A Meeting Of The Clan... PPF

This is how I left my studio on Wednesday morning... I'm missing it, but there's work to be done. 
My daughter is flying from one nest to another within Edinburgh, so the Clan is meeting up to give her a hand!
As you can see I decided to revisit painting the wildflower meadow with acrylic paints before I left.
I feel much happier with this one, especially with a few more little additions, but I've still got a lot to learn.
Because I've been hanging on to summer for as long as I possibly could, I thought I'd include a butterfly and swallows.

Autumn has arrived... so now on to the glorious autumnal colour display.
Before I go Muffin wanted you to see her on holiday.
I think she's totally confused with what's happening, but coping.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and I hope to see you back at the studio again soon.
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Sharing Studio Space... PPF & Sunday Sketches

Here is the room that I'm desperate to reacquaint myself with. 
My art studio.
I've neglected it so much favouring the big outdoor canvas of my garden, while the weather is kind.
Once my hubby retired (about a month or two ago) he became mistaken that this particular room (my studio) might be his too. 
He moved the computer monitor and keyboard on to my desk and spread files and paperwork about in gay abandon! 
Well that might be a little exaggerated, because he is really tidy and everything has to be in a file or on a spreadsheet, but you get the jist. 
It was my space!
I've mentioned this before, but muscling in to my space just wasn't on the plan as far as I was concerned. I have been working on the kitchen table lately, so I suppose I should be a little lenient... but now we're entering autumn I want to reorganise my space and move back in.
Once again when I mentioned this... hubby decided to pull everything out of the room for me to organise and decide where it should go. 
Having everything piled along the landing certainly induces productive work! 
It wasn't on my plan, but then at least it prioritised my time and got me to focus. 
Hopefully, I'll actually be able to spend some time creating and producing art next!
(Note to self: Don't mention things out loud within hubby's earshot, because he's likely to get involved whether or not I want him too).

It's time to join the Paint Party link up where Kristin and Eva host lots of talented artists to come together to share their work and inspiration.
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It is week 6 already!
So that's it for this week folks.
Thanks for popping in to my place... it's great to have you visit and even better if you leave a comment, so I know you've been here. 
I'm off to start my visiting... Have a great week everyone.

My Week on a page... PPF

I'm showing you the view from my studio window today so that you'll forgive me for posting yet again unfinished work! 
But just look at that sunlight and it's October.
I'm in such a rush to dash outside... but I have been up before the sun this morning to start some new pieces of artwork today, so it's not all bad. 

I've had a sketch of Koi Carp drafted for a few days
(which seems quite appropriate as I'm going to use my Japanese paints)
I was unsure what to do first, whether the water background should be painted first or the fish.... a little like the scenario of the chicken and the egg.
Which comes first?
I've taken the plunge (ha... no pun was intended but I'm liking that) and started on the water first.
I've also added rock salt for a water effect, but we'll have to see how that turns out.
I used to use this technique when silk painting.
It's great if it works correctly.

I've also started another 'My week on a page'.
I really should come up with another title of this project because these pages appear every few weeks and certainly not weekly.
But I'm happy if I just complete a page, no matter how long it takes me.
I'm not sure you will be able to see the design and colours in these shots.
But as it progresses I'll be sure to share.
I'll also explain why I've included each particular item.
There's washing on a line, apples, a scrunchy, and Virginia creeper.

I'm off outside now to top up my Vitamin D before this weather disappears.
I'll also catch up later with the Paint Party Friday gang which Kristin and Eva kindly host each week.
Paint Party Friday
Have fun and I hope the sun is shining on you too

Let the Cock Crow - PPF

Let the cock crow! Morning everyone
Although I'd loved to keep some chooks (chickens) I don't think I could have a cockerel. 
For instance, I was visiting an agricultural show a few weeks ago and went into the poultry marquee. Unaware that I was standing right in front of a prize cockerel taking in a cute chook opposite, he let out a cry. 
Oh my goodness did I jump... he gave me such a fright that I nearly laid an egg!
I did try to take a video of him but he went all camera shy and wouldn't so much as cluck!
Ever since that day, I've had a mind to paint a cockerel using the loose style that I'm trying to adopt as my own. 
So here he is...

I'm not convinced that he's finished yet. 
I haven't used any white highlights or finalized his tail feathers, but I'm actually being prolific this week for me. I'm actually painting two pieces at once!
(You can tell that the weather hasn't been the best if that's the case)
I started My Week On A Page #3
There's still a long way to go with this, but I'm pleased that it's well underway. 
I think I should rename 'my week' to 'my fortnight' (two weeks) because I can't seem to complete them in just one week. 
Anyway, here it is so far.
When I post the finished piece I'll explain why the objects have been chosen, otherwise this post will take a week to get through and I know you'll be wanting to visit so many other artists work today as part of the Paint Party Friday link.
Here's a view of my desk that many of you might not have seen... with my Quality Control Manager keeping a close eye on the proceedings. 
Well, maybe one eye as she enjoyed getting all roasty toasty in the sun.
But don't get carried away thinking we are having glorious summer weather here... 
...because just look up at the sky.
We certainly have had a mixed bag of goodies, weather wise this summer... but not enough warmth in my book.
Average temperature over the summer months for this part of Scotland have been around 12 degree's (that would be approx 53 degree's Fahrenheit)
Yes... for summer! 
Another view to show my feathered friends are still visiting me daily. 
The seven white doves sit waiting patiently to be fed.
They arrive early in the morning and spend most of the day here.
It's a good game for Muffin to chase them when they land on the patio, but they seem unperturbed. 
I think they have sussed out that she's all fluff and flounce and not fierce or ferocious in any way.

And finally, I wanted to share this morning's view from my bedroom window.
This was about 6.00am.
Now unfortunately the picture would be a grey blanket of cloud once more. 
The sun's disappeared.
I think I may have to be an early riser (which thankfully I am) to make sure I get enough light before winter comes to call.
Is it me or does this picture look autumnal to you?
Eek... I hope not because I'm still waiting for summer! 
(I think that might have to be 2016 now)
Have a great Friday and don't forget to pop across to the Paint Party Friday gang... 
they'd love to see you
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