Zebra Plant and Partying

With not much spare time over the last week I'm amazed that I have something to show for the Paint Party Friday link up, but here I am. 
I actually never got as far as the studio because basically the wood burner was lit and it was beautifully cosy in the kitchen. 
Whilst moving my daughter from A to B in Edinburgh (see here if you missed the post) I saw a very sad plant. 
My daughter didn't want to keep it and so I just 'had' to rescue it. 
I loved the colours of the leaves and the under side of the leaf feels like velvet. 
It was far too pretty to abandon... so here it is. 
Bright and perky now and ready to join the party!

I've since discovered that it is the zebra plant (scientific name - calathea zebrina) a perennial foliage plant which displays fairly large ovate leaves a the tips of it's long stalks, growing up to 1 metre tall... if I'm lucky!
I had been contemplating autumn leaves and autumnal colours so this fitted right in.
It's a beautiful bright fresh morning this morning, that sings of autumn... there's no deigning it... autumn has arrived.
I've not finished the leaf as you can see, but I'm using the layering technique that Tracey Fletcher King taught me, so there's a fair way to go yet. I always get so far in this process and then think that perhaps I should have used a good piece of paper and not my journal. 
Ho hum... Does this happen to you too?
Well I've got over a hundred spring bulbs to plant up today, so I better get a wriggle on if I want to do it whilst the sun is shining.
I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend lies ahead.
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