Happy Monday

Well helloooo June, 
Let's hope it warms up a fair bit because May was atrocious!
I always try embrace all the different weather we have here in the UK, because that's what I missed when we lived abroad. 
But I'm afraid May tested me and took me to the brink at times. 
I can't believe that Muffy and I had a great walk this morning.
As you can see she loved the freshly cut grass. 
The smell even caught my attention. 
The sky larks where hovering and singing their amazing song, but even with the sun shining there was no escape from that chilly brisk wind. 
In fact, it's been bothering us for weeks now and quite frankly I think it should move on...
Here's Muffypup having a good roll around with gay abandon...
We're not in any hurry... no of course not.
Slow and stop was the order of the day.
Unfortunately when you roll around in an open park there's a fair chance that you'll roll in some indescribable gunge... duck, crows, seagulls and other doggy doodoo's.
So needless to say she had to have a compulsive bath when we got home.
Let me tell you the windows were flung  open and thankfully I always have a towel in the boot for such occurrences.  
That'll be a gold star for me then...
And here she is... our Aga magnet. 
(Who needs fridge magnets? Not in this house anyway)
Thankfully because the Aga hasn't been switched off for summer
(even though there's only 22 days until mid summer)
She's able to stay cosy whilst she dries off.
I tried using the hairdryer but sometimes it gets her too excited and it's game on... chase me... chase me. There's no way she'd get the concept of the limited electrical lead restricting me in the chase.
Anyway... all the high jink are over for the time being and it's time to settle down. 
It's been quite a morning...
 I think I could just snuggle up with her, but unfortunately I've got a lot on my 'To Do' list today.
We were away over the weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to post a little about it. I'm also participating in Tracey Fletcher King's Delicious Paint class which should be fantastic.
I'm also getting ready for visitors and the garden hasn't been touched since last Thursday. 
I may need a rope attached around my middle before I head out there. 
It's been some time but because the blue towel has reminded me about Blue Monday... 
I'm linking up today. I hope to see you over there. 
Have fun with your week and if you've visited me and I haven't returned the compliment yet, then I'm on the case... it just might take me a little time to catch up. 
Here's one last photo
As you can see... she's not going anywhere until that weather warms up!
(p.s. if you like reading about Muffy's antics she's actually got her own Instagram account now. I know but what can you do? 
Here's her addy... the_world_according_to_Muffy

Happy Blue Monday to you all
Blue Monday Instructions

Blue Monday...Knitting?

I've had a notion since winter started that I'd sit by the fire knitting at some stage. 
Don't ask me where this notion came from...it just seemed to conjure up a cosy picture. I knew that I had some knitting needles somewhere but hadn't a clue where they might be. 
Over the weekend they appeared. 
Typical as spring is about to burst forth, I finally get my act together...talk about Tail-end Charlie. 
I knew it had been some years since I last knitted and I've just realised how long it's been.
The wool is from when my son was born...or I should say before he was born.
The baby blue gave it away and that was probably the last time I picked up a knitting needle...over 21 years ago! 
I was never a proficient knitter it has to be said, but I do like the process. 
You can sit comfortably, cosy, with mind and hands just doing their thing whilst even watching the TV if you don't mind the odd slipped stitch!
(That last statment is purely my level of skill)
At first I hadn't a clue what to do, but as I picked up the needles and wool something happened. I rode that bike again...or should I say I started to knit. 
I managed to remember how to work the rib (knit one, purl one...oh listen to me...like a true pro?) then I had the challenge of changing to knit a line, purl a line!
It just got easier until I looked back to discover a very raggedy piece of work. 
I then remembered that I should have started with a smaller pair of needles for the rib. Whoops too late now. Or should that be the other way around???
But I must remember that this is only to have a play, so Muffy need not worry that she'll be the laughing stock of the park in one of my home knitted jumpers. 
It'll probably go into hiding once again when I've done or possibly keep growing into the longest scarf in living memory, due to me not knowing how to end it!

Just a brief update on the renovation of the windows and doors...we are over half way now and thankfully the sanding down seems to be tailoring off.
But what to do with all the old frames...well chop them up of course! 
Thankfully someone liked doing this job...just call him Mr Chopchop.
As you can see there's lots of safety gear and rules, but I have to say I still can't watch. 
We are aware that all that wood was sitting around the gas tank, but thankfully that's all sorted now. 

And finally I thought you might like to meet the renovation gang...
There's nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee to keep the troops happy...well maybe a piece of home baking too perhaps? 
That reminds me it's nearly time for the next one.
Happy Blue Monday to you all...
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Have fun! 

