Une journée de ski froid au Québec...(A chilly day skiing in Québec)

Did you see the full moon last night? 
It was magnificent, lighting all around with its magical band of silver light making everything twinkle. 
I wanted to go outside to capture the image properly, but thought better of it. 
I knew that if I did I'd become waist deep in snow with my first footfall. 
At 2.30am I didn't think that this would be a good idea...not without a life line attached to my body anyway!

So apologies for the grainy photo but it was just to give you the idea.
Besides there could be wolves in them there woods and my jacket is RED!!!

When a new day dawns there's new challenges...
Hot tub
Still to do I'm afraid, but I'll get there.
I just need to find some time from somewhere!
Besides the guys keep coming to clear the path so I think it's expected!

Today was rather chilly on the slopes. 
-14 degrees with a touch of fog.
Not for the faint hearted that's for sure. 
All this winter activity is serious stuff and needs proper care and attention in the thermal department. 
I now say forget how they look...bring them on...the more the merrier ;D

With that kind of temperature it's not ideal conditions but for a few hours we ignored it.
Besides you can always nip into the bar to help thaw out in-between runs. 

I loved this wreath in keeping with the skiing theme.
It's quite large and hangs on the outside wall of the resort's restaurant.

Pick a pair any pair...and we're off.....
Oh by the way...if anyone has a tip for how to put on ski boots easily, then please let me know.
I'm very near done by the time I've got them on never mind flinging myself down the mountain!
Anyway...up, up and away....

But after a few runs it just became too cold.
It was serious because I lost the feeling in my face and could hardly talk!!! 
I KNOW ~ that serious! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511767.gif

The three photographs below were taken on our homeward journey yesterday, hence no mistiness. 
Just beautiful sunlight signing off for the day.  

 The line of snow on the horizon that you see from my side window, looks like a wall all the way along the road. It's actually been produced by the snow plough. 
I have to say that the Canadian's certainly know a thing or two about snow clearance. 

 Before I head off to snoozeyland I must tell you about a strange square box that is sitting in the corner of the lounge here...someone said it was called a television or TV or something???!?!?
We haven't bothered to find out what it's for...I don't think we will either because we just haven't found the time. I don't think we need it, so it'll just gather dust for now :D

Catch you later peeps...the meantime have fun! Party smile

Christmas Eve....only one sleep to go!

What a morning! Breath-taking...quite literally.
This was the sight that greeted me upon opening my eyes.
The snow on the roof of the conservatory had grown considerably. 
 Another view out of our side bedroom window...really does a winter scene get much better than this?
A beautiful blue sky with crisp white power snow, glistening in the morning sunlight.
 Just take a deep breath....

 Let me show you around...
The sunlight hitting the icicles on the branches made them appear to be wearing twinkling fairy lights. 
Mother Nature was very busy last night.

 I suppose the icicles on the side of the house could be diamante dangly earrings...or is that going a little too far?
If you don't like the cold or would like to see what the house looks like in its summer outfit then click here.

 Oops...I've been so busy I forgot to mention we did have our usual Christmas visitor...the magic elf
 He's been settling in and up to his usual tricks of popping up in the most unusual places. 
I think he's enjoying being in the colder climate after visiting us for so many years to hot countries.
Can you spot him below?

 I know it wasn't difficult was it....
The antique snow shoes by the way, were purchased at Lachute Market which is a short car ride from here. It is an amazing market where you can buy literally anything from a horse to a handbag!

You just never know where he'll pop up next....

We just couldn't believe it when we spotted him up on the moose antlers 
(another purchase a few years back from Lachute Market). 
I mean he is seriously high up on there....so he must have a good head for heights!
It's quite difficult for you to see him but he's perched on the far right. 
I even had difficulties taking the photo...perching myself half way up the stairs to snap this shot! ;D

Here's a shot of the icicles tonight...they're growing by the minute. 
Anyone like ice in their drink? ;D

 I must also show you Mont Saint-Sauveur night-time skiing resort. 
It's the largest in the world apparently.
This is the view as you approach the resort.
I'll take better photos later...it was minus 18C degrees so I didn't hang around for a photo session.

