Firecrest... PPF

Oh my, what a busy week... so much so that I didn't even realise that we were already on to Friday!
I can't believe it, but I actually managed to throw some paint about this afternoon.
I've had a few appointments this week and hadn't managed to draw or paint anything up until this point.

I've been enjoying watching Winterwatch on TV this week and heard about a tiny bird that I have never heard of before. 

The Firecrest

(photo credit by Ian Redman on #winterwatch)

The Firecrest... is one of our smallest birds, but I'm probably not going to see one around our bird feeder, because they don't seem to want to come this far north.
So it inspired me to paint one instead.

This photo is obviously a work in progress and shows the under painting stage.
It feels wonderful to be painting once again.

If you'd like to know a little more about the Firecrest and how they sound... click here to access the RSPB website.

I will spend more time finishing this painting off over the weekend. 

Talking of the weekend... it is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch here in the UK this weekend.
I've participated in the bird count on numerous occasions and if you would like to know more or to join in click the link above.
It only takes an hour of your time... counting all the bird visitors that come into your garden and the RSPB monitor all the results. 
It can really be interesting knowing just exactly what is happening to our native wild birds.

Right... I'm off now to enjoy my Friday night, but first I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday link before I do.
Have fun everyone and thanks for popping into my place. 
Enjoy your weekend

Snowy scene (wip)... PPF

We've woken up to a white wonderland this morning. 
No snow, but Jack Frost came to visit during the night... so everything is covered with white dust and twinkling in the sunlight. 
A perfect morning.
The current temperature as I type is -3 degrees celcius! 
So it's appropriate perhaps that my wip is a wintery scene.
I'm sorry that it's still a wip, but I just can't seem to find enough time these days to complete a piece of work in one go! 
There has been a major leaf clearing exercise... I adore having so many mature trees around us, but the downside is the amazing amount of leaves that fall.
Anyway, that's my brief post for today because I'm off for a girlie weekend!
Have fun and enjoy your weekend.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to catch up with you soon.
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Sniffs, Snuffles and Sunday Sketches

I'm so late joining the PPF link today... but I've got a slight dilemma at the moment... have I caught a cold or am I suffering with hay fever for the first time in my life? 
Both my hubby and son suffer with allergies and the pollen count must be really high around here at the moment, because they're having quite a time of it. 
I'm not so sure my symptoms are hay fever, even though my hubby thinks it might be... I'm coughing, spluttering, snivelling and sniffing like a true professional sufferer, but I think it's a cold. 
This is one of the reasons why I am late today... it's difficult to get your act together when you are constantly sneezing, sniffing and generally sinking amongst mountains of tissues.
I suppose it doesn't help that I keep bringing flowers into the house to make floral arrangements.
After working in my garden, I like nothing better than to fill a vase with all that's on display at that time. There's always something to bring in to appreciate.
I'm so happy that I've managed to do some artwork even with all the disruptions during this past week and I have to admit I really enjoyed creating and painting the design. 
I read that Alexandra MacVean over at is running a competition for a new Sunday Sketches logo over at her place.
Here's my entry above...
Alexandra is moving to the UK for six months and wanted a suitable logo to reflect her move there.
She also wanted to incorporate a tree in some way as the original feature for Sunday Sketches has a tree included in it. 
It's been a very sporty week with the Euro Football Championship on the go... along with the Tour de France cycling, plus Wimbledon too. 
Obviously my newly retired hubby is in his element and wants to keep up to scratch on all the developments... which means I can sneak in some great fun time creating art! 
I'm beginning to be a real sports fan after all ;D
I used the under painting technique that Tracey Fletcher King taught in her Delicious Paint Class. 
I'm a huge fan and can't imagine painting anything without under painting now.
So here's the final illustration as it might appear on the link... what do you think?
Maybe take a trip over to Alexandra's place to see Sunday Sketches and other entries.
In the meantime... thanks for popping by and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead. 
Have fun and enjoy!

Friday Frog... PPF

I'm so late posting today, but quite frankly I'm just thankful to be here at all.
 (sorry that sounds rather dramatic doesn't it? ... let me explain) 
Basically, yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed! 
I've heard and even used the term "I have a bad back... I couldn't get it off the bed", but this time it was true! I have no idea what happened, but after a sleepless troubled night, I found that I just couldn't move one way or another. Excruciating pain had me completely in it's grip.
The pain was untrue and if there had been a gas and air option, then I'd have grabbed it with both hands. One minute I would be laughing at the absurdity of the situation and the next shedding a few tears, because basically I was so scared that I just couldn't move. 
Hubby wanted to call an ambulance, but I managed to persuade him not to and finally, thankfully I managed to stand vertically. Which is just as well because by this time I needed to visit the bathroom (desperately) and I didn't like hearing my hubbies different options of dealing with this problem!
Enough said!
I normally try to be positive on my blog posts because I think everyone has their own issues, health worries, problems and generally don't need other people's troubles, but if you are suffering in any way with pain or worries, I hope you find a way of dealing with them, or that they disappear completely.
So finally let's get onto the business in hand... what have I managed to create this week.
I've had appointments which have eaten into my creative time, but if you remember the silk paintings from my post last week, I've taken the tropical tree frog design and drawn this cheerful chap...
I've still got to add a few details and to rub out the pencil marks, but he makes me smile.
If you'd like to see the coloured Silk Painting Frog version then click here.
I suppose it's quite appropriate posting this drawing as it is Earth Day too. 

I'm aware that I had lots of lovely visitors last week and that I haven't got around to visiting you all... yet... but I will.
In the meantime, thanks for visiting and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.
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