Confession, Conker and Cosy Owl... PPF

I'm having to come to the party this morning with a confession. 
I failed the InkTober challenge miserably, but I'm feeling so much better now that I've decided it wasn't working for me this year.
The official prompts didn't appeal and I am aware that a challenge shouldn't be easy, but I was beginning to not enjoy the art and that's a fundamental principle of me drawing/painting or sketching.
I have to enjoy it!
So now that that's out there, I'm carrying on with the ink drawing at my own pace and creating designs that appeal to me. 
As it's autumn and all the leaves here are putting on their colourful display, I thought a conker leaf would be just right. 
I was even tempted to go back and paint this one, but I think I'll leave the painting until the end of the month. 
It's funny how our inner thoughts and feelings come out in a drawing, without any conscious thought.
Here's my design from yesterday.
It is a wise old owl.
He's not finished yet, as I want to pattern his hat and add his feathers.
My Hubby's Father has been very sick for quite some time and he was in my thoughts today.
Thank you for visiting and I hope that I can pop over to your place soon.
In the meantime, I'll be linking up with Paint Party Friday as usual.
If you'd like to see lots of fantastic artists work, then come and join me by clicking here
Have a great weekend everyone. 

Sadly my Hubby's Dad (Grandad) has passed away
I may not be around for a little while, as the family need to group together at this terribly sad time.
He will be greatly missed... he was a real trouper, but unfortunately two days after his 90th Birthday went quietly asleep and is now at peace.
Rest in Peace Grandad

The Barn Owl

It's not every day (or night) that you get to see the majestic Barn Owl fly across your path. 
But that's exactly what happened to my son on his way home from work on Thursday evening. 
It must have been quite a sight because he has been talking about it ever since.
I've heard owl calls from our garden, but not been privileged to see one yet.
So now I feel we need to put up an owl box. 
We already have numerous bird boxes positioned around the garden for the smaller visitors, but maybe we need to up our game now that we know a barn owl is close by.
My son obviously didn't manage to get a photo mainly because he was driving at the time, but also it was such a surprise to have the owl fly across his path. 
But I did have this photo below from our visit to Gardening Scotland during the summer, just in case you've never seen a Barn Owl before (I know but just in case)
She was a rescue owl that unfortunately I can't remember her name... but I did manage (with permission) to give her plumage a gentle stroke.
She was magnificent.
If you'd like to know more details about the Barn Owl or to see a video of one in flight then click here

Lots of links this week....
I will be linking up as usual to My Sunday Photo link over at Darren's place.
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Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping into my place.
I hope I see you again soon

Sticky Paw Prize Draw...coming soon (GYBP)

Apologies for anyone waiting with baited breath and bitten finger nails for the giveaway prize draw announcement, but I'm afraid it will have to take place tomorrow. 
Our star and Diva 'Miss McMuffy' is insisting on being bathed and groomed before she makes her public appearance and we just didn't get around to that today. 
Plus the light is fading fast, so inevitably the film crew are refusing to film saying it's too dark and nothing to do with the fact that there's footy on the TV. 
I did intend to pick the winner today, but it has been jam packed with the usual full on weekend activities, plus visitors. 
So hang on in there peeps...we'll be announcing soon...I promise. 
Hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, because so many people taking part in the Grow Your Blog Party are crafty, creative individuals...I thought you might like to see some very cute critters. 
Their foliage is made up of little fir cones, branches and twigs. 
I think they're so cleverly created and adore them.
They are currently living in the inglenook close to the fire...but not too close obviously being made of wood! 
If you'd like to read a little more about owls especially about the ‘Tawny Frogmouth Owls' who came to visit us for Christmas when we lived in Melbourne then click HERE.  

So hopefully I'll be able to announce the winner for the 'stick paw prize draw' tomorrow (you'll understand why it's called that when you see the draw
so keep those fingers crossed just a little longer.  
Good Luck everyone


APR ~ Time is flying by...

Life is certainly flying by just now...with Easter already upon us. 
My friends have already been and gone, but we have some lovely memories to look back on until our next meeting later in the year.
So if I say today was the first time that I got a chance to look online or to check what's been happening out there in t'internet land....375 emails later, I finally got around to see what this week's theme was for Jenn's Artist Play Room. You'll know just how late I am...(I know nothing new here) but this time 
I'm REALLY late.
As you may have guessed (well the title kind of gives it away) the topic this week is 'Flight' or 'things that Fly' you can imagine how thrilled I was that a few weeks ago I drew up this little owl in my journal. 
 He wasn't going to see the light of day, but Jenn drew him out of me and so here he is for you all to see! 

A little cheat having a stand-in ready in the wings (HA... get it!) but otherwise I wouldn't have made it in time...
I'll be back soon but in the meantime why don't you nip over to the Artists Playroom and check out some really talented artist and their entries this week.
Happy Easter to you all.
Have a wonderful time and remember any chocolate eaten on Sunday has no calories...
I read that somewhere...or did I dream it?!!??!