Busy Elves and Backgrounds... PPF and Sunday Sketches

Not much to show for this week's Paint Party Friday link I'm afraid... as I've only just started painting this background.
I'm enjoying coming in from picking up gazillions of fallen leaves and spending a little time adding a touch a little at a time to this piece. 
It gives me time for a cuppa and a quick thaw out!
I then leave it to dry whilst going outside once again to battle the tons of potential leaf mould!
It's not an ideal way to paint, but at least I make some progress this way.
How do you manage to fit in time for your painting? 
Or are you more disciplined allocating the time?
We're also going up a gear here, with the Christmas preparations. 
I know... I'm only just waking up to the idea that it is going to arriving too, so I best start preparing.
We are not quite in our Christmas Elf workshop yet, but we have started.
As you can see below 'the supervisor' is keeping a close eye on my progress.
There's spreadsheets, stickers and packaging... quite skillful for a little pooch!
We haven't quite ventured into the Christmas outfit's yet, but no doubt that'll happen soon.
The orders are beginning to flood in so it's all hands to the pump.
So I'll get back to spinning plates and juggling time.
(I'm making a commitment to myself that I will give my art more priority)
Have a fun weekend everyone and maybe I'll see you over at the PPF link up. 
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I also want to link up to the final Sunday Sketches from England
Alexandra over at Blue Chair Diary heading back to the USA to rejoin her family and fur baby.
The time seems to have flown by for us, but I'm sure Alexandra is desperate to arrive back home.
Unfortunately, good old Blighty is sending her off with a terrible cold. 
One of the perils of the British weather.
Bon Voyage Alexander and Michael... have a good and safe journey.
See you from the other side of the pond. 
Enjoy your homecoming.
Sunday Sketches
(I've enjoyed having my logo on display) 
Thanks for visiting and I wish you a wonderful week ahead everyone.
Toodleloo for now

Sunday Sketches... Brown Bear

I had another play today and decided that I'd do a little more drawing. 
Due to the cold weather my son suggested that I should draw a polar bear. 
Now I know it's gone chilly, but it's really not that chilly... yet!

I thought that a polar bear would make me feel even colder, so I decided to draw a brown bear instead... using the watercolour pencils once again.
I started with under painting, so that I could add multi-layers of colour for his fur. 
This particular journal isn't the best, but it's handy for playing.
I can try different things without becoming too precious about wasting good quality paper.
I'm using the kitchen table... as I'm still embracing the 'hygge' way of life. 
(If you'd like to know more about hygge then click here to see my previous post)
I'm sitting between the wood burner and the Aga.
I'm like a cat and always seek out the warmest place in the house on days like these.
We are coming to the end of Sunday Sketches from England, so please nip across and visit Alexandra's blog
There's always lots to see.
If you click on my design below it will automatically transport you over to her place... but before you do that... don't forget to let me know that you've been here by leaving me a quick comment.
Sunday Sketches
Oh yes and one more thing... don't forget that the Not On The High Street TV advertisement that will feature my daughter's grumpy owl Christmas cards airs tonight, here in the UK. 
It will appear during the Tutankhamen programme, but keep your eyes peeled as they say, because you'll have to be quick to spot him!

Have fun and enjoy your Sunday everyone and I wish you a wonderful week ahead.
Thanks for stopping by and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon.


Sunday Sketches... Sleepy Hedgehog

Just a really quick sketch today... 
I've got lots to do before next week, but hopefully I'll be able to tick them all off my list.
I'd love to just curl up, get cosy and snooze away, but that's not going to happen.
There's not many more weeks for Alexandra's Sunday Sketches coming from the UK, so why not hit the link below, or in my sidebar and see what's happening. 
Thanks for hosting the link once again Alexandra.
Sunday Sketches
I hope you have had a great weekend and are ready for the new week ahead.

Alexandra's Sunday Sketches from England

Apologies in advance for being in such a rush with this post, but I managed to finish the owl and thought that I'd link him to Sunday Sketches
I also started drawing a rose...
I realise that these ink drawings are probably going to drive colourists crazy. 
I love to just draw in ink, but even I'm beginning to think that they need COLOUR!

Sorry to be in such a rush this week. 
If you'd like to see more work by talented artists then click on the icon below. 
It'll take you straight to Alexandra's Sunday Sketches.
Sunday Sketches
It still thrills me to see my winning design on Alexandra's Blue Chair Diary Blog