Flowering Gorse

Whilst out walking this morning, I took a few photos that indicates that spring truly has arrived.
It was difficult to choose which photos to pick for My Sunday Photo.
I decided the Gorse flowers, these yellow beauties are bursting into life along the country lanes. 
I hope you like them.


For overseas visitors Gorse is a large, evergreen shrub covered in needle-like leaves and distinctive, coconut-perfumed, yellow flowers during the spring and summer.

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Thanks for your visit today and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a wonderful week.

Spring came to call

I just couldn't contain my excitement today because spring came to call. 
It was a total surprise. I didn't expect it, but you can be sure that I made the most of it... and so did Miss Mufftypup!
Whilst she had a fantastic workout in the woods and a good run home, I spent a few hours outside tidying up the garden.
As you can see here in this little video clip, the birds were in fine voice. 
I missed capturing the geese flying over...yet another good sign of spring. 
They're returning back North!
I tried desperately to obtain a close up photograph of a robin, who was keeping me company as I worked. He was so close at times, busily trying to see what I might unearth, but as soon as I reached for my camera he flew!
I'm sure he was toying with me. 
I even uprooted some carrots that I'd forgotten about.
I thought they might have rotted away due to all of the wet weather we've experienced over the winter months, but I was pleasantly surprised. 
I dubiously pulled one and it was a really good (straight) specimen. 
So I pulled another... and that too was perfect.
They looked fantastic... I just hope they taste the same.
I hope you had an enjoyable start to the week. 

Paint Party Friday... Sunrise Watercolour and Valentine Postie

Hello Party People... I managed to finish the sunrise watercolour I brought to show and tell last week, so here it is...
I'm late coming to link up today and I can't stay long because we (that is my daughter and I) are keeping the romance alive out there. 
My daughter's art and illustration business is well and truly flying. 
So much so that I've had to leave household chores (heartbroken... NOT!) and everything that's on my current to do list to give her a hand. 

Here's my daughter with the cards and presents for one postal run.

 As you can see there's a fair few love birds out there...

It's warming to see such affection out there especially when everything's chilly, frosticles and covered with snow. 
But take heart spring seems to be taking a peek... 
There's a slight warmth in the sun light AND we've already added an hour to our day light.

We're getting ready for my daughter's first craft fair, so as many of you will already know... there's masses to organise and prep to do so I must fly.
Have a wonderful weekend and I will come to visit all who visit me... promise!
It might take me some time and I am aware that I've still got some PPF peeps to visit from last week... but I will 
Paint Party Friday 
 Toodleloo for now