to leave Australia three years ago and I'm wondering with hindsight, whether we would make the same decision if we had to make it now.  

Whilst preparing for forthcoming visitors this weekend and not having had any time for artwork, I thought you might like to see a piece of art that we bought when we lived in Melbourne.
We bought the painting below from the St. Kilda Esplanade Sunday Market and actually watched and talked to the artist. 
It was brilliant to watch her work. 
It's a beach scene of Brighton with Melbourne city skyscrapers in the right hand corner.
The beach huts are so colourful... I love them.
I'm so happy that I bought this painting, because we've had visitors come to stay with us from Melbourne. It's a little reminder of home for them, as it hangs over the bed in the guest bedroom.
When I look at this painting I'm immediately transformed back there.
I'm not sure if the artist still sells her work at the Sunday Market... but if you are ever in Melbourne and find a Sunday morning free, then I recommend a visit. 
It's a craft fair and there are so many stalls selling lots of interesting things.
After being up late last night watching the drama unfold... I think I need to lie down for a wee while.
Obviously I can't go into this bedroom. 
The tea and coffee making facilities are already ready and waiting. 
(I'm linking to PPF as usual. Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting).
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for popping in.