Tribute to Trees

Today I wanted to post a tribute to trees....
It's something I've been thinking about for some time now and I know there are many fellow tree huggers out there. The only trouble is how much I wanted to post...seriously I've chopped (oops...sorry no pun intended) this post from a 'War and Peace' type post.
So where to start...obviously trees provide us with two of life's essentials, food and oxygen but then there is so much shelter, medicine, and tools. They can provide peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environments which we can all enjoy. They frame landscapes, create beautiful backgrounds and enhance building designs. Trees can provide privacy, emphasize beautiful views, and screen unsightly areas. 
They improve our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban fact I'd better stop there because there's a risk I could go on and on....and there's a lot of photos to get through. Maybe you should pop the kettle on for a cuppa while you browse?
If you're a tree lover then you'll know just how special they are and how they can touch your very soul.
I hope you enjoy my little tree tribute.
The first photo on the left is the Crow Pine tree in Canada 
The middle tree was taken during our trip to New Zealand's North Island and the far right was taken on one of my morning walks here in Melbourne.
The exfoliating bark never ceases to amaze me...and also reminds me just how important moisturizing is and that I must step up my beauty regime!

The patterns and colours are stunning....especially when they have just had a shower!

I sometimes feel compelled to touch the tree trunk especially when it's stripped of looks like it should feel warm like a living limb...and I'm always surprised that it doesn't. 
(I know that this might sound odd...maybe I should move on swiftly?!?!)


Then of course there are the big blousey show offs that like a splash from the colour'd like purple? 
Not a problem.....

 Or would you prefer red?

And that's just a snippet of looking at trees but then there's all the other who visits or uses a tree for shelter or survival.

Here are a few fellow tree huggers....precious birds eggs, the koala, a possom snoozing away during the day and a flock of local rainbow lorikeets enjoying breakfast.
 Sometimes an unexpected guest might arrive.... the tawny frogmouth owl that isn't really an owl at all...


And of course I couldn't miss out the majestic kookaburra

Or the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo...

Yet another serious tree hugger....literally!

We mustn't forget that trees bare fruit's a photo of my lemon tree last year and I'm happy to say I've noticed lots of flowers appearing again this year :D
I'm thinking it might be an idea to plant an apple tree in the place of the tree that had to be uprooted last week. I miss being able to just pick an apple off my own tree. It's been quite a while. 

And then of course all the various colour that appear with the different pleasure as we pass from one season to the other.

Spring positively bursting into life...with pungent fragrances to stop you right in your tracks in order to appreciate their effort!

Beautiful blossom....

But then fall comes to call....

I don't think I'd ever seen a pine cone this big before and thankfully it didn't fall on my head as I walked beneath the canopy.

From little things...big things grow!
Did you ever plant an acron as a child...I'm hoping to visit mine one day just to see how big it might be. 
I also had the priviledge of taking part in a local council organised Community Planting Day here a few years ago where I helped plant lots of trees and grasses along a nature reserve...but I took a special note of this one particular tree, so that I would remember...that's MY TREE!
I regularly check on its's now over 6ft tall and looking good...I'm so proud of it!
Everyone should plant at least one's incredibly satisfying.

The bottom right hand photo show's my hubby standing beneath his favourite oak tree which is in a local park back in the UK. The photo doesn't do it justice and its beautiful perfect you can see it's been there for quite some time...and must have some stories to tell.
 As the wonderfully warm summer days slowly leave us... trees compensate and console us with colourful displays.

Finally the leaves fall...leaving bare branches but even so they can be spectacular on the landscape...oh and I mustn't forget we then have the most special tree of all...the Christmas Tree! 
I've searched my mess, unorganised, collection of photographs for my best Christmas Tree photo and I can't find it! 
Note to self...I really must take some time to reorganised my photo files...but that could take me years. 
I have quite a few :(

Even when sadly a tree has to be taken can still enhance our lives, by keeping us warm and cosy throughout the winter months. There's something very special about a real fire.
I know I'm going to see so many things I should have included in this post but I think you get the point...trees mean a lot to me and I couldn't live without them. I hope you feel the same way.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to take a look at the trees around you...there's sure to be something special. 
See you again soon

Getting to know you....

Yesterday was quite a challenge for me because although I think I can multi-task and spin all the plates at once, my super powers came crashing down to earth...I locked my car keys in the boot of my car!
Yes, I know ~ what a numpty! Don't worry I called myself all the names under the sun and even some colourful one's that I didn't even know I knew.
A poor woman passerby witnessed it too which added to my embarrassment. She did offer to help but was probably thankful when she realised she couldn't and could run from the crazy woman.
I had been shopping and all the bags plus the stupid trolley that would only move impersonating a crab, all became too much in the pre thunderstorm temperature. The trolley had also taken me on a wide goose chase down all the concrete slops that allow you to get to ground level, but make you walk miles further than you needed to go. I managed to just open the boot of the car, keeping one foot on the trolley again to stabilise whilst putting large boxes and bags in...Then I shut the boot....!
To cut this long story short my knight in shining armour came to the rescue...aren't friends wonderful? Spare key rounded up from home and whisked to me on a white chariot : D (thanks once again for coming to the rescue : ))
So when I finally returned home a good strong cuppa was needed and for the remainder of the day I took myself away in a darkened room out of harm’s way!

