Goldfinch... Paint Party Friday

Hello... I'm back.
Phewph... October was quite a month and I certainly wouldn't want to go through that one again.
As you can imagine I haven't had any time for art, but yesterday I decided I needed to start... somewhere.
I was finding it difficult to even contemplate what to draw and was feeling worse for procrastinating. 
So I decided to just start and see what happened. 
This little chap is what appeared. 
We have lots of birds visiting us each day and the Goldfinches are the most numerous.
I used my Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils and once again wasn't really too enamoured with them. But at least I made a start. 
Hopefully I can now get back to my other projects.
Here's a photo from a previous blog post showing some of the hungry little feathered visitors.
I do have some exciting good news to share with you.
My daughter has had one of her designs featured in the new Not On The High Street TV advertisement. 
I think it's a great advert and have attached it below, just in case you haven't seen it yet.
See if you can find a Grumpy Owl card in there.
As it's Friday I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday link.

I'll try my utmost to get to visit everyone that has visited here in my absence.
Thank you so much... it means such a lot to me.
Toodleloo for now and I hope to see you soon

Splish Splash... PPF and Sunday Sketches.

Splish splash is certainly an appropriate title for this weeks Paint Party Friday artwork, because it has been seriously wet and even foggy here these last few days. 
That in itself is bad enough, but the rest of the UK has been basking in temperatures of near the 30 degree mark!
That just seems so unjust in my book.
So yesterday, we decided to leave fog bound Aberdeen and head inland... which worked a treat.
It's a well known fact, that the fog can be thick here near the North Sea coast, but if you drive a few miles inland, there's a good chance that the sky will clear and out pops the sun!
Which in fact it did.
We visited another Scottish National Trust property that I will post about at a later date. 
I've still got Pitmedden Gardens (part 2) to edit.

I thought I would let you see what I was talking about on my PPF post last week, when I mentioned my visiting doves watching me through the window, whilst I work. 
(For anyone that missed my PPF post last week here is the link... click here)
It's time to join the Paint Party Link, where Kristin and Eva host lots of talented artists to come together to share their work and inspiration.
I'm also linking up with Alexandra's Sunday Sketches
Alexandra is staying in the UK for a few months and is hosting Sunday Sketches from this side of the pond. If you'd like to see her illustrations, plus lots more through the link then you can use the button in my sidebar. 
So I'll love and leave you for now.
Thanks for popping by and I hope to see you again soon.
I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Birds and Booze... PPF

It seems to be all happening this week... well all except painting that is, but at least I managed to start a sketch. I'm not sure if you've heard of the BBC programme 'Springwatch' especially if you are situated outside of the UK, but it's airing at the moment and there's been some brilliant footage.
They have live camera's and it gives you a chance to really see nature up close and personal 24/7. Some scenes a little too close for my liking, but they're brilliant all the same. 
Here's a link if you'd like to take a peek - click here
They featured Puffins one evening and I'd heard that they are near the endangered list and since then I just can't get them out of my mind... so I started to draw them.
(I'm hoping that you can see this as it's really quite light)
There's a bird sanctuary not far from here, with the cliff tops crammed with wild birds and their nests. I keep saying that we must visit whilst the puffins are nesting. 
By the way, did you know that a young puffin is called a 'puffling'. 
Now you've got to agree that's rather cute.
Anyway, I've got to be on my game today... moving swiftly on because my hubby has purchased a huge beast of a garden tool, that has the potential to strip a whole woodland in one sweep never mind a feed weeds from around the perimeter of our garden!
I can virtually hear my plants gasp in horror and lean away in terror.
Heaven knows what damage he could do wielding that baby!
Don't worry... I'm going to be standing well back and wearing full safety gear and I'm not even going to be anywhere near. 
I'm taking no chances!
I may even need a stiff drink by the time he's finished.
None during for obvious reasons!
Talking of needing a stiff drink reminded me of my painting of a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle 
(other gin's are available) 
I painted it a little while back, so maybe some of you haven't seen it before. 
My son has it on his bedroom wall and objected to me taking it down... so I took the photo in situ which wasn't the best idea... but there you go!
I'm linking up as usual with Eva and Kristin as usual over at PPF
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Thanks for hosting once again ladies.
I hope you all have a wonderful safe weekend and thanks for visiting my place.