Sew Happy

I haven't picked up a needle or even sewn a button on anything for years, so I had an additional struggle trying to relate to the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
The assignment was to draw/paint a sewing equipment design for a tray.
For inspiration, I thought I'd take a peak into my old sewing box, which was like opening a treasure chest. 
Since then I've been sketching ever since.
These assignments have certainly taken me on a journey of discovery in more ways than one!
Thanks Lilla Rogers

Sewing Tray MATS.psd 72dpi.jpg

I even had a play in Photoshop (although the word play maybe stretching things a little) but I've still got so much to learn.
I'm entering this sewing tray for the Make Art That Sells April assignment.

The sun is shining here, so I'm off out to play! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Botanical Patterns

I've been in the classroom all day...well not exactly in an actual classroom, but painting at my kitchen table. 
I've recently enrolled on an online course called #FolioFocus 
This is week one and the assignment is to create a botanical pattern.
How could I refuse?
I'd love to hear if you have enrolled into this course or have completed previous folio focus classes.
The lessons are to help build a stronger portfolio and everyone is sharing their work, questions, advice and generally being super friendly...which is such a fantastic help.
I've learnt so much already and this is only the beginning of the course.
I just hope I can keep to reschedule and produce some great artwork.


So using my new gouache paints, I jumped right in.
To say I've learnt so much today that my head hurts is an understatement.

FolioFocus finished.jpg

I decided to embrace autumn... as it's definitely arrived. 
I wanted to hang on to summer, but alas I failed. 
I hope you like this painting and I'd love to hear what you please feel free to leave a comment. I'm actually quite pleased...which is incredible not only that I've managed to actually share a finished piece of work this week, but also that I like it!  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for your visit today.
It's always great to see you.