Love Nature Painting in Gouache

Well here we are on the first day of Autumn and it's a beautiful warm sunny day.
Blue skies above with fluffy white clouds to complete the picture.
If this is how autumn is to carry on...then I'm all in favour.
Goodbye Summer... sadly you were a huge disappointment. 
If you had an end of term report it would probably read..."Must do better"

Remarkably, this week I actually managed to have a play with my new Turner gouache paints.
I certainly learnt quite a lot using them. 

Love Nature PPF.jpg

For instance, when I use watercolour paints I seem to use them as gouache paint, but when I'm using gouache paint... I use them as I would watercolours.
Does that make sense or is it gobbledeegook?!!?!

Love Nature PPF1.jpg

Basically, I don't think I use either particularly well.
I much prefer drawing in ink!

Love Nature PPF2.jpg

I'm completely aware that I seem to be neglecting my blog in favour of the quick and easy Instagram, but hopefully life will settle down soon and I'll be able to spend more time visiting and writing posts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for your visit today.
It's always great to see you.

My Flock of Birds... PPF

Another week done and another bird joins my flock.
This flock of birds must be the most unusual flock to gather together.
This week I decided to paint a Jay.
They can be quite shy birds, but I did manage to capture two together with my camera, which is a major achievement in my book.
For those of you living outside of the UK... here is what they look like.

I know that the same named birds can vary quite substantially across the globe.
This week I remembered to take the odd shot of wip along the way. 
Firstly, a rough sketch to make sure I get the proportions right, before adding paints.

Enjoying the process especially with such great light.

Not sure I like to post such a close up of detail, but I know I enjoy seeing other artists work in progress, so here it is warts and all.

I hope this might help inspire others.
Here's the final painting, although I don't think having it stuck on the window has done it any favours. 
It has robbed it of colour... typical now we have sunlight it's too bright!

And finally my flock.
I think I'll add one more, but I can't decide what bird.
If you have any requests or ideas I'd love to hear them. 
Just pop a note in the comments below.
Do you have a favourite?

I keep changing my mind... but then that's just typical of me.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a fabulous Friday.
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Hope to see you there.
Toodleloo for now

My Sunday Photo... Lovin' the Lavender

In my Friday post I featured the Agapanthusso to keep the balance I need to mention the lavender plants that share the same border. 
When we last lived here, there were lots of lavender plants in this particular border, but they had become woody, so I decided to plant new ones to replace them. 
I must have planted over 25 new plants, which as you can see has thrilled not only me, but also the visiting bees. 
My hubby (a potential future bee keeper) has been keeping a close eye and counting them after hearing the buzzing whilst gardening. 
(I know... but he's newly retired so there's time for such activities... at least he hasn't created a spreadsheet... well not yet as far as I know).
The highest number he has counted so far, at one particular count reached 16!
I'm happy that the bees are happy... plus the wonderful lavender aroma if you happen to touch them as you walk past, is enough to knock your socks off!

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I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my place, especially if you leave a comment. 
I really appreciate it. 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend... whether you are busy as a bee or lounging among the lavender.

My Sunday Photo... The Greater Spotted Woodpecker

We are having an abundance of bird visitors right now. 
I'd love to show you them all up close, but unfortunately I need to purchase a zoom lens first. 
It's been on my 'to do' list since Christmas, when I was presented with a new camera. 
One visitor that I'm particularly pleased to see returning this summer is the Yellowhammer. 
I haven't managed to obtain a decent photo yet, but here's the RSPB website if you'd like to see details plus a little video... click here

Yesterday I thought that we had lost one of our Greater Spotted Woodpecker friends, because I found one little fella on the floor looking slightly dazed. 
(I'd cleaned my windows the day before and as usual the birds seem to want to wreck my handy-work by flinging themselves straight into them, leaving a perfect imprint on the glass). 
I checked the little chap hadn't broken his neck or wing and retreated to watch, whilst ensuring that the neighbours cat didn't come calling. 
After quite some time when he hadn't moved, I thought he might need some water, so I carefully approached... which made him take fright and he flew away... off to the woods.
Note to self: Don't bother cleaning windows... that way I'm doing my bit for nature! 
That'll do for me
Here's he is or possibly one of his relatives!
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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of fun.
Thanks for popping by and I hope to see you all again soon.