Blue Tit Watercolour

Yay, it's Friday once again. 

One more week nearer to Spring, although when I look out of the window today, I can see lot's of spring-like images out there. 

After completing a successful RSPB Garden Bird Count last weekend, I decided that I'd add another bird to my current trend of painting the visiting birds in my garden.

I decided that I'd paint one of the UK's most popular birds... 'The Blue Tit'
Here's are a few photo's of the process

We have an amazing amount of these little cute birds visiting us. 

We've also recently stuck a perspex feeder onto our kitchen window and they are now coming to take the peanuts from it. 

Oblivious to anyone standing at the kitchen sink!
Not that I want to spend much time in the kitchen sink.
I'll try and get a photo at some stage.

With thick fog outside there was nothing for it, but to enjoy finishing my painting yesterday.

Here's the top 10 results of my own personal count thanks to the RSPB's feedback.
I was pleased because I actually counted 15 different species in that one hour of the count.

Oh yes, and if you would like to see my finish painting of the Firecrest from last week... click here
Okay the sun is shining this morning, so I'm off to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to I'd love to hear about it.
Thanks for visiting.
Bye for now