What's On Your Work Desk... well a dog for starters!

This isn't the normal What's On Your Work Desk post from me today as there's no actual artwork on display. So if you want to see more art/craft then head over to our host Julia at Stamping Ground

For a start I have a dog on my desk... although she's actually Santa's Quality Control Manager and keeping a keen eye on procedures. 
She's making sure that standards are maintained. 
So what is she checking? 
Well basically me. 
I've been recruited as an elf to help with my daughter's Christmas orders. 
Her designs are flying out of the window... well not literally but you know what I mean.
(yes that's rain lashing on that window... see what I'm having to deal with peeps!)
Check here if you'd like a peek at the designs... there seems to be a head to head going on in the league table between Grumpy Owl with his Christmas jumper and Festive Penguins with the Penguins (at the last count) just a beak ahead. 
But that could all change with today's orders.
I've had my troubles with this lot I can tell you... it hasn't all been plain sailing. 
The seal tabs for the plastic wallets have certainly been a challenge!
Once they get a hold of you... the static just doesn't want to let go.
I'm finding them in the most unusual places.... nuff said!
Those little black circles above have white backs that once they are peeled off, make the room look like I'm working in a snow storm.
Talking of which we're supposed to be having a weather bomb hit us today. 
Yes a weather BOMB... whatever that means?
(I'll let you know once we get through it if there's anything to report)
I'm warming the sack here, along with all of my outer wear before heading off to the post office. 
I can hear the groans now as I think back to yesterday's visit. 
There was a queue... as there always is at this time of year, but oh boy they were lined up and wound around the whole post office by the time I left! 
If looks could kill I'd be six foot under now.
I was tempted to shout a cheery... " Merry Christmas Everyone" as I left but thought "Humbug" might have been more appropriate. 

So I'd better get on.... 
I hope to send time over the holidays catching up with everyone that's visited me over the last month or so. I'm horrified that I haven't done that yet as I like to reply and visit everyone.

By the way the art exhibition went well yesterday... I'll maybe post about it later. 
Anyway... I'm away to baton down the hatches now
Hopefully see you again soon
Have fun everyone and keep smiling!