Confession, Conker and Cosy Owl... PPF

I'm having to come to the party this morning with a confession. 
I failed the InkTober challenge miserably, but I'm feeling so much better now that I've decided it wasn't working for me this year.
The official prompts didn't appeal and I am aware that a challenge shouldn't be easy, but I was beginning to not enjoy the art and that's a fundamental principle of me drawing/painting or sketching.
I have to enjoy it!
So now that that's out there, I'm carrying on with the ink drawing at my own pace and creating designs that appeal to me. 
As it's autumn and all the leaves here are putting on their colourful display, I thought a conker leaf would be just right. 
I was even tempted to go back and paint this one, but I think I'll leave the painting until the end of the month. 
It's funny how our inner thoughts and feelings come out in a drawing, without any conscious thought.
Here's my design from yesterday.
It is a wise old owl.
He's not finished yet, as I want to pattern his hat and add his feathers.
My Hubby's Father has been very sick for quite some time and he was in my thoughts today.
Thank you for visiting and I hope that I can pop over to your place soon.
In the meantime, I'll be linking up with Paint Party Friday as usual.
If you'd like to see lots of fantastic artists work, then come and join me by clicking here
Have a great weekend everyone. 

Sadly my Hubby's Dad (Grandad) has passed away
I may not be around for a little while, as the family need to group together at this terribly sad time.
He will be greatly missed... he was a real trouper, but unfortunately two days after his 90th Birthday went quietly asleep and is now at peace.
Rest in Peace Grandad

Inktober Challenge 2016... PPF and Sunday Sketches

I can't believe that it is October, but the calendar tells me so.
I did wonder whether it would be good for my creative mind to take up the Inktober Challenge once again. I took up the challenge last year, but I didn't quite complete it, as I missed the odd day here and there. I have to admit that the process of trying to come up with an illustration idea everyday was a good one for me. 
So nothing ventured nothing gained... I'm participating once again.
Inktober challenge is to hopefully improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. 
There is an official prompt list for 2016, but some of the subjects are not really what I'd favour.
More about that later.
This next illustration should possibly come with a warning according to my children... (and they're grown up!) 
I thought a troll might be fun to draw, as I used to collect then way back when I was a toot and I see that there's a new film about to be released... so here he/she is...
After sending a day in my garden planting 800 bulbs... yes 800!
I had mentioned that I had 100 previously, but when I opened the box there were actually 800 of the little darlings.
It's amazing how long that can take a person to plant, and how busy suddenly everyone else is, so couldn't possibly help!
I just hope after all this effort they give me a wonderful surprise in Spring.
There was a cheerful chappie keeping me company though, who serenaded me beautifully.
Mr Robin Redbreast!
Day 4's theme was 'Hungry'... and immediately I thought of a dog requesting his dinner.
Day 5 is where I began to think that I'll not be following the official prompt lists at times, because the prompt was 'Sad'.
I always try to remain positive and I think with so much stress, worry, conflicts etc out there today that it's important to keep positive and smile.
No one wants to come to a blog and leave feeling down... but I'm afraid my next illustration might just do that. 
I must apologies to all the jolly clowns out there, and also for the fact that I've never liked clowns!
Nothing personal... there must have been an incident back in my childhood that set this precedence.
I promise that after pushing myself to come up with this last illustration, I shall try to keep it light and cheerful. The next two days prompts are 'Hidden' and 'Lost' so that may be quite a challenge.

As it's Friday I'm going to link up with PPF as usual, and Sunday Sketches
Thank you ladies for hosting once again and I hope you'll join me over there.
There are some amazing artists sharing incredible work.
Have a fabulous Friday and great weekend.
Keep smiling and pass it on...

