Work in Progress (Part 5) Nearly completed

Phewph, can you believe it? I can't.....I've nearly completed the renovation of the pine drawers.

I know its been quite a task, but I finished the final coat of satin varnish yesterday.
All that's left is to buy some drawer liners and return them into my guest bedroom.

It's certainly been a bigger commitment than I thought it was going to be but I think it was worth it.

I'll post the last photo when they're in situ and suitably dressed!

Work in Progress (4)

I thought I'd just let you know the latest....after finally finishing painting the 10 drawers yesterday, my son walked past and took a sharp intake of breath whilst shaking his head. Then he proceeded to give me the good news...."they're going to need another coat". Just what I wanted to hear, although I knew he was right. Then they'll need the final varnish on to protect them. This could take me well into the new year at this rate. It feels a little like I imagine the Sydney Harbour Bridge....once you get to the end its time to start all over again!

{Photograph from Google Image}

As you can see Muffin wasn't impressed either.
Watching paint dry isn't one of her favourite past times

Work in Progress (3)

Yes, finally I've got back to the drawers. I know you've probably forgotten all about them by now, but I've been bumping into them on occasions which have reminded me that they were supposed to be a work in progress. Doesn't that mean there should have been some progress?

Now we've ventured into November, its suddenly dawned on me that my guests will be arriving in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve...eek! That's just weeks away and not months anymore. I don't particularly want the guest room to reek of paint and turps.
My guests will have trouble with their jet lag never mind the fumes knocking them out.

Armed with all the tools and a perfect day plus a cuppa to get the job off to a good I went. It was great to be outdoors not only for the fantastic temperature but also the fumes.

Well that was until I noticed someone else was very interested in my work....a little too interested! Pest...

Seven out of ten drawers well under way...phewph...I never realised this was going to be such a big job. It seemed an easy little task when I did the small bedside cabinet.

Argh.....another can't move for them. But rest assured I did make sure they were able to fly off, without leaving footprints.

Back to it then.....I'll keep you posted.

Work in Progress (2)

Just a quick post today to give an update on the DIY pine drawers make-over.
I know you thought I'd forgotten them, but its typically turned into a bigger job than I anticipated.
Story of my life really.....

This time I worked out on the decking and not in the garage. And here's a little secret - I rubbed them down with my bikini on! Shocking I know but hey...after last time I was covered from head to foot in fine dust. This way it was easier, I just headed straight for the shower.

Is it me or do these drawers look happy to be getting a make-over?

I thought I was nearly done but I when went to check how many drawers there were left to do I thought there would be two but there's six!

Pressure is on to complete the project because my guests will be arriving on Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve and I don't really want the guest bedroom smelling of paint.

I'll be back as the saying goes.....