My Sunday Sunset Photo and a little Pokemon

I know you have seen many of my sunset photographs from this particular spot but sometimes I just have to capture them. 
Each one seems so special and I want to make sure that I appreciate them. 
What a perfect way to end a day. 
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Just before I go I thought I'd share Muffin's latest Instagram photo with you. 
Who needs Pokémon when you have a Pooch!
Yes I know the ball has seen better days, but she's had it since Day 1 and loves it.
She has other newer balls and lots of toys, but 'Wilson' has had too many adventures with her to just be discarded. 
(Don't worry I check it regularly to see that it's still safe)
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by my place. 
Hope to see you again soon.

Over The Rainbow

Sometimes I have to admit that I do not want to watch Muffy in the garden in the evening, doing her 'biz', especially if I'm watching something interesting, or I'm too comfy lounging on the sofa. 
But at times you can be rewarded for doing the right thing.
This is exactly what happened last night. 
Reluctantly, I dragged myself into the garden. 
It was quite late, but summer evenings here in the North of Scotland can be pretty spectacular... staying light until nearly midnight. 
Once we stepped out into the garden... I had to rush back in to grab my camera.
I would normally take photographs of the sunsets facing the fields at the rear of our property, but this view just grabbed my attention.    
What made it more dramatic was the dark rain clouds and the appearance of a beautiful rainbow.
Very often after a rainy day here, the clouds can part and we are rewarded with a glorious sunset. 
It's too late in the day to make the most of it... so we just have to look and appreciate it. 
In my case, I snap hundreds of photo's. 
I just can't resist!
I don't normally show the house, but the light and rainbow was too good and I wanted to share it with you.
I hope you can enjoy a spectacular sunset or a beautiful rainbow soon.
Thank you for popping over to my place. 
Have a great week... enjoy!
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Sunset Sunday Photo

Another busy enjoyable weekend with having our daughter come to stay... and we're only half way through!
Last night we were treated to a wonderful sunset.
It came as a surprise really after a day of rain. 
It was like drawing back the curtains... suddenly the sun shone through.
I've taken the same shot over a short period of time... to just highlight what a difference a few minutes can make.
You can see the rain drops still hanging from the cow parsley like bright jewels.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting my place. 
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