Paint Party Friday

I can't believe that it's a whole week since I mentioned the floods here in Aberdeenshire and believe it or not, last night was the worst night of flooding since the rain started over a week ago.
The National Media have now suddenly become aware of the severity of the flooding and thanks to the fantastic voluntary Fubar News team on Facebook, who are providing the masses of video footage for them, everyone now has become aware of what people are dealing with here.
It's wonderful to see and hear about the local community pulling together (other than a few morons that have taken the opportunistic view that an unattended, flooded house is far game for looting) along with the amazing emergency services, local businesses and volunteers that are all doing incredible work to try to minimize what is an horrific situation for so many. 
These floods are the worst on record... EVER!
We are counting our blessings here in this house for sitting high on a hill.

I'm feel slightly frivolous linking up with my little piece of artwork today, when so much is happening but it is Friday and I haven't posted all week... so here it is...
my latest drawing.
Can you tell what it is...?
I decided that after drawing the wolf (click here if you'd like to see him) 
(Wow... I've just seen that I drew him way back in November)
Oh my, how time flies when you're enjoying yourself.
There's lots I would change on this drawing, but I thought I'd show you because I think it's important to show when things go well and when they don't. 
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
After all it's the journey when creating art isn't it?
That's one of the fascinating things about creating art... you just never know!
I read that there are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild.
It's unthinkable that we might lose these magnificent animals in my lifetime!
That would be so tragic.

Unfortunately, the photographs were taken on different days and as you can see there hasn't been a great deal of light. 
But I can assure you the final drawing is on white paper! 
I forgot to mention that we had snow last night and now it's turned to ice.
Just another spanner in the works... It just keeps giving!
So when Mufftypup finally went out for her walk after days of being house-bound due to the wind and rain she wore her  'Adidog' coat (as in Adidas with a difference).
She was very cozy and she was really up for a good workout.
She decided she wanted to head into the woods for lots of mooching and adventures. 
Here's the before photo... 
And here's the after shot...
She's showing her sad face because she knows she's heading into a bath!
But after she had a good warm sitting on the Aga, then the hairdryer and finally into her bed by the wood burner for her afternoon snoozelet.
Is it any wonder I don't get enough hours in my day?

I'm off to check out all the artist linking up to Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday
Paint Party Friday
Have a great Friday and I hope you have a wonderful enjoyable weekend!
Thanks for stopping by my place and I hope you'll come back again soon

Inktober Challenge and Party Time (PPF) and Sunday Sketches

A few people have asked would I post what I'm drawing for the Inktober Challenge here on my blog... (they don't have an Instagram account or use Facebook) so as I aim to please my readers (hehe) here's the next phase of the challenge.
I'm still three drawings behind schedule, but I truly plan to catch up before the end of the month.
This Autumn Leaf is the most popular so far...
But the Halloween Pumpkins are a hit too.
One of my favourite birds since returning to the UK is the Pheasant. 
We are constantly hearing them if not actually seeing them just now.

And then there just had to be a drawing of my true lifelong loves.
Books and reading...
With suffering experiencing extremely cold mornings over the last week... 
I'm having to play cinders once again. 
Lighting the wood burner is one of my first chores of the day.
I'm also hunting my winter woolies, thermals and fleeces out. 
But it's confusing because as the morning progresses the sun is shining making up for such a wet grey summer.
So obviously on a chilly morning Grumpy Owl appeared. 
I'm not sure why, but I can safely say he looks like he doesn't like the cold either.  
Are you craving a little colour now? 
I know I am... here's a photo of one of my garden flower beds. 
I can't believe just how colourful it is right now, especially in the low sunlight of early morning.
Some flowers are only just blooming... they must be so confused.
As are the birds no doubt!
So that's it for today... I'll perhaps show you a little more of the garden and what's happening in another post, but in the meantime why don't you pop across using the link below to enjoy some more incredible art over at PPF
I know they'll be explosions of colour and amazing talent there.
Paint Party Friday
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches

I know I've been neglecting you lately, but I hope to get back to some normality soon... 
whatever that is! 
I appreciate your visit  and love it when you leave a comment.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy painting everyone.


Snails and tails continued... PPF

I can't believe that the last time I wrote a post was last Sunday and here we are... it's Friday already!
This post is going to be a whistle stop too, because I'm away for the weekend (woohoo)
But before I go I wanted to nip into the Paint Party Friday link.

If you visited last week you might remember I started to draw a snail (click here if you missed it) and here's how it has progressed. 
Unfortunately, the photo isn't the best but it's been a funny kind of day... rain, sun and hail once again so it's difficult to get the lighting right. 
As usual I walked the tightrope with this painting and then took a tumble by fiddling and going beyond the point of no return. 
But I did have fun. 
One thing I did want to do though was to put him into the garden where he belongs. 
He's incredibly close to the hosta but he assures me that he'll not touch it.
Talking of the garden... that's my outdoor canvas and where I've been busy all week
I've been weeding and weeding and weeding...
It's a fantastic time when everything in the garden bursts into life, but unfortunately so do the weeds.
I feel like a Neptune trying to hold back the sea... a sea of weeds.
And I'm slightly worried that I'm not winning.
I'm also planting up pots... changing the winter plants and bulbs to a summer display.
It's a good job that it doesn't get dark here until after 10.00pm, although I tend to flag a little before that time. And finally let me show you the veg plot with Muffin exploring in the jungle... 
I know that I have lots of visiting to catch up on... which I will do. If you visited me and left a comment then I will be popping into your place at some stage soon.
So I'll see you later... right now I've got to get packed.
Whatever you're doing this weekend... have fun, enjoy and let's hope the sun warms up. 
Surely it has to soon.

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails... PPF

Hands up if you don't believe it can be Friday already? 
Well it is... and what a week it's been.
But today is party day thanks to Eva and Kristin hosting this weeks Paint Party Friday
So other than Muffy sitting on it... what else is on my desk this Friday?
Snails... (yuk) 
I personally dislike them with a passion, but after seeing Nic and her blue snail holding onto her teabag, on the side of her cup, I offered to send her some of my slimy pests.
Not surprisingly she declined... well they weren't a beautiful blue colour for a start. 
But that got me thinking perhaps I should be a little more tolerant 
(not covering them with salt as some people do) 
but think of them possibly bringing other wildlife into my garden.
Perhaps owls and hedgehogs? 
I've heard the owls in the nearby woods,so I know they're quite near. 
I just need them to know there's an abundant feast here, before the little pests devour my hostas completely!
I seem to be a little lost with my art at the moment.
I don't know what I want to draw/paint, so I reverted back to base... revisiting my zentangle phase.
I go into a trance when I'm drawing these designs... but alas this time it didn't work. 
Maybe that phase is over?
That's a shame because it was good whilst it lasted... we'll have to see?
I'm thinking I'll colour this snail to try to brighten up his popularity.

Just a slight deviation... look what my sister saw in her garden this week.
Now I'd love one of these cute visitors.
Mrs Tiggywinkle come to tea.
Gorgeous isn't she?
(well I'm saying she but I haven't a clue... please put me right if she is in fact a he!) 
The sun is shining and there's a party, so if you'd like to join in come on over.
See you there...
Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend... enjoy!