My Sunday Photo... Greyfriars Bobby

This weekend we are staying with my daughter in Edinburgh.
We're being true typical tourists and wandering around the city stopping mid stride to take a snap, Obviously this is the done thing whilst stopping the flow of pedestrians. 
Risking life and limb to get that shot!

I wouldn't say that I'm a techy person, but my hubby is still back in the 70's.
He's only just getting used to the Sat Nav in our car... which miraculously delivered us to my daughter's address without a hitch... and much to his amazement.
But he's been completely blown away with my daughter's reports from her phone telling us that we've walked over 8,000 steps today, and to finish him off she used Uber to take us home.
(If you're not familiar with any of the names above, then perhaps you might speak to someone in the younger generation... They'll roll their eyes probably, but you could just remind them that we taught them to use a spoon. That normally gets them) 
There are lot's of photographs from today that I could have used for my Sunday Photo this week, but I thought I'd include a wee story. 
It's the story of Greyfriars Bobby.
 You can read the story from the notice board photo below. 
Just click on the photo to enlarge.
'Mascara alert'... you may need tissues. 

If you notice on the statue of Bobby, he has a shiny nose.
This is due to everyone touching his nose for good luck. 
Of course I did, just in case... covering all my bases. 

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Thanks for visiting my place and I wish you a wonderful weekend and a funpacked week ahead. 

My Sunday Photo... Nantwich, Cheshire

The quaint market town of Nantwich, Cheshire.
I missed last weekends link up as I was away celebrating my brother's birthday.
Between riffle shooting, archery, swimming, curling, golf, quizzes, cabaret, dancing and of course eating and drinking... we took a walk into Nantwich Town.
It's a beautiful place and thankfully the weather made the visit all the more pleasant.

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A little trip to East Lothian...Yellowcraig and Fidra Island

Apparently summer's here!
Okay, well maybe not right here as I'm sitting in my thermal vest, long-sleeved t-shirt, and fleece, so something's obviously gone wrong.
I'm aware that the rest of the UK is basking in sun and high temperatures, because my sister for one, is happy to give me a running commentary each day on what her current temperature is. 
Oh yes and how her hostas have burnt leaves now! 
You can go off people... (that's just in case she's reading this)... I say share nice pleeeeese.
We have had some nice days, but surely we should have more at this time of the year. 
We've only got until the 21st of this month and then we're on the back route to winter. 

Well let's no dwell on that for now... I always try to keep positive and I've lots to natter about. 
I posted a Sunday Photo last week from a quick weekend break and mentioned that I'd hopefully write a post soon. I can't believe how much has happened since we had that break. 
But more about that later or in forthcoming posts...
Here's some photo's to set the scene.
(Space and more space... beautiful walks for miles, or perhaps cycling is your thing?)

We headed down to East Lothian, because one of the things we wanted to tie into the weekend was to visit to the Gardening Scotland Show. 
More about that in a future post. Phew...
See I told you there's a lot to come.
East Lothian with over 40 miles of stunning coastline, golden beaches where you can play spot the person for hours if you were so inclined, It also has 22 golf courses, but thankfully my hubby hasn't embraced golf yet, although there's talk that once he retires it'll be on his wish list. 
There's fantastic walks, cycling or pony trekking... whatever... there's something for everyone.
Hey, but thinking about it maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this?
I should perhaps keep it a secret. 

We stayed in the quaint little sea-side town of North Berwick, which is less than an hour from Edinburgh. 
The coastal scenery is stunning in both directions, such as Yellowcraigs beach where after walking through stunning countryside suddenly greets you. 
We sat for a while to appreciate the space, weather and beauty of the beach, sea and amazing views. 
Not to mention rest a wee while having an ice-cream.
Here's a photo where, if you follow the path, you may be able to see the light-house in the centre of the photo. It's a fair way off into the distance so I'm not sure you'll be able to see it... but it's there.
Here's a closer shot...
The island in the distance is Fidra Island.

Like other islands near North Berwick, Fidra is the result of volcanic activity around 335 million years ago! 
It's also a RSPB reserve now.
Wildlife images from cameras on Fidra can be viewed at the local Seabird Centre.
The lighthouse, which was built in 1885 and automated in 1970, can be accessed via a primitive jetty on the east of the island.
Now here's a fact for you...
Robert Louis Stevenson often visited the beaches at the area known today as Yellowcraigs (shown above) and it is said that he based his map of Treasure Island on the shape of Fidra.

