Rain, rain go away...Please! PPF

Can you believe this weather?
Especially if you live on the East Coast of Bonnie Scotland!
We have had five days of torrential incessant rain, wind and fog, and I for one have had enough!
Although I'm not impressed with this thing called 'summer' so far, I'm determined to find a positive. 
With all of the wet weather at least when I finally get to go out into the garden once again, the huge weeds that have appeared will be easy to pull up (or that's my hope)
I did spend time working through my email in-box over the last two days and I've managed to answer over 100+ emails! 
I had intended to visit everyone once I'd answered comments on previous blog posts, but I'm afraid that was a step too far. I just couldn't manage it. I'm hoping you'll forgive me and now that I've caught up I'll be able to pop over to your blogs to see what I've been missing.
There's always the added bonus when there's a little extra time for painting and that's just what I did, although once again it's unfinished work.
I thought I'd paint something with reference to Father's Day, which is this coming Sunday in the UK.
I would give anything to spend a day with my Dad... having had him taken away from us all too soon... when I was only 16 years of age. 
So if you have a Father/Dad I hope that you will spend some time with him, tell him you love him and hug him as tightly as you can. 

I thought that I'd try to create a loose painting for this piece. 
Anyone who knows me knows just what a challenge this is for me.
If you missed my post last week of my gin bottle painting then click here

Here's my initial sketch for this week. 
I realise that the tightness comes as soon as I touch the paper with a pencil. 
It restricts me, but I've yet to master painting without a pencil!
I under painted as usual, as now I realise what a difference that can make (thanks Tracey)
I used my favourite Kuretake Japanese paints.
I've still got quite a bit to go with this painting, but I know I'll not be too precious with it. 
The lettering is completely wrong and I've winged it considerably on the smaller writing by just putting some squiggles in. 
I thought I'd just show you one more photo today.
This is a large jar that sits in a corner of my patio windows. 
There are two, one either side, but it appears that we have a leak!
This happened yesterday and it's the same again today.
It's very disconcerting listening to dipping water! 
Well that'll be another job to keep newly retired hubby amused!
Locating the leak source and fixing it... at least the plants are safe for now.

I've got some very exciting news to announce soon.
I'm still working on it, but once it's sorted I'll be sure to let you know.
In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon.
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