My Week On A Page #3 (PPF)

It's party time once again and I'm happy to say I've managed to bring something to the party this week.
Although it's titled My Week On A Page #3, which isn't actually true... because it's taken me longer than a week to complete.
 I'm happy with the outcome.
Each item is chosen for a particular reason for that week.
Like a painting journal instead of a written one.
Week #3 has a dog lead (leash)
My favourite mug,
New glasses
Pewter and gold pill pot
and yellow jasmine
(There's no particular importance to the order).

I must say that I have enormous pleasure in producing these paintings.
 I also have to admit that with each one I learn at least one or two things, either about my paints, shading or whatever... it's a huge learning curve.
So thank you Tracey Fletcher King for putting me on to this project.
If you want to see the master at work then click on her name and enter her studio.
I've taken this shot from a different angle, because the silver doesn't show up if taken from the usual angle.
I hope it shows up enough.
There have been times with each one of these weekly paintings that I've reached that terrible teenage stage, where I am unsure I'm going to produce anything worth looking...and nearly bin it but then something happens and it begins to come together. It's a very strange feeling.

So why did I chose these items... well the dog lead is easy. 
This particular lead has been on so many adventures both here and in Australia... it may even have had a life in Qatar, but I can't remember for sure when we bought it. 
I was away last week and missed my morning walks, so that was the first thing that came to mind on my return. Also whilst I was away I went to get my glasses out of my bag, only to have half appear. It's not a great look to have your glasses sort of perched half on and half off your face.
It certainly gets you noticed.
I had a very helpful young man come to my aid from an optician shop, but it made me realise that to be a good girl guide (always to be prepared) I shouldn't rely on only one pair.
So, I had to buy an emergency pair from a chemist shop... and they were so cheap but I love them. 
I only need magnifying glasses for reading or detail work, so they're ideal and they are so light you don't even know that they're on your face. 
Okay, I'll confess (much to my embarrassment) that I spent quite some time retracing my steps trying to find my glasses one day and yes, you've guessed it... they were on my face!!!
Enough... I can hear your laughter from here!

Moving on swiftly... to my little pewter pill pot. 
I purchased quite a few items of pewter when we lived in Brunei, but when I chose this lovely little pot I didn't even know it was a pill pot... and when I did I certainly didn't think I'd ever use one.
Until recently that is. 
I'll not go into detail but that little pot is with me each and every day. 
It's quite a heavy wee thing to lug around in your bag, but I love it and it keeps me right on where I am with medication.
The jasmine was another surprise when we arrived back to our house here from Australia. I'd forgotten that we had white jasmine growing around the front door, but I certainly didn't remember the lovely yellow jasmine in a large container. I suspect that someone might have left it behind.
Whenever I look at it or see those lovely little sunshine flowers, it reminds me of a friend in Australia.
How brave of it to flower here?

And lastly... my favourite Denby mug.
I've shown and talked about my mug (hehe) numerous times before on my blog.
How I love HOT tea and that this mug is the best I've found that keeps my tea hot enough.
Now you'll think I'm spoilt and maybe I am, but I have a cup of tea brought to me every morning. 
Sometimes, I'm ready to receive but sometimes it can be really early and I'm not quite awake... so my hubby came up with this plastic top which makes a seal over the top of the cup.
Not only does it save the slops and spills on it's precarious journey from our kitchen to my bedside but it keeps the tea hot until I'm awake enough to drink it.
It's brilliant!!!
(hubby's not bad either)
I'm not sure about my editing this morning... it's rather dark here but it gives you the idea.
I'm heading over to join the Paint Party Friday link, so if you'd like to see more then click here.
So that's it for this week... I'm away next week (again!) so I've got lots to get organised.
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you again soon.
Have fun 

Let the Cock Crow - PPF

Let the cock crow! Morning everyone
Although I'd loved to keep some chooks (chickens) I don't think I could have a cockerel. 
For instance, I was visiting an agricultural show a few weeks ago and went into the poultry marquee. Unaware that I was standing right in front of a prize cockerel taking in a cute chook opposite, he let out a cry. 
Oh my goodness did I jump... he gave me such a fright that I nearly laid an egg!
I did try to take a video of him but he went all camera shy and wouldn't so much as cluck!
Ever since that day, I've had a mind to paint a cockerel using the loose style that I'm trying to adopt as my own. 
So here he is...

