Our trip to the South Island ~ New Zealand (Part 1)

As I promised I've finally managed to prepare a few photographs to take you on our trip to the South Island of New Zealand. I've decided that it might be better to post this trip in increments, as I did for the North Island. There are quite a lot of photos so be warned. 
I just can't resist snapping away...especially when there's so much to see and appreciate. 
(If you'd like to take a look at the North Island then just click here...there's a few posts to the trip so make sure that you see them all).

So off we go...
This was our first glimpse of the South Island and immediately I was struck by how different it appears to the North Island. The South Island is the larger of the two main islands of New Zealand, but the least densely populated.
If you are reading this post whilst sitting in Scotland you may feel quite at home with some of this landscape.
The South Island also known by the Maoris as Te Wai Pounamu or Water of Greenstone, is a place of spectacular scenery as you will see.

At times the spectacular dramatic scenes render you speechless.
Right from our first view of the island I knew we were in for a treat. 
The photo on the left shows Queenstown enveloped by breathtaking mountains and based near the dramatic shores of Lake Wakatipu. Lake Wakatipu was formed about 15,000 years ago by a glacier coming down from the north-west which gouged out the lakebed.

Queenstown was to be our destination and the photo below shows the spectacular view from our apartment. The mountain range in view is called 'The Remarkables' which sort of gives you an indication of just how splendid they are. This photo unfortunately doesn't do them justice but I wanted to show you what I looked out on every day.

  The mountains were named The Remarkables by Alexander Garvie in 1857-58, allegedly because they are one of only two mountain ranges in the world which run directly north to south. An alternate explanation for the name given by locals is that early Queenstown settlers, upon seeing the mountain range during sunset one evening, named them the Remarkables to describe the sight which I can quite understand.
I used that term quite a few times myself!
They are one of the most photographed mountain ranges in the world due to the spectacular jagged shapes and the steep rise above the shores of Lake. (No surprises there once you see them).
The mountain range is also famous for The Remarkables ski field. 

Here is the view of the mountain range from a pathway in front of our apartment. The pathway leads down to Lake Wakatipu and if you follow the trail along the lake it leads into Queenstown.

Every few minutes the view from our window changed and I was seriously near to never leaving the apartment...choosing to stay to watch the ever changing display. 
As you can imagine my camera was extremely busy!

Maori culture is unique to Aotearoa.
Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand - Land of the Long White Cloud

These photos show more of the pathway along Lake Wakatipu.
The lake was such a beautiful turquoise-blue.
It's such a pity you can't breathe in all that fabulous fresh air.

How wonderful to slowly walk along the lake appreciating all the wonderful sights and sounds...filling all the senses to the maximum. I realised how lucky I was and so stopped numerous times to take it all in. 
You can't help but stop!

Every time we took this walk there was always something new to see...

I just loved this little red boat and the name 'Oops' appealed to my sense of humour :D

And so onto Queenstown...
One visit to Queenstown and it's easy to see why the resort town is known as the world's adventure capital. 
There are all year round activities so there's something for everyone in every season.
Whether it is golf to jet boating, skiing to skydiving, revitalising to partying! 
It's all here in Queenstown.

Enveloped by breathtaking mountains and based near the dramatic shores of Lake Wakatipu , Queenstown could quite possibly be the most appealing city in New Zealand...it's certainly picturesque.

Queenstown location is great for a base to then explore Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park. 
In the south is Dunedin with its Scottish heritage, and diverse wildlife. 
To the north are sunny Nelson and Marlborough, famous for their wines and food. 
It's difficult to know where to start first upon your arrival.
So maybe I'll let you settle in before we carry on....

I hope you'll continue our trip and who knows you may see a bungy jump?!?!
Don't forget to have fun this week...catch you later!