A final fling perhaps...

Everyone seemed to be on a mission this morning.
 The traffic even though it was rush hour was static, but it still didn't stop revving and inching closer and closer to the car bumper in front... getting nowhere fast!
Quite frankly, I've never understood why it's actually called rush hour, when most of the time the cars are static!
 It felt as though those leisurely drives at a slower pace may be a thing of the past for now, having been replaced with urgency whether it's to get to work, kids to school, appointments or those Christmas bargains! (ARGH)
Leisurely summer days seem to have drifted away. 

A few days ago I was watching the swallows stretching and putting on an incredible aerial display, but I knew all the time that they were participating in their pre-flight preparations to take off for warmer destinations soon. 
I've been searching the skies today to see if they're still here, but there's not one in sight. 
It's a shame because we're to have a warmer week ahead apparently, so they could have stayed for a little while longer. I feel sad that it will be quite some time before they return. 
I have to remind myself that to miss something sometimes is to really appreciate it upon it's return. 
Looking at the photo of my jasmine above and it's wonderful warm autumnal colour confirms my fear that perhaps summer is about to disappear. 
I doesn't feel like we had a long summer, but I'll embrace autumn if I must. 
One advantage will be that we can wake up our Aga soon... she's been asleep for far too long. Casseroles and comfort food will be on the menu and I can't wait. 

Here's a starter...Jam Doughnut Muffins
These gorgeous jam doughnut muffins are incredibly like doughnuts but without the deep frying. They are so quick and easy to make too... and I must say even quicker to disappear, but it does say in the recipe that they should be enjoyed whilst still warm. 
No problem there! 
They were wickedly divine even though my guilt would only let me eat half of one. Next time (oh yes... there will be a next time) I'll make them smaller and add more jam. 
Well if you're going to indulge you might as well make it worthwhile!
The recipe came from Karen's Lavender and Lovage blog and her photos are far more superior than mine. The smell brought a crowd so I had to snap the photo quickly.
Karen has amazing recipes so why not pop over (with a cuppa) and enjoy all the baking delights. 

Now the sun's shining here so I'm off outside...
Enjoy your Monday because it'll be Friday before you know it!
Late news in...
Tuesday afternoon: Wonderfully warm with glorious sun. 
Swallows seen so summer is still here. Yay!
Crazy weather and that's why people in the UK are always talking about the weather! 

Not exactly Wordless Wednesday

You're probably not going to believe this but last night I had a bath! 
I know that's a shocking statement to open up with this morning, but it's a big deal in my book. 
A bath is a real luxury for me...to take time out...light a few candles...indulge in smelly's and bubbles etc takes effort and time, which I don't often indulge in, especially to treat myself. 
To shock you even more it's the first bath I've had in this house since returning last July! (Gasp)  Now steady on there before you back up in case of body odour or in disgust, let me tell you for the record that I shower daily. 
For regular visitors, you'll know that we've been having major renovations around here since we arrived back from Australia, one of which has been to bring the bathrooms from the 1980's to present day. It was wonderful to luxuriate in a bath (with ducks even...obviously not live though as I have my water way too hot) and appreciate just how far we've come. 
But we're not the only one's to benefit from the work that's been carried out around here. The birds certainly have become used to good pickings with feed stations dotted around the property. Yesterday I heard a commotion on the roof and discovered this family of swallows which appeared to be on their maiden flight. There were some dodgy flyby's and the odd thud of feathers on glass....but thankfully nothing serious.  But I've noticed that some of my new windows have been christened as did my car sunroof just after Hubby washed it at the weekend! 
I managed to capture some of the feeding.
Obviously our new gutters have full approval too. 
Note their sheen. 

It was amazing to watch the parents agility and I'm please that I managed to capture some of it on camera. I would have liked the better camera but that happened to be downstairs and I've come to learn you have to seize the moment. So many times have to gone to tell someone that we've a particular visitor or to retrieve a camera when the subject matter disappears. It can be so frustrating. 

I nearly managed to capture a Jay on the roof of the bird table yesterday, but he was too flighty for me. He has such amazing colours. Maybe I'll be more successful next time.
We've started to make a list of all the different birds that have visited the garden and we're up to 35. I know I can hardly believe it either. 
The jay is becoming a regular visitor now.
Like these guys...
I know I've tweeted about these guys before, but if you don't follow me on Twitter then you may have missed them. We've had them visit us for a about a month now and have had up to seven on the lawn at once. I've no idea where they've come from or where they go, but it's nice to have them drop in. They're brilliant at hoovering up all of the seed that's dropped to the ground from the feeder. If only I could train them to come indoors to carry on hoovering....now that would be something. 
For the eagle-eyed of you I know you'll have noticed the empty hanging basket hook but have no fear I'll be sorting that as soon as I find the time.
Yesterday I filled two large hanging mangers and I'll post their photo when the sun shines and they've settled in. 
(Another Twitter photo from during the week...it's our Chelsea Flower Show inspired border. I'll let you see how it progresses as the summer works it's magic...hopefully!)  

I was busy working in the garden with Muffy lounging about watching over me (as she does) possibly sulking because I was digging and she gets a such a hard time of it when she tries. But I suddenly became aware that she was missing. 
On the mooch no doubt but nevertheless I started to call and check for her. 
Now she normally ignores my calls and waits until I've worked myself up into a lather before showing her face in some undergrowth, but this time she didn't appear! 
Panic started to rise when I'd done a complete circuit of the house and garden calling all the most successful things that usually work. I needed backup so called my son to come and help find her (this has happened on numerous occasions with him having to pole volt over the barded-wire fence to retrieve her). Anyway as he was getting shoes on etc I heard barking down the lane (unfamiliar barking but a bark all the same) and two cars were parked up. Not a good sign.
I frantically shouted to my son to head down the lane, whilst I checked out more likely spots on the peripheral
 of the garden. 
Just then a car turned into the driveway and a woman popped out to her boot and retrieved a completely oblivious pooch. 
Mufftypup had done a runner!
 Something that we just never thought would happen...had happened. 
Apparently, the woman stopped when she came across Muffy sitting smack bang in the centre of the lane. Muffy had followed a dog walker who's dog obviously must have had longer legs than her because she gave up after about half a mile. 
Too much hard work for a diva! 

The rescuer asked the dog walker if she knew Muffy but then when she didn't she decided to backtrack up the lane and thought our house was probably the best option. 
Nearest for one of little leg!
I couldn't thank the woman enough, hugging her whilst her dumbfounded little wee one's in the back of the car watched such a mad woman basically throwing a tizzy.
I went through all the various sinario's all afternoon and evening after that...she could have been run over, dognapped, dinner for numerous beasties like foxes and buzzards...oh I can feel the panic rising again so I'd better stop now. 
Here's the cheeky wee bissom out on one of our walks...nearly lost in the long grass. 
As you can see we'd have had great difficulty in finding here if she's gone further afield. 

I was going to link to a Wordless Wednesday today but then I'm writing less and less on my blog lately, so I thought I'd just have a natter this morning instead. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Have a wonderful Wednesday...whether it's wordless or waffling!