Reading, robins and reminders

As soon as I saw Tracey Fletcher King's instagram illustration recently of her comfy reading chair, I knew that I needed to draw my own reading corner. 
It's been incredibly neglected over the whole summer, so it's time it got a little attention. 
Now winter is coming towards us, I hope that I'll be curled up here with a mass of great books to plough through. Bliss!
Obviously with the roaring fire toasting my toes... ahh... I never thought I'd say it but now I think about it... roll on winter if that's the case. 
(by the way if you have any recommendations please just pop them into the comments below)  
I'm still managing to add to my Inktober Challenge, although I'm still not up to date. 
I thought I'd take a photo of the reading corner so that you can see what I was using as a reference. 
I've not drawn it exactly, otherwise I'd be here until October 2016, so let's say it's my artistic license. 
Here are a few other sketches just in case you didn't see them on my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
If you did, then I apologise... you must be fed up seeing these designs yet again, but we're near to the end of the month.
I'll leave you in peace then.
I've got a thing about Highland Cows.
This one isn't Hetty (drawn last year) but maybe Hilda perhaps?

I had a request to include a grapevine in this challenge... I'm pleased with this one which if you know me is unusual. I think it would be better with a nice glass of red, but maybe I'll have one later!
I like the swirly whirly grapes.
Now here's a very simple design of a fuschia that is still actually blooming in my garden. 
It's a beautiful pink puffy ballerina tutu.
And finally, I wasn't going anywhere near Christmas but I've got a few robins in my garden and they're singing beautifully. 
I think they want to be drawn.
I'm heading off to the PPF party now to check out other artists and they're amazing work. 
If you'd like to join me then click on the link below. 
Paint Party Friday
Have a brilliant weekend everyone
Happy painting too xx

Challenges on many levels...

Well, I could tell you about the crazy week that's just past, but I'll spare you. 
Suffice to say there's been two medical appointments, a car dying whilst fully loaded up with everything but the kitchen sink, plus a dog thinking a trip to the park was imminent and my son having to go to court! 
Hang on, let me rephrase that my son had jury duty! (Phew) that's better.

Anyway, I'm still trying to keep up with the Inktober challenge, so here's some more of the ink sketches I've managed to finish.
The orchid was a request from my sister. 
It's her orchid so how could I refuse? 
She's my big sister after all and I've always done as I'm told! (hehe)
There's also her gargoyle... 
I sketched him on Monday which seemed appropriate for the kind of day I'd had.
That was the day that the car died... well it's reborn now actually, after the trauma.

It seems a new battery was all that was needed. 
Hmm... I wish we could just get a new battery when needed.

It has been a fantastic Autumn here which is great after an atrocious summer. 
I've really been enjoying it which is just as well because I've heard that 'they' say we're in for a severe white winter. I don't hold much by this because the same 'they' said we were going to have a fantastic summer!
I'll wait to see... but I have fully stocked the freezer, bought matches, torches and we've got enough wood to last for a good few winters.... so bring it on!
Meanwhile, the garden is still blooming and the autumn colours are catching my breath at times with their amazing palette.
Here's a little visitor to a thistle...
Even with beautiful sunshine throughout the day, we are enjoying lighting the wood burner in the evening.
I've been watching the geese fly over daily, but I've been mystified by why some are flying south (well I know why that is and I'd do the same if I was a goose) but why they also fly north!  
I had to google this and it appears they are flying to their feeding grounds by day and then they return to their roost for the evening.
Mystery solved.
And just before I leave you for this week... in case you were wondering (oh how I flatter myself) about that Kio Carp painting that I started a few weeks back... well here's a little snippet.
I'm really not sure when I'll be able to finish it, but I'll keep it close to hand. 
It still needs so much work on it.
At least it's good to end with some colour.
Have fun and enjoy your creativity everyone... in whatever form it takes.
Paint Party Friday

As always I try to visit everyone at the Paint Party, but so far I haven't been successful. 
If I've missed you then I apologise... I'll try harder this week.
I'm hopeful that one of these weeks I'll actually manage to see everyone. 
Meanwhile thanks for stopping by my place