What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #249

Okay, so one week on and I've still not got an actual desk to show you. 
The room is in the process of being painted this week and I have to confess it does seem a little odd to actually paint the room when it'll probably have splashes and splodges of additional colour probably within a few days of my daughter and I moving into it. But every room in the house is having new windows and repainted with a fresh lick of paint....art studio included.  
Anyway...I have something to show you today, but I don't want you to think that I've lost the plot or have a fit of giggles and cause yourself a mischief. 
Okay well why not...(have a giggle that is and not the injury) 
It's good to have a laugh isn't it?

Some of you may remember that I have picked up my knitting needles after a 20+ year gap and I was happily clicking away with no intention of actually producing anything. 
But then my daughter sent me an incredible newspaper article from 'The Guardian' newspaper, which requested knitters to pick up their needles and help out, knitting penguin jumpers!
How cute are these little guys? 
(photo and story courtesy of The Guardian click here for more details)

(Photo and article courtesy of The Guardian...click here for more details)

Now I just couldn't resist that request could I? 
But it appears once again that I'm tail-end Charlie and too late to help out this time. 
Thankfully the penguins have enough jumpers donated for the moment. 
It's brilliant news to know that everyone responded brilliantly, but now I wonder what do I do with this...?
  It's far too small for Muffy even if she gave up all of her treats ^..^
I'll just have to carry on and finish it...who knows...there maybe need for more at another time and I'll be ready and organised.
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Thanks for popping over to my place...it's always great to see you.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and I hope to see you again soon.

Blue Monday...Knitting?

I've had a notion since winter started that I'd sit by the fire knitting at some stage. 
Don't ask me where this notion came from...it just seemed to conjure up a cosy picture. I knew that I had some knitting needles somewhere but hadn't a clue where they might be. 
Over the weekend they appeared. 
Typical as spring is about to burst forth, I finally get my act together...talk about Tail-end Charlie. 
I knew it had been some years since I last knitted and I've just realised how long it's been.
The wool is from when my son was born...or I should say before he was born.
The baby blue gave it away and that was probably the last time I picked up a knitting needle...over 21 years ago! 
I was never a proficient knitter it has to be said, but I do like the process. 
You can sit comfortably, cosy, with mind and hands just doing their thing whilst even watching the TV if you don't mind the odd slipped stitch!
(That last statment is purely my level of skill)
At first I hadn't a clue what to do, but as I picked up the needles and wool something happened. I rode that bike again...or should I say I started to knit. 
I managed to remember how to work the rib (knit one, purl one...oh listen to me...like a true pro?) then I had the challenge of changing to knit a line, purl a line!
It just got easier until I looked back to discover a very raggedy piece of work. 
I then remembered that I should have started with a smaller pair of needles for the rib. Whoops too late now. Or should that be the other way around???
But I must remember that this is only to have a play, so Muffy need not worry that she'll be the laughing stock of the park in one of my home knitted jumpers. 
It'll probably go into hiding once again when I've done or possibly keep growing into the longest scarf in living memory, due to me not knowing how to end it!

Just a brief update on the renovation of the windows and doors...we are over half way now and thankfully the sanding down seems to be tailoring off.
But what to do with all the old frames...well chop them up of course! 
Thankfully someone liked doing this job...just call him Mr Chopchop.
As you can see there's lots of safety gear and rules, but I have to say I still can't watch. 
We are aware that all that wood was sitting around the gas tank, but thankfully that's all sorted now. 

And finally I thought you might like to meet the renovation gang...
There's nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee to keep the troops happy...well maybe a piece of home baking too perhaps? 
That reminds me it's nearly time for the next one.
Happy Blue Monday to you all...
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Have fun!