Sew Happy

I haven't picked up a needle or even sewn a button on anything for years, so I had an additional struggle trying to relate to the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
The assignment was to draw/paint a sewing equipment design for a tray.
For inspiration, I thought I'd take a peak into my old sewing box, which was like opening a treasure chest. 
Since then I've been sketching ever since.
These assignments have certainly taken me on a journey of discovery in more ways than one!
Thanks Lilla Rogers

Sewing Tray MATS.psd 72dpi.jpg

I even had a play in Photoshop (although the word play maybe stretching things a little) but I've still got so much to learn.
I'm entering this sewing tray for the Make Art That Sells April assignment.

The sun is shining here, so I'm off out to play! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Silk Painting - Tropical Fish

At the start of this year, I had so many plans for what I wanted to do, achieve and experience...and here we are in July already!
But I didn't realise in January, that I'd have to squeeze in another house move, but that box (argh....not boxes again) has been well and truly ticked. Now I can move forward....
I've got a busy week ahead already (what's new?) but I've also something planned for the weekend, which I'm excited about. I'll be telling you later.... ; o
One thing that I've been thinking about is to start painting again. I haven't picked up a paintbrush for about 12 did that time go?
I learnt to silk paint whilst living in Brunei and I've always wanted to carry on....unfortunately the mindset, time, space and just generally my commitment have been lacking. But in this new house there's an actual studio!!!! How cool is that? It's as if its come to get me.....No more excuses.
Initially, I didn't really know what the room was intended for, until I saw the floor plan and there it states quite clearly 'Studio'.
So in the coming weeks (or months) I'll hopefully be able to set up and let you have a peek. Well, depending on how it goes.....It might take me a little while to get back into it.....

During the house move, I found my art photo album and a newspaper article from an Exhibition. Six Ladies exhibited - all expat artists - me being one of them. Looking back at the photo's, they seem to be from another lifetime. I look so fit, healthy and YOUNG!