My Sunday Photo... The Greater Spotted Woodpecker

We are having an abundance of bird visitors right now. 
I'd love to show you them all up close, but unfortunately I need to purchase a zoom lens first. 
It's been on my 'to do' list since Christmas, when I was presented with a new camera. 
One visitor that I'm particularly pleased to see returning this summer is the Yellowhammer. 
I haven't managed to obtain a decent photo yet, but here's the RSPB website if you'd like to see details plus a little video... click here

Yesterday I thought that we had lost one of our Greater Spotted Woodpecker friends, because I found one little fella on the floor looking slightly dazed. 
(I'd cleaned my windows the day before and as usual the birds seem to want to wreck my handy-work by flinging themselves straight into them, leaving a perfect imprint on the glass). 
I checked the little chap hadn't broken his neck or wing and retreated to watch, whilst ensuring that the neighbours cat didn't come calling. 
After quite some time when he hadn't moved, I thought he might need some water, so I carefully approached... which made him take fright and he flew away... off to the woods.
Note to self: Don't bother cleaning windows... that way I'm doing my bit for nature! 
That'll do for me
Here's he is or possibly one of his relatives!
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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of fun.
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My Sunday Photo... Wild Birds

I'm a complete and utter addict when it comes to wild birds visiting my garden. 
I just can't get enough.
I have three feeding stations dotted around my house and I currently buy 35 kilo's of seed ever few weeks! 
It costs a fortune, but I think it's worth it.
 When we first arrived back to this house from our expat travels, I was really worried because I hardly ever saw a wild bird in the garden. 
But as they say "if you build it... they will come" and they certainly did. 
As a rough guide at the moment I have five doves visiting every day 
(I have no idea who they belong to... there were seven, but I prefer not to think about where the other two have gone) four Great Spotted Woodpeckers, four Robins, a flock of somewhere between 20 and 30 Goldfinches, a few Green finches and possibly a dozen or so Chaffinches, masses of Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and at least 15 Wood Pigeons. 
Oh and I mustn't forget the two crazy Crows that had taken a complete obsession to my garden mirror. I decided to take the mirror away thinking I was doing the best for them, but now they are attacking the patio windows to my dining room. 
I first thought someone was knocking at the door... and couldn't work it out what was going on. 
I'll try to get a photo of them because it really is quite a sight... as is my paving now with poop pebble dashing! 
They've even moved plant pots to get nearer! 

This week I've included two photos.
It's been the RSPB's National Nest Box week, 
So I thought I'd include the photo below. 
It's another favourite of mine.
He seems to like the new place... let's hope the Misses does too!
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My Sunday Photograph... Robin learning new skills

 I'm aware that my blog name is Neesie Natters but I have hardly said a word all week 
(which is a phenomenon in itself)
andcan you believe it that here we are in March already?
I thought I'd share a few photos of my garden friends today. 

I watched this particular robin perfect a new skill... hovering whilst trying to feed.
He's obviously seen the other birds and thought why not?
He worked so hard it made me think that it was a lesson for us all.
Don't worry he received a bigger reward later... I placed new flat sticks into the holder and he was able it stand on one whilst indulging.
It's obviously his favourite treat.

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Have you got a favourite wildbird and do you have bird feeders?
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