Winter arrives with avengance

I woke this morning at 5.23am and although it was still dark outside, I lay and watched the clouds whip past on the howling wind. The noise from the gale was like a freight train passing through. There was a rattle on the roof and I just kept my fingers crossed that it wasn't a roof tile about to take flight! 
We'd had plenty of warnings about the impending gale and snow storm that was heading our way from the media, so at least we were prepared. 
I've stocked up on essentials and there's not an inch of space to spare in either the freezer or fridge.

(the side garden...with the birds having a quick feed before the big freeze

It's a pity I never thought to tie down the bin because when I drove back onto the driveway this was there waiting to greet me, upended on the border! 
Not exactly the kind of garden feature that I'd like and when I checked around the rest of the garden I found the BBQ and gas bottle on it's side too. 
There was also the garden table top on the floor, which lets face it was an amazing feat. It's incredibly heavy so that gives you some idea of how strong the gusts have been. 
There's not been much snow yet, but I think we're in for some overnight. 
But as I said I'm prepared...

Look at these beauties

They are Sorel Boots and oh boy do I have cosy toes today! 
They were recommended to me by my daughter, so I must be trendy too eh? 
I think they might be my favourite winter purchase so far Emoji
I just need them to make doggy boots now.
Stay cosy and safe everyone.