RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

A few weeks ago I had a little trip to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park in Cheshire.
I've been visiting quite a few of the big Garden Shows since I returned to the UK.
If you've been following my blog then you might remember my trip to Chelsea Flower Show 
(click here if you missed it or would like to revisit Chelsea)
Unfortunately,the weather didn't really treat us kindly but it wasn't so bad that it stopped us from wandering around and enjoying all of the exhibits. 
I've visited Tatton Park a few years ago, but I didn't remember it being so big or having so much to see and do back then. It might have expanded over the years with growing popularity, or maybe we just missed some that year, but this year I was really pleasantly surprised. 
In order to save you time looking over masses of my photographs
 (especially if you are taking a peek over a coffee/tea break) 
I've collated some of them into collages to just give you a flavour. 
There's no way that I can do justice to the horticulturist heaven of a garden show, with it's masses of incredible variety of plants, enthusiastic experts on hand to give helpful advice and guidance if needed, and products to be seen and obviously bought whilst visiting the show plus what's available to eat and drink. 
I mean how can you convey the sheer volume of perfume that wafts and gently envelopes you 
as you enter the Floral Marquee. 
It just can't be done.
It's a busy day culminating in using all of your senses to the maximum and you certainly know you've had a good workout by the time you stagger through the exit heavily laden with all of your beautiful new treasures.
 Thankfully they provide a free courtesy car service to carry you and your wares back to your car. 
It's a brilliant service for numerous reasons... one if your like me and finding your car a huge challenge especially when you've just left it in a field... or in a deer park in this case. They also help load your car boot for you (which at this stage of the day could be your undoing) plus saving you traipsing through the deer park with your wheelie trolley dodging lots of presents left by the deer along the way!

For anyone who would like a 'she shed' or thinks they need to give their shed a lick of paint then this next collage is for you.
How fantastic are these little beauties?
It's a pity that the sun wasn't shining at this point (it was drizzling slightly) because the photo's don't do justice to all the work and effort in their designs. 
They were amazing.

One of the things that we've been mulling over is whether to become bee keepers. 
We have a fantastic area that is far enough away from the house but near the floral part of the garden plus lots (I mean LOTS) of wild flowers and grasses around our property before the farmland begins.
I think it would be a great hobby for my hubby as he loves honey.
In fact, we all do and I have to buy so much weekly that to produce our own would not only be interesting and possibly be a great new challenge, but it would also save money. 
And finally because the sun's shining and I want to get outside... 
here's my favourite purchase from that day.
I've wanted a weather vane for years and couldn't resist this beauty.
It was difficult to choose what design initially, but I think the pheasant feels right, especially as I hear and see them daily wandering around the fields nearby.
Oh I know whether the wind is blowing in from the North or from the South but I find the weather vane fascinating. Okay small things eh?
I'm easily pleased... bless.
Thanks to my son for modelling the weather vein so well by the way.

So I think that's about enough for today.
I hope you enjoyed our whistle stop tour of the RHS Tatton Park Gardening Show... 
but if you can manage to visit one show in your local area, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 
It really is good to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer and even better if you can add a little something as a reminder of the day to your own garden space at home. 
Have fun and Happy Monday to you all.

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Tuesday's treasures

If I told you that today I did a little gardening you'd probably think I was a little crazy... 
(maybe just a little more than usual) but I did! 
Even with a snow flurry forecast I still went out into the garden.
I was dressed up like a Michelin man with so many layers on that I could hardly move... but I went out.
(For those of you that are of a certain young age, you'll probably not know about the Michelin man or what on earth I'm on about, but suffice to say I was well wrapped up).  
But it was all worthwhile... because look what I found...
A brave rose blooming in January!
There were a few more brave blooms which made me smile.
The photo below shows one of the two flower pots that are on my doorstep. 
It's also full of bulbs in layers that will appear from spring through to summer which I also can't wait to see. 
Talking of which...(bulbs I mean) I've finally put the last few into the ground... 
These particular one's are tulips as shown on the packet.
Thankfully the ground wasn't too frozen for me.
It's wonderful to see new growth with the promise that spring will be coming soon (she says hopefully)
even though we'll probably have a few more snow flurries and gales before we're done.
Here's some daffodils putting on a brave face... 
Buds and shoots sprouting everywhere...
Even plants that have only been in the garden from last summer seem to approve of their new home and are coming along nicely.
I've a dilemma though... I've been thinking it over for some time now...
Do I leave the ivy growing over the wall which has become so thick there's a possibility of it could pull some of the wall down? 
It definitely needs sorting in some way, but I think it's sanctuary for lots of birds. 
I'm thinking that I will cut it back now, but they need shelter from the winter weather... but before long they'll be nesting in it too...hmm what to do?
I also found something else which I didn't expect to find... this huge nail...
Looking at the photo below it doesn't really show how big it actually is. 
It's over six inches long! 
Thinking about it now I should have perhaps held the nail, so that it would give a better indication of it's size. 
I think it must have come from one of the old cow barns that are in and along side our garden.
And who do you think lives here?
And finally three of my favourite daily visitors.
They appear each morning and land on the roof waiting for me to feed them. 
I've actually had them feed out of my hand, but it's difficult taking a selfie (in focus) whilst feeding them.
If I manage it one day I'll be sure to post it.
So there we are... that's Tuesday done and dusted.
I hope you're having a great week and possibly find some treasures too.

Gardening forever... housework whenever

This sign was given to me by my sister a few years ago. 
As you can see it's had a life! 
In fact it's a very well travelled sign, having covered three continents. 
It did have a stake, so it could be stuck into a pot, but somewhere along the way it fell off. I've always been fond of it, not only because it was a wee gift from my sister, but the sentiment is spot on as far as I'm concerned. 
I'd much rather be outside (weather permitting) instead of ironing, cleaning bathrooms or moving dust from pillar to post. 
So imagine my delight when I received some lovely happy post this week from Twinkletoes2day with the same saying....
'Gardening forever... Housework whenever'
... AND a  very special Toby Poby drawing!
Now if that doesn't make you smile flying through letterbox I don't know what would? 
Whilst I'm mentioning gardening, I thought it might be an appropriate time to show you a little produce.
(little being the operative word here) 
I've not organised the area where I'll have a beautiful huge greenhouse, raised beds, chooks and bee hives. Ha! All in my head of course or possibly in about Phase 15 of our renovation plans. 
(We're only onto Phase 2... but anyway I digress) 
I did have a little play though and for the first time I have grown courgettes... with some success. 
We had the four shown above and my word I have to say they were delicious. 
There are still some growing, so we might be lucky and have another meal soon. 
I love the beautiful flowers but so far I haven't eaten one. 
But then with success there were a few disappointments... my french beans to name but one. 
I had big plans for them but unfortunately so did the snails!
Don't laugh if I tell you that I harvested two... YES TWO... that's not a typo.
Here they are...
But they are stunning specimens if I say so myself. 
(I can hear you laughing...but there's more)
I cooked these two and cut them in half so that we each could taste them. Again, they were delicious and just reinforced that we will grow them next year, but be ready for the slug invasion.

I think my best results though, came from two old compost bags... I planted tatties (potatoes) in them and was rewarded with 2 kilos!
I'm about to plant more so we can have our own for that special day in December.
I'll leave you with a few pics of a beautiful visitor to our plot...

Remember 'if a garden is finished... then it's dead'
Thanks for visiting.
I hope to see you again soon!