Paint Party Friday... Sunrise (PPF)

The photo above shows what a glorious sunrise greeted us on Thursday morning...
 no snow or not even a snowflake for that matter. I know the reports and news have said we are snowbound in the north of the country but yoohoo we're here and other than a slight flurry last week we've seen nothing... so far anyway.
Since taking this photo I've desperately wanted to paint it. 
So here I am using a borrowed laptop (unfortunately still no life in my own as yet) in order to share and take part in Kristin and Eva's Friday Paint Party
And so it starts....
 I'm not rushing this piece so yet again unfortunately you're going to see unfinished work but I promise to come back to show you the finished painting.
I think one of my faults is that I don't give my paintings enough time to develop.
I seize the moment and go like the clappers because I know that sooner rather than later my time will be gobbled up by other chores, tasks and requests (I was going to type the word demands but maybe that's a little harsh) 
I'm still working at the kitchen table and will be for the foreseeable future because my daughters taken over the studio. Her illustration career has really taken off which is wonderful so I don't mind moving over (for now)
If you want to check out what she's up to then here's a link... click here
I'm just about to start the exciting part... the trees
See you soon when I'll be back with the finished painting.

Paint Party Friday
Have a great fun weekend whatever you have planned. 

Autumnal Tree...APR #58

Today is rather a strange day...I'm in a new venue for sending my post. 
I've come to a local library and I must admit it's a little strange. 
It's the first time that I've sat and used the communal computers and I'm just thinking is it impolite to wipe all of the keyboard with antibacterial sanitising wipes before I begin? 
I normally have the radio playing when I'm blogging but here the tapping of the eight keyboards is deafening!
I've played footsie with the chap across the desk from me...the girl next to me is constantly chattering about everything and anything not working or going to plan, she's even muttered that heaven forbid they've let a small child onto one of the computers to 'play'! 
There's another chap who seems to have lost his chin whilst he concentrates on the screen and I'm now trying desperately to relax my own face...which isn't an easy task I can tell you! 
OH NO..he's now decided to pick his nose! Surely not :(
Oh's like when you see a terrible sight but you just can't stop your eyes from revisiting! Yuk!
Now I wish I had used the wipes! 
I'm getting a little concerned about the chap sitting next to me who has slumped over the desk playing solitaire...he hasn't moved for the past 30 minutes! I do hope he's not peeking at what I'm writing.
Oh we're okay his time has just ran out and he's off...phewph!
The child playing on the end desk is accompanied by his Grandmother by the way and he's having a great time pressing every button on the keyboard because Granny just tells him..."I don't know darling...just press anything and see". Well it works for me :D
So with all of these distractions I nearly forgot why I'm here...
Oh's to post my entry into the lovely Jenn's The Artist Play Room. 
I've missed so many weeks what with gallivanting around New Zealand's South Island, plus packing up our belongings for the big move,  so I'm thrilled that I've actually got something to enter. I'm thinking that I will add colour because let's face it autumn is all about colour...but that will have to be later.
The only trouble is that I've already sent most of my art equipment away already, but I suppose I could add to my collection and purchase the colours that I need...they could always go via airfreight later.

 I've also another drawing (not in my journal) which I had hoped to post here, but unfortunately the usual daily business got in the way and it's still got some work needed. 
I've taken photos at various stages because I love that when I see other artists work broken down to show their techniques. Hopefully I'll be able to post that drawing soon. I'm quite excited about it.
In the meantime, I'll let my fellow 'puter people carry on...
Hormonal female next to me is still muttering...slump man has returned bring with him a rather odd odour (which I'd rather not dwell on) Happy feet across the desk is still tap dancing...and I seem to have missed the child leaving...maybe he's off for a nap now that he's been overstimulated. Oh yes and the chinless wonder has now found a tricky piece of skin near his thumb nail that seems to be putting up quite a fight!  
And so there you have's post!
But before I head off for a well earned tea break, let me give you the link for the APR so that you can check out what the other artists have been submitting this week.
I can't believe I've been blogging for nearly two hours without a cuppa. Unthinkable! 
I'm off....have a fantastic Friday everyone and an even better weekend whatever you have planned. 
Have fun!

