Tasseography... Tea Leaf Reading

Hello Everyone
I've been missing in action lately on the blog front, as I just haven't seemed to find the time for blogging, favouring a quick line or two with a photograph into my Instagram account.
I've often thought...ooh that would be great for a blog post, but then move on quickly.
One of the things that has been keeping me busy over the last few months, has been my artist Bootcamp assignments from the makeartthatsells online course.
February's assignment was 'Tea'
Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge teapot!
I drink copious amounts of tea per day, so this assignment was just my cup of tea (Aghh...sorry)
Anyway, for the main assignment it was to paint an illustration for 'Tea Leaf Reading'.
Fond memories of my favourite Aunt came flooding back to me.
My Aunt was quite a fun loving character and always up for a laugh.
Now I'm not saying that tea leaf reading isn't serious for some, but the vision of my Aunt bent over a china teacup with her face so serious, relaying someones future tickled me, but her readings were very popular.
I personally believed every single word she said!
I was probably under the age of 10 at the time.
Here's my design...
Did you know that the art of tea leaf reading is called 'Tasseography,' because I certainly didn't.

Tea Mock Up.png

(This is my mock up practice ... with the help of my son)
Right... I'm off to make a cuppa with loose tea leaves.
Who knows, I may have the gift of fortune telling?
I'll have to see if I can see anything in my future.
Have a great weekend.

A Hug in a Mug

There's something very reassuring about having a cup of hot tea.
Maybe it's my British upbringing or maybe it stems back to my Grandmother introducing me to tea from an early age. I remember how thrilled I was one day, when she poured a little of her tea from her china cup, into her saucer to let me take a sip.
I knew it was frowned upon and maybe that's why it tasted all the more sweeter.
I've never lost that love of tea, from my first cup in a morning brought to me by my hubby, copious amounts during the day, to my last one of the evening.
I even copied my father and put three spoonfuls of sugar in my cup in my teenage years.
Obviously, the calorie intake wasn't given a thought back then... if Dad did it... it must be right! 
I now happy to say I have no sugar... (I'm sweet enough without...haha) and haven't taken any for years.
We've travelled extensively and when living in the tropics, one of my top priorities was to take my own tea bags in my luggage.
Even though I'm a huge tea drinker, I can't seem to take to herbal or flavoured tea for some reason. I wish I could because I feel I'm missing out!
I did drink black coffee in my early working career... perhaps I needed the full hit of caffeine back then, but as soon as I became pregnant with my daughter, I had to stop... I tried to drink it after, but when pregnant with my son I had to gave it up again.
I really haven't started again since, preferring my cuppa instead.

When the #MakeArtThatSells mini assignment for last week's Bootcamp was to draw/paint anything to do with tea... I was thrilled.
The only trouble with having a topic that is a favourite, means you can be overwhelmed with all of the prospects and it took me a few days to actually start to put something down on paper.
I thought with being here in Scotland, I'd tip my cap to Scottish Blend and create a Hug in a Mug design.
I hope you like it.

MUG 2.jpg

I painted the design in watercolours and then tried to use Photoshop once again to create the shadow, background, title and signature. 
Oh boy... I have such a lot to learn.
To say I'm on a steep learning curve is a slight understatement... but I'm determined to keep working in Photoshop, so that it will become second nature and not like flying an A380!
If you have any tips or helpful advice I'd be interested in hearing from you.

I hope you are having a fun weekend with plenty of tea drinking!
Thanks for visiting :D



Two T's... Trees and T2 Tiny Tin of Tea

I was feeling a little smug with myself last weekend because I actually managed to visit all of the linked artists joining in with Paint Party Friday.
It's something that I've tried to do each week, but then life happens and I'm afraid I fail abysmally. 
If you linked up after my visits, then I'm sorry I missed you... maybe I'll catch up with you this week.

So as my last post mentioned the rain finally spotted and we saw not only the sky, but some sun too. 
The temperature has dropped and there is talk of possible snow... oh yes and as the weather presenters have mentioned (numerous times)... "we'll have minus double digits this weekend"!
This must be the latest buzz word in the meteorologists office, or from the office memo, because all the news presenters are using this new turn of phrase. We would normally be given the actual temperature ie -3 or -32 (ha) or whatever, but obviously we've moved into a new phase and this is the up to the minute phrase.

Anyway... here's my desk this week (or kitchen table actually)
I decided to go back and revisit a previous design.
An autumn tree...
Here it is in more detail from my old journal.
But I've decided to draw this new one as an A3 design.
I used a uni-ball eye which is one of my favourites.
I do find these kind of drawings incredibly relaxing.
I can leave it at any time and also pop back at random times to carry on, which is perfect for me just now.

Before I go I must mention this gorgeous T2 Tiny Tin of Tea that arrived in the post recently.
Happy post... don't you just love it when surprises arrive.
(I've had quite a few lately... so feel very lucky and I smile for the rest of the day)
I decided that today was the day that I would dive in (not literally) and try it out.
I must say that I've been intrigued since it's arrival, but you can't rush these things. 
Patience is a virtue and all that.
I have to say I loved the tin as soon as I saw it, even before it was opened to reveal the delight within.
A blossom opens up along with the green tea. 
It's beyond fascinating to watch... I did video it, but it was a slow process and my available space is very tight, so I decided just to show you the still photo.
How cool is that?
And that's before you even taste the peachy tea!
Well, now that I have my cuppa it's time to start visiting all of Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Sunday Sketches
Have a brilliant day and a wonderful weekend.