My Sunday Photo... Window Feeder

Today, I am able to show you that the new window bird feeder has been a success.

I've spent far too long waiting to try and obtain a reasonable photo of the Blue Tit and Great Tit visiting, but finally today was the day... my patience paid off.

This type of feeder is perfect if you have cats or live in an apartment block, or above ground level.
The birds will come and be perfectly safe whilst feeding.

The birds fly in so quickly and with such amazing precision they fly off again... all within the blink of an eye and a beak full of peanut!

It's also amazing to see the birds so close.
They even visit when we are standing at the kitchen sink, which is right in front of the feeder.
I had planned to post a different photo for My Sunday Photo this week, but I was so thrilled to capture this image... I had to share it.
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My Flock of Birds... PPF

Another week done and another bird joins my flock.
This flock of birds must be the most unusual flock to gather together.
This week I decided to paint a Jay.
They can be quite shy birds, but I did manage to capture two together with my camera, which is a major achievement in my book.
For those of you living outside of the UK... here is what they look like.

I know that the same named birds can vary quite substantially across the globe.
This week I remembered to take the odd shot of wip along the way. 
Firstly, a rough sketch to make sure I get the proportions right, before adding paints.

Enjoying the process especially with such great light.

Not sure I like to post such a close up of detail, but I know I enjoy seeing other artists work in progress, so here it is warts and all.

I hope this might help inspire others.
Here's the final painting, although I don't think having it stuck on the window has done it any favours. 
It has robbed it of colour... typical now we have sunlight it's too bright!

And finally my flock.
I think I'll add one more, but I can't decide what bird.
If you have any requests or ideas I'd love to hear them. 
Just pop a note in the comments below.
Do you have a favourite?

I keep changing my mind... but then that's just typical of me.
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My Sunday Photo... Mr Pheasant visits for breakfast

At last it has happened...
Yesterday morning we had an unexpected visitor come to breakfast. 
(I was going to say we had an unexpected visit for breakfast, but that would just sound wrong).
Mr Pheasant finally braved it and entered our garden.
I suddenly noticed him pecking away under the sunflower heart feeder... overhead all the other little birds were busy devouring the seeds. 
Lots of the seeds were being spilt and landing on and around this pheasant, who didn't seem in the least bit bothered.
I wonder... if it rains sunflower hearts is that like a lottery win for a pheasant?

He certainly seemed happy to me... that is until he spotted me at the window.

When we last lived here, I remember one year we had a female pheasant visit along with her nine chicks. 
I hope this one likes what's on the menu and returns regularly.
It's a pity he didn't turn up in the hour of my RSPB Garden Bird Count last weekend. 
Ho hum... such is life.

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My Feathered Friends

I think this year will be a year of learning for me. 
Everything that I have planned seems to entail some form of learning.
I have a new camera with a new zoom lens... Publisher on my computer... new paints and paintbrushes for my artwork... plus I want to set up my Etsy shop once more. 
All these without the aid of a net and trying not to bother either my daughter or son for advice... even though I taught them how to use cutlery, walk and talk! 
I realise an oldie can be extremely tiresome when technology and computers come in to play.

I'm enjoying getting to know my new lens though and thankfully there are lots of willing models to hand...especially if I keep the bird feeders full of tasty treats.

Regular visitors to my Neesie Natters blog may remember that we have white doves visit us daily.
I have no idea where they come from, but they appear almost every day no matter what the weather. 

They sometimes spend the whole day with us.
Upon arrival they perch near our windows and peer in... obviously keen for breakfast.
There's no way you can ignore them... trust me I've tried. 
I've even had them appear on my bedroom window ledge.
I must have been having a lie in that day.

There appears to be a lot of springlike activity in the garden... and one sound that really reverberates is the sound of the woodpecker.
I think we have a a few resident Greater Spotted Woodpecker as I've seen three at once in our garden.
Some fly off to the nearby woods, but one certainly likes a tree in our garden. 

Finally I couldn't resist posting another pic of a robin.
We have four and counting so far, so no doubt there will be some serious shenanigans once spring arrives.

Thanks for visiting today. I really appreciate it... as this blog is also new and I am only just feeling my way around.
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