My Sunday Photo... Easter Cup Cakes

 It's a flying visit today because there's chocolates to be had... and celebrating to be done. 
So forgive me for rushing...
I'd just like to wish everyone that celebrates Easter, a happy peaceful holiday weekend.
For those who don't celebrate Easter... well there's always cupcakes!
These little bunny beauties were baked by my big sister, but unfortunately this is as near as I'm going to get to them, as she lives in a different part of the country. 
Now I'm thinking I'll just have to bake some for myself.

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Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a great weekend.
Whatever you have planned... have fun and enjoy!
Now where's that Easter Bunny hidden those chocolates?

The holiday's over....

There's a quiet air about the house this afternoon...Muffin has curled up on a cushion fact snoring like a old trouper if truth be told...not very ladylike at all, but does she care? Nah!
There aren't two pairs of eye's watching my every move...just in case there's a treat on offer.
The toys are all in their basket...looking incredibly tidy after all their drooly exciting daily antics.
So what's behind all of this calmness?
Well...Zac has gone home! ^..^

I think he'll probably appreciate the rest because Mufftypup is a young pest  pup and sometimes she can be a little full on for the 13 year old...although he is extremely sprightly.

Oh we've had a ball and I'm sure he likes me bestest!!! :D
But the holidays over and his Mum came to collect him this morning.

Here are the happy couple having their Easter egg Schmackos hunt.


So where breakfast?....What kind of establishment are you running here?
You just can't get the staff!

Nothing like a quick snooze to recharge the batteries...especially when you have a younger pup to keep up with....

Does this pooch look like he's missing his owners?
Hehe...okay so he may well be dreaming of them, but don't disillusion me.
Muffy and Zac have a very special fact they are like an old married couple....they know each other so well. They have their fun times. Muffy usually gives him a swipe with her paw to instigate playtime, which he usually indulges in but then sometimes (not often I have to admit) Zac will decide she's been nagging him long enough and he'll just put her in her place!

Here they are sharing Muffy's that's friendship!

I've just taken this photo....
Oh I know and she knows that she shouldn't be on my desk...
...I'm supposed to be working but I just thought she might be feeling a little lost!
But then she's going to Zac's soon because don't forget we're off on a little jolly!

Which reminds me...I must pack!!! EEK!
Have a thrilling Thursday, a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.
Hope to see you again soon ...thanks for stopping by even if you haven't left a comment...
I know you are out there Emoji 
Have fun and keep smiling!