My Sunday Photo... Cozy Wood Burner

I had to open my mouth didn't I and say that we'd had no snow...
Well not twenty-four hours after making that statement it arrived. 
The wind has been blowing an icy blast (apparently from the Artic) all day and now snow has arrived with it. 
Hence this Sunday's photo is of our inglenook with the wood burner blasting out heat.
You just can't beat it on a day like today. 
The large tree trunks to the side of the burner are from a friends garden... they chopped down a tree some time last year, so it's perfectly dried out now and ready for burning.
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Have a great Sunday everyone
I'm off to have play in the snow... what are you up to? 
Whatever it is have fun!

Bonne soirée du Québec

Phewph....after 28 hours of travelling we've arrived in our Winter Wonderland.
Temperature on arrival -7C and dropping to -11 tonight. Brr....
 There's snow on the ground but not too much at the moment, although 'they' are predicting fresh snow falling tomorrow.
As I predicted I'm sitting in front of the fire, glass of red in hand and there's Christmas tunes playing...ahh...perfect!
Yep I know the fireplace needs a little Christmas cheer...
...I plan to add a few touches in the next few days. again soon....

An Update...

I've stayed away from posting these last few days because when I started to create this blog, I wanted it to be nothing but both its content and creation. You didn't miss me???
Anyway, the reason for the little absence was that my daughter left Melbourne last Friday for Scotland. I know how could she...I even hid her passport but she found it! : (
So as you can imagine my heart was heavy and I didn't feel like blogging, but then I had a serious talk to myself and decided to concentrate on all the wonderful days, hours, and minutes we were able to spend  together and to look forward to getting together again soon : D

She'll probably not be happy with me posting this photo but I thought it was fun.

So on to my post for today...I've got lots that I could post but I thought I'd include a little update for you.
When we moved house there were the usual few casualties ~ one sadly being my chilli plant.
So when I saw this multi-functional chilli that is both colourful and dramatic, ornamental and edible, you guessed it .... I just had to have it.
The mature fruit can be removed for use in culinary dishes, both hot and cold. The sweet fruit is well suited for use in salads ~ perfect for this hot spell ~ but also in mediterranean and asian dishes, or even a dramatic garnish.

Its the chilli salsa another hint there to its potential...

Then I couldn't miss updating you on my Jack and the beanstalk story...
They have actually reached my head height already...can you believe it?...I can't. But I noticed today that there may be a problem lurking....there are some white little fly's under a few of the leaves! HELP! What should I do...does anyone have any advice? I really would be interested to hear from you....please :-?

And now onto a figs...  : D

I can't believe this next photo because I'm sitting here in 35 degress celcius but on Saturday evening we had dinner outside and there was just a little nip in the air...just enough to have our first pot belly fire.
I'd bought it way back in June for our wedding anniversary but just haven't had the right conditions or occasion to light it...well Saturday was its maiden flight as it were. Guess was perfect.

As I mentioned we're roasty toasty here today and have been in fact so far this week, but maybe if you're in the middle of your winter or up to your ankles in frosticles, then this might warm the cockles of your heart.

I'm away to watch Andy Murray playing in the Melbourne Tennis Open so need to put on my tamoshanta and paint my face in the Scottish flag (I'm joking ; D )

"GO ANDY" (well I'm a Brit with Scottish connections, what do you expect?)
Enjoy the Tennis everyone...whomever you support : D

Random Ramblings

I've got such a lot of random thoughts to list today, so this post may well end up complete gobbledegook. But then having a natter over a cuppa can sometimes cover vast subjects, so hopefully you have your cuppa at the ready and are sitting comfortably for a few mins....

Firstly, I feel I really didn't do justice to the fact that Melbourne was voted Best City in the World to live in. Well, my excuse is that it was Friday night. I'd also have had to spend days travelling through the city to cover all what’s available here and still I'd probably feel I'd short changed it.
But then if your reading this in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide then you’ll probably be glad I scooted over that fact : )

Anyway.....moving on quickly (it’s a dodgy subject here - lots of rivalry between city's as to which City is the best)

Yesterday's sun and temperature just lit the flame under the Wisteria. Whoosh....lots of flowers appeared. The perfume is wonderful too. By the way, the two windows are to my OH's work shed. Sheer bliss, he can tinker away for hours in there. Peace......

The sun also produced these little flowers. I'm thrilled because the freesia's that I bought at the Melbourne Flower Festival last year have started to flower too.

Talking of which...peace that is.....we became 'Empty Nesters' over the weekend. I know you're supposed to long for the day when you've done your job and your chicks have flown, but I'm not sure I like it. Oh yes, there's good bits, but in general I found it a little strange and I'm not sure I like it.
It's only for a short time, but it’s given me the feel of what's to come.....Argh! I'm going to have to get on with all those projects I've been putting off. They'll be no excuse soon.

Randomly wandering subject wise now....I'm a little excited about this next project, although its hardly a project really. Our new Pot Bellied Stove or Chiminea!
We've just bought it ready for when those night are good enough to sit out, but you need a little something to keep the chill at bay (well I'm never happy when the temperature drops below 16C, hence being in Melbourne at the moment and not in the UK). So I'm constantly looking for wood to have a decent stock pile ready.
My sister has had one of these fires for years in the UK and we've spent many an enjoyable evening sitting in her garden huddled around it. Well it is the UK after all. It’s always been on my agenda to get one, so I'm a happy bunny now : D
We just have to wait for the right conditions to christen her.
I reckon it’s a female with that shape...what do you think?

A change of subject again....

I've decided that this garden is overrun with snails. They seem to be lurking everywhere. This little chappie was climbing up the wall by the side of the pool. I think he's got his eye on me. Maybe he knows I know the secret about the Cayenne Pepper! I'll leave them all in peace just so long as they stay away from my veggies. Who ate all the Broccoli?

Here's another but I have to admit I didn't know they could climb tree's too.

I love the light through the leaves.
I have to tell you in order to get this photo I had to balance on a chair again. 
Highrise living for his chap, he's about 7 feet up in this Hibiscus bush.

And here's one thats had a house move.....

"No longer known at this address...,.please forward snail mail".... ; )

Well that's it for this post....cuppa over. 
Chat soon