Tribute to Trees

Today I wanted to post a tribute to trees....
It's something I've been thinking about for some time now and I know there are many fellow tree huggers out there. The only trouble is how much I wanted to post...seriously I've chopped (oops...sorry no pun intended) this post from a 'War and Peace' type post.
So where to start...obviously trees provide us with two of life's essentials, food and oxygen but then there is so much shelter, medicine, and tools. They can provide peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environments which we can all enjoy. They frame landscapes, create beautiful backgrounds and enhance building designs. Trees can provide privacy, emphasize beautiful views, and screen unsightly areas. 
They improve our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban fact I'd better stop there because there's a risk I could go on and on....and there's a lot of photos to get through. Maybe you should pop the kettle on for a cuppa while you browse?
If you're a tree lover then you'll know just how special they are and how they can touch your very soul.
I hope you enjoy my little tree tribute.
The first photo on the left is the Crow Pine tree in Canada 
The middle tree was taken during our trip to New Zealand's North Island and the far right was taken on one of my morning walks here in Melbourne.
The exfoliating bark never ceases to amaze me...and also reminds me just how important moisturizing is and that I must step up my beauty regime!

The patterns and colours are stunning....especially when they have just had a shower!

I sometimes feel compelled to touch the tree trunk especially when it's stripped of looks like it should feel warm like a living limb...and I'm always surprised that it doesn't. 
(I know that this might sound odd...maybe I should move on swiftly?!?!)


Then of course there are the big blousey show offs that like a splash from the colour'd like purple? 
Not a problem.....

 Or would you prefer red?

And that's just a snippet of looking at trees but then there's all the other who visits or uses a tree for shelter or survival.

Here are a few fellow tree huggers....precious birds eggs, the koala, a possom snoozing away during the day and a flock of local rainbow lorikeets enjoying breakfast.
 Sometimes an unexpected guest might arrive.... the tawny frogmouth owl that isn't really an owl at all...


And of course I couldn't miss out the majestic kookaburra

Or the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo...

Yet another serious tree hugger....literally!

We mustn't forget that trees bare fruit's a photo of my lemon tree last year and I'm happy to say I've noticed lots of flowers appearing again this year :D
I'm thinking it might be an idea to plant an apple tree in the place of the tree that had to be uprooted last week. I miss being able to just pick an apple off my own tree. It's been quite a while. 

And then of course all the various colour that appear with the different pleasure as we pass from one season to the other.

Spring positively bursting into life...with pungent fragrances to stop you right in your tracks in order to appreciate their effort!

Beautiful blossom....

But then fall comes to call....

I don't think I'd ever seen a pine cone this big before and thankfully it didn't fall on my head as I walked beneath the canopy.

From little things...big things grow!
Did you ever plant an acron as a child...I'm hoping to visit mine one day just to see how big it might be. 
I also had the priviledge of taking part in a local council organised Community Planting Day here a few years ago where I helped plant lots of trees and grasses along a nature reserve...but I took a special note of this one particular tree, so that I would remember...that's MY TREE!
I regularly check on its's now over 6ft tall and looking good...I'm so proud of it!
Everyone should plant at least one's incredibly satisfying.

The bottom right hand photo show's my hubby standing beneath his favourite oak tree which is in a local park back in the UK. The photo doesn't do it justice and its beautiful perfect you can see it's been there for quite some time...and must have some stories to tell.
 As the wonderfully warm summer days slowly leave us... trees compensate and console us with colourful displays.

Finally the leaves fall...leaving bare branches but even so they can be spectacular on the landscape...oh and I mustn't forget we then have the most special tree of all...the Christmas Tree! 
I've searched my mess, unorganised, collection of photographs for my best Christmas Tree photo and I can't find it! 
Note to self...I really must take some time to reorganised my photo files...but that could take me years. 
I have quite a few :(

Even when sadly a tree has to be taken can still enhance our lives, by keeping us warm and cosy throughout the winter months. There's something very special about a real fire.
I know I'm going to see so many things I should have included in this post but I think you get the point...trees mean a lot to me and I couldn't live without them. I hope you feel the same way.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to take a look at the trees around you...there's sure to be something special. 
See you again soon