I'm not convinced that he's finished yet. 
I haven't used any white highlights or finalized his tail feathers, but I'm actually being prolific this week for me. I'm actually painting two pieces at once!
(You can tell that the weather hasn't been the best if that's the case)
I started My Week On A Page #3
There's still a long way to go with this, but I'm pleased that it's well underway. 
I think I should rename 'my week' to 'my fortnight' (two weeks) because I can't seem to complete them in just one week. 
Anyway, here it is so far.
When I post the finished piece I'll explain why the objects have been chosen, otherwise this post will take a week to get through and I know you'll be wanting to visit so many other artists work today as part of the Paint Party Friday link.
Here's a view of my desk that many of you might not have seen... with my Quality Control Manager keeping a close eye on the proceedings. 
Well, maybe one eye as she enjoyed getting all roasty toasty in the sun.
But don't get carried away thinking we are having glorious summer weather here... 
...because just look up at the sky.
We certainly have had a mixed bag of goodies, weather wise this summer... but not enough warmth in my book.
Average temperature over the summer months for this part of Scotland have been around 12 degree's (that would be approx 53 degree's Fahrenheit)
Yes... for summer! 
Another view to show my feathered friends are still visiting me daily. 
The seven white doves sit waiting patiently to be fed.
They arrive early in the morning and spend most of the day here.
It's a good game for Muffin to chase them when they land on the patio, but they seem unperturbed. 
I think they have sussed out that she's all fluff and flounce and not fierce or ferocious in any way.

And finally, I wanted to share this morning's view from my bedroom window.
This was about 6.00am.
Now unfortunately the picture would be a grey blanket of cloud once more. 
The sun's disappeared.
I think I may have to be an early riser (which thankfully I am) to make sure I get enough light before winter comes to call.
Is it me or does this picture look autumnal to you?
Eek... I hope not because I'm still waiting for summer! 
(I think that might have to be 2016 now)
Have a great Friday and don't forget to pop across to the Paint Party Friday gang... 
they'd love to see you
Paint Party Friday
Thanks for your visit... I love to see you and even more so if you leave a comment.
Toodleloo for now

A final fling perhaps...

Everyone seemed to be on a mission this morning.
 The traffic even though it was rush hour was static, but it still didn't stop revving and inching closer and closer to the car bumper in front... getting nowhere fast!
Quite frankly, I've never understood why it's actually called rush hour, when most of the time the cars are static!
 It felt as though those leisurely drives at a slower pace may be a thing of the past for now, having been replaced with urgency whether it's to get to work, kids to school, appointments or those Christmas bargains! (ARGH)
Leisurely summer days seem to have drifted away. 

A few days ago I was watching the swallows stretching and putting on an incredible aerial display, but I knew all the time that they were participating in their pre-flight preparations to take off for warmer destinations soon. 
I've been searching the skies today to see if they're still here, but there's not one in sight. 
It's a shame because we're to have a warmer week ahead apparently, so they could have stayed for a little while longer. I feel sad that it will be quite some time before they return. 
I have to remind myself that to miss something sometimes is to really appreciate it upon it's return. 
Looking at the photo of my jasmine above and it's wonderful warm autumnal colour confirms my fear that perhaps summer is about to disappear. 
I doesn't feel like we had a long summer, but I'll embrace autumn if I must. 
One advantage will be that we can wake up our Aga soon... she's been asleep for far too long. Casseroles and comfort food will be on the menu and I can't wait. 

Here's a starter...Jam Doughnut Muffins
These gorgeous jam doughnut muffins are incredibly like doughnuts but without the deep frying. They are so quick and easy to make too... and I must say even quicker to disappear, but it does say in the recipe that they should be enjoyed whilst still warm. 
No problem there! 
They were wickedly divine even though my guilt would only let me eat half of one. Next time (oh yes... there will be a next time) I'll make them smaller and add more jam. 
Well if you're going to indulge you might as well make it worthwhile!
The recipe came from Karen's Lavender and Lovage blog and her photos are far more superior than mine. The smell brought a crowd so I had to snap the photo quickly.
Karen has amazing recipes so why not pop over (with a cuppa) and enjoy all the baking delights. 

Now the sun's shining here so I'm off outside...
Enjoy your Monday because it'll be Friday before you know it!
Late news in...
Tuesday afternoon: Wonderfully warm with glorious sun. 
Swallows seen so summer is still here. Yay!
Crazy weather and that's why people in the UK are always talking about the weather! 

A Quick Tea Break....Phewph

I really wanted to post a recipe today but unfortunately when I cooked  last night the light wasn't good enough by the time I finished, so I'll make sure I start earlier in future....
So its just a quickie today as I'm trying desperately to cut the lawns. Its perfect weather for gardening so I'm making the most of it plus this weekend is supposed to be getting warmer so I'd like to have all the work done (ha! as if....) and then to sit and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Maybe we'll even christen the pool....eek!

As an update from the House Move, here's a few of my plants from the old house that seem to like the new place. Last time I posted a comment on my grapevine it looked very poorly. How dare they...? But looks whose doing fine...I just wonder if the beasties moved with it? We'll have to wait and see...

Here's the Jasmine too.

The new garden has both these plants but these are my babies so they have a special place.
The perfume from the Jasmine, Wisteria and Wattle waft beautifully on the evening breeze. I can't wait to be able to sit out in the evening to fully appreciate their splendor.

I just can't get over this wonderful cascade. There's also so many insects I'm wondering if I should start to keep bee's. They would certainly have a feast in this garden. 

That's my tea break over so I'll have to dash back rest for the wicked ; )
I must be very naughty...that's all I can say!