If you'd like to see more of the area and further afield, then click here to revisit a post I wrote back in March of this year. 
We didn't manage a boat trip around the islands this time, to check out the puffin's and other seabirds but I think it's always good to leave wanting... it's certainly a place we'll return to soon.
Well I'll nip off now and hopefully be back soon.
I've got one surprise I can't wait to tell you about.
Toodleloo for now
Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Blue Monday...London weekend break

Morning! (Oops it's not anymore)
I'm a little late today, but what can you expect when you've had a hectic weekend away in London. 
I must admit taking a break from all the renovations, mess and army of workmen coming in and out of the house was a brilliant and much appreciated idea. It must have been mine!
We only had a limited time for a short break, but never the less, we sure packed in a lot of much so that I was limping at the end of the weekend (contrary to my hubby's constant comments about inappropriate shoes, my shoes were fine Emoji
In order to get around the city we used the underground rail system. It is the oldest and one of the busiest underground railway networks in the world!
I didn't really realise what was in store...travelling to Covent Gardens on a Saturday night was madness as far as I'm concerned! 
I don't like crowds and people in my personal space, but let's just say I didn't have much choice. I've never been pushed and poked so much in all of my life. I'm sure at one stage my feet lifted off the ground, as I was swept along with the tide. 
I'm sure my physical examination wasn't as up close and personal.
 I thought it was just me...but I did hear a young girl frantically telling her boyfriend that she didn't like it...NOT ONE BIT! She looked like a bunny caught in the headlights! 
It was quite reassuring that I wasn't the only one feeling like I was a piece of meat off packed off to market! 
I could have taken a photo to show you the madness, but there again I had no idea where my arms where, never mind my camera! 
If you prefer the era of the steam trains then you might like to take a peek at one of my earlier post ~ click here 
I like this photo because I think it gives the impression of London, it's exactly what was happening...everything whooshing past at incredible speed and you just have to hang on and go with the flow. 
(I know...don't I sound an old fuddy duddy?)
Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos over the weekend...namely because I forgot to take my camera out with me! Not only an old fuddy duddy...a forgetful one too Emoji
I felt like I'd lost a limb and there was no way I could return to the Hotel to collect it because we had dinner and a show to see.

However, I did manage to capture these cool Bowler Hat light shades in the Hotel lobby.
(The first bowler hat was originaly created for Edward Coke, the younger brother of the 2nd Earl of Leicester in 1849. It was designed by London hatmakers Thomas and William Bowlers for hatters Lock & Co of St. James's. The brief was to create a piece of headgear that could be worn by gamekeepers when they were out riding to protect their heads from low-hanging branches. It is thought that before accepting the hat Coke arrived at the shop in London and stamped on the crown twice to check its robustness. He paid 12 shillings for it. The Bowler went on to be associated with businessmen in the City of London. During the 1950's and 60s men wore the Bowler as part of the City uniform but the practice died out during the seventies... courtesy of Laura Roberts, The Telegraph)

 I think they're really cool...what do you think?
If you ask anyone to name a London icon along with the Bowler Hat there's a good chance that they will say......the London Red Bus! 
I quite like the fact that this red bus now has my blog advertised on its side (hehe) 
This particular bus is a vintage model and used for weddings. 

And so on to Convent Gardens. 
Now this was a treat. 
What a fantastic place and as you can see incredibly popular. 
Street acts, fantastic restaurants, beautiful architecture and so much more.  
There's definitely a buzz about the area too. 
We actually had difficulty finding a restaurant that didn't have at least an hours waiting time for a table. This was a little stressful because we had tickets for a show.
I needed to eat otherwise my stomach may have out rumbled and roared Mufasa 
(we were going to see The Lion King hence the reference) 
But finally we did manage to eat and arrived at the theatre by the skin of our teeth...running up the stairs and virtually crowd surfing to our seat as the opening bars of the show resonated and reverberated throughout the theatre. 
From those opening bars we were spellbound. 
The costumes, music, choreography and incredible voices cast their spell. 

Here's a brief clip and each time I hear it...I get goose bumps! 
What an amazing spectacle and that voice!!!!

I think if you are able to see this show then you should because you will not be disappointed. 
It would be a fantastic Christmas treat for the children because it keeps very true to the Disney film. UK booking and various venue details here
(By the way, just to clarify I'm not receiving any form of payment for this promotion...this is just my view)

I'm not sure when it happened but I'm beginning to think that I'm now an old country bumpkin. The frenetic pace of the big city was a little much at times and I must admit I gave a sigh as we left. London is fantastic to visit and stay for a brief time but for me personally, I like to get back to open spaces with room to breath!   

I know that there is a fair amount of red in my post today, but there's also flashes of blue. 
I'm hoping that Sally who hosts Blue Monday will forgive me and allow me to link up today. 
If you look at the video clip you will see Rafiki has fantastic blue makeup Emoji

I'll wish you all a Happy Blue Monday.
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