 And here's the proof....

Nothing more for it now than to get cosy and wait for Christmas to arrive....
Look who got in on the act to my right...typical. But then it is his big night after all.

I just want to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas
to you and all of your loved ones. 
I would also like to thank you for visiting me here. 
I've loved having you stop by. Enjoy the festivities with love and lots of laughter.   

Oohhh...I think I hear sleigh bells...

Bonne soirée du Québec

Phewph....after 28 hours of travelling we've arrived in our Winter Wonderland.
Temperature on arrival -7C and dropping to -11 tonight. Brr....
 There's snow on the ground but not too much at the moment, although 'they' are predicting fresh snow falling tomorrow.
As I predicted I'm sitting in front of the fire, glass of red in hand and there's Christmas tunes playing...ahh...perfect!
Yep I know the fireplace needs a little Christmas cheer...
...I plan to add a few touches in the next few days.
https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1509409.gifChat again soon....

Fiddler Lake, Milles Isles, Laurentains Region of Quebec, Canada.....

After my trip to New Zealand, it got me thinking about other potential trips. One of my favourite locations is Fiddler Lake, in the Valley of Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentains Region of Quebec, Canada.
Here are a few photo's from previous trips....

How tranquil does the Lake look? Apparently the shape of the plants gave Fiddler Lake its name. If you look to the right of this photo you can see them.  

You can certainly become one with Nature....

I was surprised to find both my children at different times sitting in a quiet place.
In today's world I think thats special.

There's so many beautiful walks and cycle tracks which can turn to skidoo tracks in the winter months.
So much fun!

Acres of virtually untouched forest...
But if you want an active holiday the choice of activities are endless.....depending on which season you visit. There's a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts, plus in winter obviously the skiing. 
Also in the summer you can visit any of the several championship golf courses within a 15-minute's drive.

Then of course there's all the local residents to meet....
How special....."Hello"
We also had regular visits from hummingbirds (to a feeder my daughter made following a recipe on line for the syrup), cheeky chipmunks and even night-time raids by two raccoons. Priceless.....

This one was a little shy....

This young wolf was having such fun teasing a toad.....don't worry we saw it hop away whilst the wolf remained fixated on the ripples.

It wouldn't be right not to have a photo of a Moose....unfortuately we didn't get the male with his antlers.

Where's Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear?
Canada Geese stopping for some refreshments....

Many of the chalets have a six-person Jacuzzi, private sauna, barbeque and more!

Hot tub and Sauna in Summer........ 
and then in Winter.........when it snows in Canada - it snows!

Thankfully when it snows everything is geared up to be able to cope.....

There are 86 luxury log homes featuring stone fireplaces, large screened porches, cathedral ceilings, heated floors, fully equipped kitchens and high-speed wireless internet.
Saint Sauveur is also the top night skiing destination in Canada, with eight ski centres and 89 of its 145 runs lit. Such fun....

Skidoo tracks, iceskating, snowboarding and of course skiing - even night-time skiing - with the biggest night skiing resort of Saint Sauveur in North America.
Mont-Tremblant is just 55 minutes away which is worth a visit. We went for the day and spent time visiting all the many shops, restaurants and enjoyed a live concert. We also went up the mountain which you can trek to the summit on foot but I have to confess the chair lift was my preferred route. There's also the Luge Run which was great fun. So much so we went on it a few times....

So, no matter what time of year you visit there's always so much to see and do. I haven't visited in the Fall yet but hopefully I'll get a chance to see the spectacular colours. An artists dream.
Plus Christmas is a must....roaring log fires, fresh crisp snow, beautiful scenery with zillions of Christmas Trees.....the perfect location for Santa to visit.
I could spend days preparing this post for you, but then it is the weekend....so here's a link to their website for you to check out if your interested in more details.http://fiddlerlakeresort.com/

But shhhh.....this is just between you and me.....I would really like to keep this place a secret.
Here's some further reviews just to show I'm not the only one to think Fiddler Lake is a special place.