Happy Blue Monday...and two Birthday's

 So another week begins....and I was up before dawn once again. 
Why? Because my builder is an early bird and likes to start work at this unearthly hour. 
He even brings his own light! 
There's no waiting for daylight with this guy...when a jobs to be done...let's get on with it! It's a good job I'm an early riser anyway. 

For those of you who have requested a peek at the bathroom renovation work I've decided to give in and show you. Initially I wasn't sure I really wanted to reveal all, so I've decided to give you a partial snippet of one of them. We've done two bathrooms back to back...just for the fun of it! 
(Bare with me Sally because there is a small amount of blue in this post...which will grow as each photo appears)
I couldn't resist these little ducks when I saw them. I don't think they'll be a permanent feature, but for now they're fun and suitable for a blue Monday entry. (I hope?)

So now that the bathrooms are near to finished...we are just adding the bling etc we thought let's not stop...let's keep ticking off the long list of the to-do-jobs on our list.
Therefore decking it is...and here's the delivery arriving as if by magic.

The decking will go at the rear of the house 
(for regular visitors to my blog...it will overlook the fields and woods where I'm hoping the sheep will appear soon). 
It's already taking shape as I type sitting here at the kitchen table. 
There's also some compensation for beating the dawn chorus because I got to see Andy Murray playing in the Australian Tennis Open today. 
Unfortunately I can't be in Melbourne but it's the next best thing.

Well done Andy...on to the next round!  

Before I get carried away with lots of natterings, I mustn't forget that today is a very special day because it's my nephew's birthday. Now before you all say 'ahh what a cutie' when you see his photo (and yes he is ;D) I should explain that this photo was taken quite a few years ago. I'll not say how many to save embarrassment.
My brother has taken all the old family slide photographs and converted them to digital. There's good and bad points to doing this because some of those suckers you hoped would never see the light of day, but then what a laugh we had going over them all together at Christmas. 


And to keep the balance here's another photo of his brother from a similar slide. 
He's just celebrated his birthday too. 
January is a busy birthday month in our family! 
'Belated Birthday wishes M'

I've got so much to catch up on your blogs and I apologies profusely if I haven't left a comment. I sometimes nip in to take a peek...because basically I'm nosy and I don't want to miss anything. I'll try to let you know that I've been next time, but please forgive me I'm trying (yes I know...very trying hehe) to get some sort of order and routine into my week. It's an ongoing project at the moment but I'm hoping things will settle by Christmas!!!

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Have a wonderful week everyone...and I'll hopefully see you soon 

Happy Blue Monday...snow is on the way!

So what time do you call this, do I hear you say....? 
Well, we've been so busy preparing for the arctic blast that is going to have us snow bound from Thursday onwards, according to the weather experts! 
I'm not sure I like to know in advance of what's to come, especially when it shows most of the UK in a blue colour!
Not a beautiful tropical azure blue...more a freezing frosticle blue.
I suppose it's only to be expected as we are now officially in our winter months.
So it's time to get busy and prepared! 

Here's my son helping to get yet more wood stored into the woodshed before the snow arrives. Last time it took US seven hours to move the pile of 'lady logs' into the woodshed. If you'd like to check it out and the fantastic game of Jenga we played...then click here
This time I decided that it would be a good tactic not to order delicate beautifully sized lady logs...more huge dude dobbers! 
That way I wouldn't be able to lift them and therefore not have to stack 
(hehe...or should that be more of a MMMmmmmmhhhhhaaaaaa?)

I'd like to just let you know that he wasn't wearing his hoodie until I produced the camera. He knows I don't like him wearing it, so it could have been a little silent protest or more just to wind me up! 
He also had his music blasting out...(possibly scaring all living things within a 50 mile radius) Well like me he can't do much without music but it wasn't of my choice. 
Thankfully he'd make a quick dash to the ipod to change the track when an inappropriate track or lyrics resonated out of the woodshed! 

My son's had a busy day today really, because he's now having to write a report and earlier he took McMuffy for her walk. He'll sleep well tonight! 
(not that he doesn't usually
As you can see McMuffy is wearing her blue tartan coat.

I've got so much to catch up on your blogs and I apologies profusely if I haven't left a comment. I sometimes nip in to take a peek...because basically I'm nosy and I don't want to miss anything. I'll try to let you know that I've been next time, but please forgive me just for these few crazy weeks! 

Why not nip over to Sally over at Smiling Sally's blog to see more Happy Blue Monday entrants...you'll have a great time hoping all over the globe and you never know what will appear! 

Have a wonderful week everyone...and I'll hopefully see you soon 
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