Who ate all the chocolate?

After consuming this huge bar of chocolate, (virtually unaided) I have to confess that I realise that I may have a problem! But I suspect that I'm not the only one who loves chocolate. 
At least I was able to use the wrapper to paint this watercolour.

Cabury Chocolate.jpg

I've completed all my current online courses with @Makeartthatsells, so I'm thinking I will draw breath now and perhaps revisit some of the assignments. 
I also have a few projects that I want to complete before I enrol for more classes.
The classes and @LillaRogers have certainly ignited my passion for painting.
I can't recommend the classes enough!
I've never drawn/painted so much and I'm loving every minute.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for visiting.

Sunday Sketches... Brown Bear

I had another play today and decided that I'd do a little more drawing. 
Due to the cold weather my son suggested that I should draw a polar bear. 
Now I know it's gone chilly, but it's really not that chilly... yet!

I thought that a polar bear would make me feel even colder, so I decided to draw a brown bear instead... using the watercolour pencils once again.
I started with under painting, so that I could add multi-layers of colour for his fur. 
This particular journal isn't the best, but it's handy for playing.
I can try different things without becoming too precious about wasting good quality paper.
I'm using the kitchen table... as I'm still embracing the 'hygge' way of life. 
(If you'd like to know more about hygge then click here to see my previous post)
I'm sitting between the wood burner and the Aga.
I'm like a cat and always seek out the warmest place in the house on days like these.
We are coming to the end of Sunday Sketches from England, so please nip across and visit Alexandra's blog
There's always lots to see.
If you click on my design below it will automatically transport you over to her place... but before you do that... don't forget to let me know that you've been here by leaving me a quick comment.
Sunday Sketches
Oh yes and one more thing... don't forget that the Not On The High Street TV advertisement that will feature my daughter's grumpy owl Christmas cards airs tonight, here in the UK. 
It will appear during the Tutankhamen programme, but keep your eyes peeled as they say, because you'll have to be quick to spot him!

Have fun and enjoy your Sunday everyone and I wish you a wonderful week ahead.
Thanks for stopping by and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon.


Paint Party Friday

I can't believe that it's a whole week since I mentioned the floods here in Aberdeenshire and believe it or not, last night was the worst night of flooding since the rain started over a week ago.
The National Media have now suddenly become aware of the severity of the flooding and thanks to the fantastic voluntary Fubar News team on Facebook, who are providing the masses of video footage for them, everyone now has become aware of what people are dealing with here.
It's wonderful to see and hear about the local community pulling together (other than a few morons that have taken the opportunistic view that an unattended, flooded house is far game for looting) along with the amazing emergency services, local businesses and volunteers that are all doing incredible work to try to minimize what is an horrific situation for so many. 
These floods are the worst on record... EVER!
We are counting our blessings here in this house for sitting high on a hill.

I'm feel slightly frivolous linking up with my little piece of artwork today, when so much is happening but it is Friday and I haven't posted all week... so here it is...
my latest drawing.
Can you tell what it is...?
I decided that after drawing the wolf (click here if you'd like to see him) 
(Wow... I've just seen that I drew him way back in November)
Oh my, how time flies when you're enjoying yourself.
There's lots I would change on this drawing, but I thought I'd show you because I think it's important to show when things go well and when they don't. 
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
After all it's the journey when creating art isn't it?
That's one of the fascinating things about creating art... you just never know!
I read that there are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild.
It's unthinkable that we might lose these magnificent animals in my lifetime!
That would be so tragic.

Unfortunately, the photographs were taken on different days and as you can see there hasn't been a great deal of light. 
But I can assure you the final drawing is on white paper! 
I forgot to mention that we had snow last night and now it's turned to ice.
Just another spanner in the works... It just keeps giving!
So when Mufftypup finally went out for her walk after days of being house-bound due to the wind and rain she wore her  'Adidog' coat (as in Adidas with a difference).
She was very cozy and she was really up for a good workout.
She decided she wanted to head into the woods for lots of mooching and adventures. 
Here's the before photo... 
And here's the after shot...
She's showing her sad face because she knows she's heading into a bath!
But after she had a good warm sitting on the Aga, then the hairdryer and finally into her bed by the wood burner for her afternoon snoozelet.
Is it any wonder I don't get enough hours in my day?

I'm off to check out all the artist linking up to Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday
Paint Party Friday
Have a great Friday and I hope you have a wonderful enjoyable weekend!
Thanks for stopping by my place and I hope you'll come back again soon

The wolf is still at the door...(PPF Week 36)

Hello everyone... 
I'm happy to report we survived Abigail.
(the storm which was supposed to visit us yesterday... she actually stood us up in the end). 
She never arrived.
If she did visit you then I hope you are okay and have no storm damage. 

Well it's Friday and so let's kick off the weekend with a party... Paint Party Friday
Here's what I'm taking to the party.
My wolf ink drawing.
It's going to take quite some time to finish him, but it's all about the journey... right?
I'm contemplating giving him blue eyes... what do you think?
I find drawing these ink designs very relaxing.
It's easy to just nip in for a few minutes here and there (unless I can squeeze an hour or so) and leaving everything out on the table in between sessions is an added bonus.
It is only one ink pen and paper after all!
Click on the icon below if you'd like to join the party.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also joining Alexandra over at Sunday Sketches.

I know my previous title from Wednesday's blog post caused quite a stir... thinking that a wolf might have been a threat to McMuffy. I'm happy to report she's fine and we don't actually have real wolves here in Aberdeenshire... well none that I know of.
Talking of Muffy... she's at the vets this morning having her teeth cleaned. 
I'm a little nervous it has to be said and I can't wait to go to collect her.
Here's a photo I took of her this morning.
It was the moment that she realised she wasn't going to the park... but to the vet's instead (again!)
She's fighting fit and got a clean bill of health earlier in the week, but she needs her teeth cleaned.
Not bad for an auld girl eh?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
I hope if you have surprises... then they are all good ones.
As always I'd like to thank you for visiting my place.