But later came my next challenge of the day...Ange from Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String  tagged me in her blog - hoping I'll answer a few "get to know you better" questions...
Well what can you do when she asked so she was so complementary to my new art work...I couldn't possibly refuse. So here we go...

 1) When I wake up in the morning I usually....reach for my cuppa that's somehow mysteriously appeared on my bedside cabinet.

2) My idea of sheer bliss is...curled up with a fantastic book, with a cuppa to hand and Mufftypup snoozing next to me...gently snoring. Oh and unlimited amounts of chocolate (with no guilt attached, now that would be good)

3) The person I would most love to kiss is....other than my OH obviously (I need that first cuppa in the morning and he might read this) it would have to be hmm.....(puckering up lips) to be drop dead gorgeous George ~ Clooney that is...not my neighbour!  (Is that just too predictable for a old chick like me....but it's a question I haven't asked myself lately)

4) I always laugh when...I'm with the girlies. It's amazing how much giggling can be done over such weird and wonderful topics... sometimes surprisingly even without the aid of alcohol.

5) It's most irritating trolley's want to be crabs and keys decide to hide in the boot of your car!

6) If there's one thing I know for sure it' blessed I am by having such a wonderful family not always near enough to hug but always in my heart.

7) I wish I knew how to...speak many languages, take photographs like a National Geographical or BBC photographer, play the guitar and piano, fly a plane, swim like an Olympic champion, mind read (wouldn't that be cool), cook like a Michelin chef, listen more than I talk....cure the sick, keep all children safe and well fed, find the cure for all the nasty diseases out there, house the homeless...okay getting a little serious that'll do, I think you get the gist!

8) Everyone has to agree that....we share this planet and need to all get along ~ we're only here for such a short time, so need to make the most of it.

9) I know it's just not possible but I'd really love my fingers and the 12,000 miles distance from my loved ones would disappear. And...getting greedy able to know what goes through Muffin's mind...I know probably not alot but it could answer so many questions like why she insists on licking my OH's little toe on his left foot! Not the right or anyone elses. Probably a little too much information there....

10) I find it fascinating that...I've settled so well into life in Melbourne. I didn't expect to especially with travelling and constantly having to make a new home wherever we've stayed. I've never settled this well before. I've always managed but wanted to return home. I'm not sure how long we'll be staying here in Melbourne, but for now I'm a happy bunny. Bring my family here and I'd be ecstatic : D

11) I dance body just has a will all of its own when I hear music. Music always motivates me and I love most, so there's always a dance waiting to break out.

Phewph...not sure that the above is going to be interesting to anyone. Yes Ange it did take quite a while and lots of deep thinking to come up with those answers....

Why don't you pop over to Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String for a visit if you can. I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit.

But I can't leave a post without a know here's one I took earlier. 

 Have a great weekend...keep smiling :D

Things that go bump in the night......?

What a night we had last night...virtually awake every hour or so....
Muffin has always been the type of dog to easily be spooked by loud noises, bangs, thunderstorms, fireworks or heavy rainfall on the roof. She was even spooked by clouds, when she lived in the Middle East - well, we didn't see too many of those, except maybe one or two over the winter months, so I suppose that was understandable. By the way, she's fine about them now thankfully, which is just as well.

I digress....back to the story.... numerous times during the night she would start to do her gruffing (which although is only quiet has the amazing ability to get your attention and drive you to distraction) She usually just heads under my son's bed when the eebeejeebies set in, but his door was firmly closed.....he's not daft.
I couldn't work out what was spooking her periodically. She'd kick off then settle again, but unfortunately this happened throughout the whole night. At one point my OH got up and watched the second half of his UK football team play their match...well, he was awake anyway!
(This by the way is a normal activity in our household during the UK football season. The joys of having your team play on the other side of the world and in a different timezone).
Anyway, finally still wide awake, we actually heard a loud ding! Off she went in a tizzy..... We realised at last that it was the sound of the acorns falling off the Oak tree outside and hitting the vehicles parked underneath. Even the ones landing in the road and pavement made quite a noise.

Now the problem is how do we desensitize her for the next few months and the thousands that will fall ....

From Little Things Big Things Grow....

This morning I woke to the sound of a chainsaw....eek!

Immediately I had visions of an over zealous hairdresser let loose with a pair of scissors.
How big was the job and what tree was involved? I am paranoid that the trees outside the house will be a target...I went off in hot pursuit to investigate.

I've always adored trees, but I think that due to living in the Middle East it's highlighted the fact I can't live without them....

No, the victum was well away and needed to be cut.....phew!

I have to admit there is a downside especially having the huge oak trees so near to the house. The autumn clearance of leaves and acorns can take days, but then look what I found in my garden - how cute. The spring sunshine has worked its magic and up they pop.

All the ones I missed.

From little things big things grow.....

Here's one I potted earlier.

This one has obviously been around for some time...

...and this oak is located in a local park in our home town in the UK.

It's my other half's favourite.

Yes and there's some blue sky too - amazing!