Challenges on many levels...

Well, I could tell you about the crazy week that's just past, but I'll spare you. 
Suffice to say there's been two medical appointments, a car dying whilst fully loaded up with everything but the kitchen sink, plus a dog thinking a trip to the park was imminent and my son having to go to court! 
Hang on, let me rephrase that my son had jury duty! (Phew) that's better.

Anyway, I'm still trying to keep up with the Inktober challenge, so here's some more of the ink sketches I've managed to finish.
The orchid was a request from my sister. 
It's her orchid so how could I refuse? 
She's my big sister after all and I've always done as I'm told! (hehe)
There's also her gargoyle... 
I sketched him on Monday which seemed appropriate for the kind of day I'd had.
That was the day that the car died... well it's reborn now actually, after the trauma.

It seems a new battery was all that was needed. 
Hmm... I wish we could just get a new battery when needed.

It has been a fantastic Autumn here which is great after an atrocious summer. 
I've really been enjoying it which is just as well because I've heard that 'they' say we're in for a severe white winter. I don't hold much by this because the same 'they' said we were going to have a fantastic summer!
I'll wait to see... but I have fully stocked the freezer, bought matches, torches and we've got enough wood to last for a good few winters.... so bring it on!
Meanwhile, the garden is still blooming and the autumn colours are catching my breath at times with their amazing palette.
Here's a little visitor to a thistle...
Even with beautiful sunshine throughout the day, we are enjoying lighting the wood burner in the evening.
I've been watching the geese fly over daily, but I've been mystified by why some are flying south (well I know why that is and I'd do the same if I was a goose) but why they also fly north!  
I had to google this and it appears they are flying to their feeding grounds by day and then they return to their roost for the evening.
Mystery solved.
And just before I leave you for this week... in case you were wondering (oh how I flatter myself) about that Kio Carp painting that I started a few weeks back... well here's a little snippet.
I'm really not sure when I'll be able to finish it, but I'll keep it close to hand. 
It still needs so much work on it.
At least it's good to end with some colour.
Have fun and enjoy your creativity everyone... in whatever form it takes.
Paint Party Friday

As always I try to visit everyone at the Paint Party, but so far I haven't been successful. 
If I've missed you then I apologise... I'll try harder this week.
I'm hopeful that one of these weeks I'll actually manage to see everyone. 
Meanwhile thanks for stopping by my place 

My Week On A Page #2 (unfinished) PPF

After having so much fun last week, creating a painting which illustrated my week on a page
I decided to give it another go this week.
I found that it has really helped with my decision making... what to include in the painting, colour combinations, and composition, so thank you Tracey Fletcher King who passed on her inspiration for this project. 
Unfortunately, my week might actually stretch over a few weeks at the rate I'm going, before I manage to finish it. But then it's not all my fault, as I had guests staying over last weekend and then I'm heading off myself tomorrow. 
I've had to cram a whole week into four days! (What a woman!!!)
So let me show you what I've done so far... here's my preliminary sketches.

There are tales to tell as to why I've picked what I have to be included in my week, so maybe it's best to start at the beginning of the week. Once my house guests had left... it was beds stripped and into the washer before they were half way down the lane... along with the toweling robes and bath towels.
To say I go through gallons for fabric conditioner is an understatement, but when my hubby came home with this latest bottle I just burst out laughing. 
It's called Doussy!
Now I'm not sure how the manufacturers or you might pronounce it, but my hubby actually calls doggy doodoo's or poop, a doozy (see how polite I'm being) 
So to think I'm going to be washing my clothes in dog doings just tickled me.
He wondered why I went into a fit of giggles when I saw the label.
(It doesn't take much to amuse me)
But then on Tuesday Muffy did have a 'doussy' day because something must have visited our garden overnight and left it's calling card.
To say that this beastie had a problem might be an understatement... and have you guessed yet? 
Yep Muffy rolled in it. 
Well not exactly rolled... more camouflaged herself in it.  
She had to be bathed twice outside in the open air (which didn't amuse her with a chilly breeze blowing at all) but there was no way that pong was coming into my house!
She even had to be squirted with her doggy perfume once dry just to make sure.
And that's why the doggy brush is included in this weeks page ^..^

Along with the fabric conditioner... hubby decided to buy kitchen utensils.
Now at one stage I could say he doesn't even cook... at all... but lately he's been having a dabble.
With success I might add (well he might read this and you have to give positive reinforcements wherever possible) but I've never EVER seen him whisk anything over the 37 years we've been married. I suppose it's a case of never say never eh?
Anyway, it's a beautiful colour so it was added to the page too.

There always has to be plants involved in my week and I'm thrilled that my Eryngium are doing so well. I love to include them in my flower arrangements around the house. 
Like a mini Scottish thistle
The honeysuckle is flowering too and it's perfume wafts on the breeze.
I thought it would be good to include it as a link to help bring the composition together.
Lastly, there's the bird feeder (one of 10 I might add, that I have dotted around the house...not all the same design but feeders all the same) 
I think this might be a little more difficult to paint than I initially thought. 
Why is there always something to catch you out?
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the photo I took of the desk and window yesterday, which included my enthusiastic peeping pigeon... well dove really. He/She was perched very precariously on the ledge leaning in watching me paint.
We now have seven white doves come to call daily.
(it sounds like a song doesn't it... seven doves a-calling)
I'm now called 'Momma Dove' by the way, because I nip out early most mornings to feed the birds in my dressing gown. It's a white, hooded, ankle length robe and I'm sure the doves think that I'm one of them!
So I must fly away and leave you now... my weekend starts today and I haven't even packed yet. 
But why don't to nip across to the Paint Party Friday with Eva and Kristin... they'd all love to see you.
Click here to be transported.

Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Fantastic Friday... PPF Twinings

 To say I'm thrilled this morning is an understatement for a number of reasons. 
Yes, the sun is shining, it's Friday and I've started a sketch, but that's not why I'm ecstatic.
Firstly, a trivial thing but that depends on what your priorities are. 
What woman carrys a bag just for her hubby keys, wallet, phone etc?
Yes, I thought it wasn't just me.
There have been times when I haven't even needed a bag, but had to take one in order to carry hubby's stuff. 
But now here's the revelation... my son has just left the house using his own bag.
After numerous sniggering remarks from Dad (as they do) my son announced it's actually called a flight bag. 
It's just big enough for a guys essentials. 
(by the way my son is a butch, a man's man so don't get any different ideas here... young cool dudes are using these... really)
It's not feminine in any way... in fact it looks really cool, but maybe that's because my son's wearing it and not my hubby. It's okay hubby doesn't read my blog... or so he says.
Heaven help me if my hubby actually decides to use one.  
I'll probably die laughing or from embarrassment!
I'm willing to carry on taking a bag just to carry for him if that was to save the embarrassment!
(I haven't taken a photo because I know my son would object profusely)

Anyway, on to the real exciting bit...
I'm joining another art class but this one I can do in my Pj's!!!
How cool is that?
I'm joining Tracey Fletcher King's class which is starting in June.
I've been a fan of Tracey and her art since I first met her a few years ago. 
I think the best thing for you to do if you'd like to know more and have a giggle (she writes hilarious blog post by the way) is to visit her blog yourself... click here
There's even a chance to see Tracey in a video clip plus watching her work.
I've never seen carrots looking so brilliant (hehe)
So, in honour of Tracey and her forthcoming class... 
I decided to join in today with a sketch at the Paint Party Friday. 
Like me Tracey is a teapot, so I thought it quite appropriate to draw a box of teabags! 
As you can see from my desk below I'm even having a tasting session as I draw. 
The boss (Muffy) is watching over me just to keep me right until I have Tracey at my side.
(I don't want anyone reporting me to RSPP (for plants) for the terrible state of my orchid. I have three but this one is struggling...well okay it's dead... but I never give in. I still have hopes that I can bring it back to life)
Here's a photo below from a slightly different angle. 
If you look through the window you might be able to see the seven (yes seven) doves that visit me every day. I used to have three and then they increased to five, but seven is getting a little much with the amount of bird seed that I go through. 
(Oh yes and Muffy does need a trip to the groomers... but it's been really chilly here. 
There's been a really cold wind passing through for the last three weeks. 
Hopefully it'll move on soon and we can get our temperatures up in the 20's (Celsius)
Here's my WIP but I hope to splash some paint around this afternoon if all goes to plan and I'm left alone.

It would be great if you could join me in class... I'm so excited.
I may even buy new Pj's!

Here's the link to go Tracey's Delicious Paint
 I've promised Tracey that I'll be on my best behaviour and not be on detention in the first lesson... but who knows? We shall have to see.

There are other classes being taken by talented artists in Community Thrive.
Anyway, I'll never get to that painting session if I don't hurry up and link into 
Paint Party Friday
Have fun everyone... enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you soon.
Hot off the press... after this afternoon's painting session
I can't quite understand how the box shape can look like this as the real painting doesn't have those angles. It must be the angle that I've taken of the piece.
I'll be sure to post the final painting when it's completed.

Serious thoughts... and Flutterby's

I have to confess that this morning I've been having thoughts... serious thoughts about thermals, awakening Aga's, cosy corners tucked up with a good book, and Duvet days. 
(Dunna days... for my Australian friends) 
This has highlighted that I've taken far too long to finish my tribute to my summer drawing...
last summer's tribute.
At this rate, my tribute will be relevant for next summer and not the one that has just left us. 

I managed to sneak a drawing session whilst football was on the TV mid week, but I had to use a desk lamp. I've not used one before as I prefer to use daylight, but needs must and all that... 
but I'm a convert now. 
It's not too good on my eyes, especially with my intricate ink drawings, but at least I can get an hour or two extra drawing time in before the blurriness begins.

So here's the latest update on the butterfly. 
I know I'm sorry... I thought I'd have the finished drawing to show you today but there you go...
I apologise for the bad photograph, but it's the best I could do in the light that's available this morning.
I even used a lamp too.
The winds blowing a hoolie outside, so with the fire roaring I think I'll head back to summer and finish off the butterfly this morning.
Because it's Friday, I'm linking up with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog... thanks you guys for hosting this great party link.
Hey if you like to party too, why not head over there by clicking here.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also joining Dion Dior for Friday Sketches too. 
Click here
Friday Sketches Button
I know that I've still got lots of peeps to visit this week, but I'll try to pop by soon.
In the meantime... woohoo it's Friday so ENJOY!
Hot off the press...
It's finished... well I think it's finished... but I could always tweak a little!