My Sunday Photo... the one that got away!

Today I'm willing to show you just when things don't go to plan... I'm linking up this photo of Muffin appreciating the beautiful hot day we had today. In fact it was just like summer (at last) but this wasn't the photo that I intended to use. 
Imagine a beautiful blue sky, green lush fields, and a fantastic Red Arrow display flying right over you. Well that is what I intended.
Unfortunately, I was talking on the phone when they flew over. (Trust me eh?)
When I heard them I quickly dashed outside, grabbing my mobile phone and took a shot. 
This was the result.
You'll have to look very hard into the distance, just above the trees to see the last of the loop the loop trail.
I can imagine that you all have had that feeling of a particular photograph... the one that got away.
Please tell me you do... I might feel slightly better then.
It would have been perfect to have captured them flying over in fantastic formation!
They looked magnificent.

Here's a photo taken by Paul Collier from the control tower of Aberdeen Airport.
He's taken some amazing photo's if you'd like to see more... click here


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Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Floral Good Friday... PPF

I'm going to keep today's post to the minimum because it is the long Easter weekend and the weather for today at last is fantastic.
I want to enjoy it because there's talk that rain is on the way tomorrow.

I thought I'd show you the finished 'Hello Spring' that I started last week.
I was inspired by watching the tutorial from Carrie's Misfit Artist blog.
Here's the link if you'd like to see more... click here
Plus I wanted to practice some lettering too. I did think I might have managed to paint an Happy Easter scene, but I went outdoors yesterday and cut the lawn instead. 
The garden is just waking up, so it'll be all go soon.
I really enjoyed painting these flowers and at some point that I'm not sure when, I took a different route and let my brush do as it pleased. 
It's always a little scary going off-piste, but then exciting things can happen. 
I'm pleased with the end result.
Keeping to the spring theme, I thought I'd take you on a little walk before you go.
Not quite an Easter egg hunt... that'll come on Sunday.
Here's Muffin enjoying the new smells of spring and taking an absolute age to walk 20 paw paces.
Stop and sniff on a whole new level.
But if there's sun anywhere... you can be sure she'll find it!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Happy Easter to all that celebrate.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.
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Animal Tales

I thought I'd bring you a little something different today and this little fluff ball is definitely different!
When I think about what she's seen and experienced over her little lifetime, it really is quite remarkable. 
She's traveled to three continents, been in temperatures ranging from +50C to -5C (so far), been reported as having leishmaniosis and given a death sentence, which thankfully was overturned when the tests were repeated and proved to have been an error. She's had a little fracas with a staffie in the park and had to be rushed to the emergency vet, served a month in the penitentiary quarantine, and these are just a few things that come to mind! 
But the main thing about Muffin is that she's been the best friend anyone could wish for! 
 I know some of you may have seen these photo's if you follow her account on Instagram,
(the_world_according_to Muffy
but I've been asked to remember to include them here too, for readers who don't use Instagram.
See I do listen.
These photo's were taken once the floodwaters had receded, but the cold snap had descended. 
Muffin, (Muffy, McMuffy, Mufftypup or whatever name you know her by... don't worry she knows them all and will respond no matter what you call her) needs an extra layer at the moment, so we've go this 'ADIDOG' jacket for her. It fits like a dream and even manages to keep some of her tummy dry, which is a major achievement. 
But then there's still need for a bath after every walk... well more like a doggy dip really than a full bath.
Don't worry that she looks so unhappy in this photo because although she hates being cold, she's working it so that she makes me feel guilty and she'll get a treat.
I personally think she likes this part because after the lovely warm soak, she's wrapped into a towel and transported to sit on top of the Aga for a wee whilie.
Isn't that what Aga's are for? 
I mean just look at that face now.
The next part is her favourite... she gets a little chicken treat. 
And then finally a little grooming.
I don't normally put anything in her hair... I'm not one for dressing up a dog, but she needs to go to the groomers and they don't have an appointment for another two weeks.
I'm not sure purple is her colour, but at least she can see.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone and if you'd like to hear some more Animal Tales then why not nip across by clicking here
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