What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #228 and APR 'Time'

If only my fingers weren't frozen then perhaps I'd have been able to post this a little earlier. We've only 2 degrees this morning with a atmospheric fog clinging along the river and through the woods and fields. 
I know I'm a woos but what can I say...Guilty!

I know I'm always wittering on about how time fly's as you all know only too well...doesn't it for everyone these days? 
So as well as showing you my (temporary) desk for WOYWW (What's on your Work Desk Wednesday and what I got up to yesterday, I'll also enter the Artist Play Room. 
I hope they let me in because I haven't been there for so long.
Who knows...Jenn might have changed the locks!
This weeks theme is 'Time'

Here's the desk...which really isn't a desk at all...it's the kitchen table.
Note the binoculars are on hand for making sure I miss nothing. 
Yep as well as a woos I'm also nosy! 
I don't want to miss anything...especially when the deer wander into the field. 
I've also picked some of the Virginia Creeper leaves which you can see on the left hand side of the table. They are an amazing colour (which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photo)
I'm not sure what I'll do with them for now, but I knew I just wanted to keep a few.
There's also an Aga cookbook by Mary Berry from back in the 70's I think, because yesterday my Aga had her health check and now she's raring to go. 
I'm going to write a post soon about her and her history, but I was just browsing through the book yesterday and left it there. 
There's also my Derwent pencils too. 
I'm so glad I took this photo yesterday and not tried to do it this morning. 
At least you can see the sun is shining on this one but I'm hopeful that it will again today. 

So finally I managed a few minutes to do some drawing...and here's the result. 
I'm a little nervous to show you...but here goes.... 

It's not finished. I need to work on the eyelashes and the lettering of course.
(by the way the neesie natters isn't on the drawing

So there you have it...my desk this week. 
If you want to see lots of other desks from around the globe just nip over to Julia over at Stamping Ground and don't forget APR too.
Thanks for stopping by...it's always great see you and even better if you stop to comment. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
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