A Giveaway...What's on Your Work Desk? WOYWW and other hotchpotch....

Well I made it everyone...I'm back in Melbourne from our winter wonderland holiday in Canada.
I sometimes feel I'm not quite in the land of the living yet after constantly travelling for 27 hours nonstop and crossing so many time zones along the way....it's all a little blurry.
I'm also having the odd out of body experience (like not remembering where anything is stored in my own kitchen) but at least the jetlag isn't an issue....I normally wake at 4am anyway!
It could of course be something to do with being blonde or my age (ha...as if) but I'm having none of that and just putting it down to all the travelling and trying to get back into the swing of things...no matter what!

Thankfully, when we arrived back the temperature here wasn't up to the 40 degrees that Melbourne had been experiencing whilst we were away...it was a lovely 23 degrees...just perfect to warm us up slowly. 
So thank you friends whichever one of you found the temperature control button and tweaked it down a notch...otherwise I'd be similar to this poor hibiscus that I found in the garden! 
It's now in intensive care and we're hoping for a miracle :-(

But before I get lost nattering away...one of the first things I must do is to thank everyone who visited Canada with me...it was great to have you come along and I know it was a challenge at times, especially when the temperature dropped to -25 degrees!
I also have to mention that upon arriving home there was the inevitable pile of post...but this time there wasn't just bills and junk mail...I also had some wonderful presents sent from friends from across the globe. 
My bloggy buddies!
 (I'll be in touch to give you my personal thanks as soon as I can as I have to say I felt very spoilt.)
 I've met some lovely people over the time that I've been blogging and hope it continues into 2013. 

So with that thought in mind I thought I'd pass on some of that cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling, spread some of the smiles and have a 'GIVEAWAY' with Mufftypup picking the winner once again. 
We had such a fun time doing that at the last giveaway plus Muffy wins every time because typically she works the system and doubles her own body weight with fresh chicken...so she'll be all for it! 
I'll be posting the details of the giveaway in the next day or so...I hope you can join in. ;D
 As you can imagine after having a month away, plus we did have a New Zealand trip just weeks before that so I'm trying desperately to get back to some sort of normal routine which is proving harder than I thought. Hence I've not had much chance for my art which quite frankly isn't good enough, especially as I had decided for 2103 that I would be more committed to it...I may well be committed but it won't be to my art, if I don't stop trying to be an octopus spinning too many plates in the air all at once!

Oh here we go....I've just realised its Wednesday which used to be WOYWW for me, so I'll quickly show you my desk in the hope that Julia (our host over at Stamping Ground) will forgive this hotchpotch post. I'm hoping the sunshine outside the window here might distract her and I'll get away with it.
I promise to get my act together ~ seriously :D

But in the meantime why not visit some of the other WOYWW gang as I'm sure they'll be far more organised :-$

I only managed to join the WOYWW gang once whilst in Canada but if you would like to take a peak then just click here on my work desk.
Which has just reminded me about the red squirrel friend who visited us every day and took a great liking to sticky toffee puddings!

 I can't help but wonder how Nutkin is coping in our absence. 
I did leave him enough food to feed him throughout the winter plus every other critter within a 100 kilometre radius!
 He never writes...he never phones....hmm...typical.
He's probably working those eyes on the next guests already.

Anyway I must dash so I'll hopefully see you for the 'Giveaway' don't forget to check back....
In the meantime don't forget to have fun whatever you get up to :D

Meet my new bestie....the red squirrel

At last I've spotted a little critter! And Christmas has come early for him....
Up until this point the only animals that I've seen have been pet dogs and cats.
I hadn't even seen a bird or rodent since we arrived here and I must admit I was beginning to wonder if I would see any or where they'd all gone! 
(Maybe off to Australia for a little warm for their winter holiday? 
I believe it's rather toasty there just now...)

It's not until the little things like birds go missing from our lives that we realise how much we enjoy having them around and that we take them for granted. 
Take for instance their birdsong alone....it's not until it's gone that you miss it so much. 
The silence can be quite deafening here sometimes especially at night. 
Let me tell you, you have no idea how loud snoring can sound when there's no other sound around!!!
Listen to that.....no wonder I'm awake all hours...it's not jet lag after all!

Anyway, back to my little critter. As I mentioned in a previous post I always like to feed the wildlife especially the birds, so we have hung a feeder from a nearby tree. 
Expectantly we've waited....and waited...and waited.....in fact we're still waiting for a bird, but just as I was passing the window today something caught my attention and there balanced precariously on the feeder was a squirrel. A RED squirrel.
I should just add a little note here to say that in the UK the red squirrel was virtually wiped out by the grey squirrel so I was thrilled to see this little guy. There are programmes now that are trying to reintroduce them but it'll take some time. The grey squirrels are quite a lot larger than the red and not as cute in fact they can be quite aggressive. 

I apologise that the photo is slightly out of focus but that's because he was in such a great hurry. 
Stocking up with bulging jowls, then just a flick of the tail and he was away again....puff gone!
But now I'd seen him I wanted to see more...I knew he would be hungry because there's been heavy snow on the ground for four days now. That has obvioulsy meant slim pickings and so with that in mind I produced a culinary delight for my new little furry friend. I chopped up some apple, nuts, and even sacreficed my blueberries. No expense spared for the little guy.
These were obviously too tempting and as you can see below he came running over to add to his daily five!!! By the way, the snow he's running over just happens to be well over my knees....I know this for a fact because I lost my boot whilst trying to fill the feeder!

After freezing my behooky off and finally locating my boot once more, I decided to retreat to the warmth of the fire to watch his antics...and look who wasn't camera shy after all.

Now this photo below I think is the cutest I've seen for quite some time. What do you think?
I think someone else must have been feeding him too because he certainly looks healthy don't you think?
I just need to name him now? Any idea's anyone?

I'm not sure if he's a he or a she...but I don't think either way that'll bother my new bestie, 
just so long as I keep up the peanut run! 

I've just heard that the weather forecast is for 40cms of fresh snow fall tomorrow! Whoohoo!
Santa's nearly on his way peeps...are you ready?
Just remember to enjoy. Catch you later...