Who ate all the chocolate?

After consuming this huge bar of chocolate, (virtually unaided) I have to confess that I realise that I may have a problem! But I suspect that I'm not the only one who loves chocolate. 
At least I was able to use the wrapper to paint this watercolour.

Cabury Chocolate.jpg

I've completed all my current online courses with @Makeartthatsells, so I'm thinking I will draw breath now and perhaps revisit some of the assignments. 
I also have a few projects that I want to complete before I enrol for more classes.
The classes and @LillaRogers have certainly ignited my passion for painting.
I can't recommend the classes enough!
I've never drawn/painted so much and I'm loving every minute.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for visiting.

A Little Playtime

Well would you believe it... another week passes by!

I've been reading a few tutorials over the past week and I have realised that I tend not to use as much water as I possibly should, when painting with my watercolour paints.

So thanks to a Skillshare tutorial by Yasmina Creates, I decided to have a little playtime.
I added a few circles of water first, then the watercolour paints and watched them flow and mix together.

I am quite attached to the first one little bird (top left) but for some reason each time I tried another wee tweetlet, I wasn't so impressed. 
I obviously need to perfect this.

After reading lots more creative articles and looking at art supply lists (which as everyone knows is crucial and a must) I now feel slightly daunted that I have so much to learn and buy.

For those who saw the beginning of the Highland cow painting...here he is finished (I think?)

I've added a few gold highlights to his flowing locks since I took this photo and I think that 'he' might now be a 'she'! 

Have a brilliant weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by my place. 
I'm always thrilled to see you.

Robby Red Breast...PPF

A very quick post today.
I'll maybe explain in a few days, but for now I'll just link up with the Paint Party Friday Link.
It's the sixth bird in my watercolour series.
It was obvious to me that I had to include a robin in my flock.

I thought I'd taken some wip pictures, but it appears I didn't. 

Apologies for the rush this week.
Thanks for your visit.
Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you hug the ones you love.

My Flock of Birds... PPF

Another week done and another bird joins my flock.
This flock of birds must be the most unusual flock to gather together.
This week I decided to paint a Jay.
They can be quite shy birds, but I did manage to capture two together with my camera, which is a major achievement in my book.
For those of you living outside of the UK... here is what they look like.

I know that the same named birds can vary quite substantially across the globe.
This week I remembered to take the odd shot of wip along the way. 
Firstly, a rough sketch to make sure I get the proportions right, before adding paints.

Enjoying the process especially with such great light.

Not sure I like to post such a close up of detail, but I know I enjoy seeing other artists work in progress, so here it is warts and all.

I hope this might help inspire others.
Here's the final painting, although I don't think having it stuck on the window has done it any favours. 
It has robbed it of colour... typical now we have sunlight it's too bright!

And finally my flock.
I think I'll add one more, but I can't decide what bird.
If you have any requests or ideas I'd love to hear them. 
Just pop a note in the comments below.
Do you have a favourite?

I keep changing my mind... but then that's just typical of me.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a fabulous Friday.
I'm linking as usual with Paint Party Friday.
Hope to see you there.
Toodleloo for now