Blue Monday...Knitting?

I've had a notion since winter started that I'd sit by the fire knitting at some stage. 
Don't ask me where this notion came just seemed to conjure up a cosy picture. I knew that I had some knitting needles somewhere but hadn't a clue where they might be. 
Over the weekend they appeared. 
Typical as spring is about to burst forth, I finally get my act about Tail-end Charlie. 
I knew it had been some years since I last knitted and I've just realised how long it's been.
The wool is from when my son was born...or I should say before he was born.
The baby blue gave it away and that was probably the last time I picked up a knitting needle...over 21 years ago! 
I was never a proficient knitter it has to be said, but I do like the process. 
You can sit comfortably, cosy, with mind and hands just doing their thing whilst even watching the TV if you don't mind the odd slipped stitch!
(That last statment is purely my level of skill)
At first I hadn't a clue what to do, but as I picked up the needles and wool something happened. I rode that bike again...or should I say I started to knit. 
I managed to remember how to work the rib (knit one, purl one...oh listen to a true pro?) then I had the challenge of changing to knit a line, purl a line!
It just got easier until I looked back to discover a very raggedy piece of work. 
I then remembered that I should have started with a smaller pair of needles for the rib. Whoops too late now. Or should that be the other way around???
But I must remember that this is only to have a play, so Muffy need not worry that she'll be the laughing stock of the park in one of my home knitted jumpers. 
It'll probably go into hiding once again when I've done or possibly keep growing into the longest scarf in living memory, due to me not knowing how to end it!

Just a brief update on the renovation of the windows and doors...we are over half way now and thankfully the sanding down seems to be tailoring off.
But what to do with all the old frames...well chop them up of course! 
Thankfully someone liked doing this job...just call him Mr Chopchop.
As you can see there's lots of safety gear and rules, but I have to say I still can't watch. 
We are aware that all that wood was sitting around the gas tank, but thankfully that's all sorted now. 

And finally I thought you might like to meet the renovation gang...
There's nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee to keep the troops happy...well maybe a piece of home baking too perhaps? 
That reminds me it's nearly time for the next one.
Happy Blue Monday to you all...
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Have fun! 

A Giveaway...Plus What's on Your Work Desk? WOYWW

It's Wednesday and I've finally managed to catch up with the WOYWW gang! I've been missing for a few weeks, but I'm back and to make up for my absense I'm including a link to my 'giveaway'...but you'll have to be quick to enter because the giveaway ends tomorrow. 
Click here for the details. 
It's very simple to enter...all you have to do is leave a comment on the post and Mufftypup might draw your name as the winner. She's raring to go for the draw because she knows that they'll be lots of chicken available if she does a good job ^..^
Check out the last giveaway draw.
Yes I know I haven't given you much time to enter and I should have told you earlier ~ sorry!
So let me explain for all of my new followers that WOYWW stands for What's on Your Workdesk and is the brainchild of Julia over at Stamping Ground
Nip across and check out all the various artist and crafters desks across the globe. They're a great bunch and very friendly...they'd love to meet you I'm sure.
Now I'm thinking that this could be a monumental week because not only am I involved with the WOYWW  creative, crafty gang, but I've been partying with the lovely Vicki at 2 Bags Full who has organised a mammoth Party Blog Hop! So if the two come together here...WOW that would be amazing!

Well without further delay (because WOYWW is supposed to be a brief post ~ which as you know I have great difficulty keeping's just not in my makeup apparently...see here I am waffling about keeping brief! (sigh)
So what's on my desk this beautiful sunny day? Well there's lots of wonderful light for a start! 
Apologies if the sun has left your part of the world, but I'll let you have a quick warm from mine ;D

 There are a few new things and one little package that I picked up yesterday from the art suppliers. Well I just happened to be passing but then how can you pass? If you know how then tell me...but on the other hand...never mind I don't think I want to know! Its harmless enough isn't it?

One of the reasons why I didn't make last Wednesday was because I'd made a card that had to reach the UK and I wasn't sure if it would spoil the surprise if I posted it before it arrived.
Now if I tell you my nephew has crabs I don't want any sniggers please! That includes you at the back there!
He has a beautiful tank and keeps sending me little video clips of all the latest inhabitants. 

So instead of sending the usual birthday card featuring golfers, beer or wine, or boat...not that there's anything wrong with those designs...but I wanted something different so I decided I'd draw something that was relevant to him....hence 'Hermit the Crab'.
Apologies for the quality of the photograph, but I quickly had to snap it and rush off to the post box in order for it to arrive in time for the birthday. 
Now let me explain...(or give my excuse)...this is only the second time that I've tried to draw with the ink nib pen set that my daughter bought as part of my Christmas present and I realised very early on that I need to spend time practicing. Especially with regard to the lettering!
So there you have it my entry for WOYWW but I'm also thinking laterally and joining in with Jenn's Artist Playroom which this week has 'Mail Art' as its theme.  Jenn will be pleased I'm sure because she's always encouraging us to think laterally! I'm a happy bunny because I've been missing from the APR too but today I've managed to tick quite a few boxes with double entries! 

My card has travelled half way around the world to keep me in touch with my nephew and I think that's special. I 'm thinking that post landing in the post box will delight him as much as it delights me. I don't think you can beat snail mail and since blogging I've had such wonderful post from very generous new friends from all over the world. I'm hoping my bright envelope with all the Australian stamps will brighten his day :D
So don't forget to enter for my giveaway if you're interested, or if you have the time check out the other links...there are lots for you this week.
Have a wonderful week everyone ~ whatever you have planned. 
Enjoy and keep smiling

What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW #168

It's WOYWW time again..can you believe it?
Basically on a Wednesday it's time to open your door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...
well on your workdesk that is! 
Visitors can come from all over the be prepared....and get that kettle on!
Now let me show you what's happening on my desk (dining table again) this week....
Yep it's ME....and Mufftypup! 
 Now you can see what I'm up against when I'm trying to be creative. 
Someone else wants to get involved....but then it all gets too much....

 My son snapped this photo whilst we were busy. Or should I say I was busy!
I wasn't sure whether to post it initially...but then I thought why not?
It made me laugh because I didn't realise that she was resting her chin on the table. 
She's obviously not impressed with my work.

 As you can see she's modelling her 'Dennis the Menace' jumper and I'm in my quilted we're still a little chilly here, although today it's looking really springlike...yay! Spring begins offically in 10 days time. At this rate I hope I may well be able to transfer back into the studio soon.
I'm in the middle of a few new designs and thankfully Mr Tommy Frog came back from the printers to join the rest of the gang ...
Here he is...

  (He is now available on in my Etsy shop....see sidebar for details)

So if you want to see some more artists and crafters desks with work in progress...then why not pop over to our WOYWW host Julia's blog at Stamping Ground to check out what everyone's up to...there's always something to capture your interest or inspire you. I'm sure you'll have a good time and they're a friendly bunch...
I'm also entering this drawing into Artists in Blogland which is a blog that I've just found.

I'd also just like to thank everyone who popped by my place last week and  left such lovely comments. I really appreciate you taking the time, but if I didn't make it to your desk I apologise...I did try but it's been a crazy week...again...sigh!

So I'll try again  ~ promise :D
Have fun and enjoy your day!

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 166 (WOYWW)'s Wednesday yet again!!! 
Can I just ask a question?....who took July?!?!?!
If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth  I'm talking about....then take a look at Julia's blog at Stamping Ground
Basically on a Wednesday it's time to open you're door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...well on you workdesk that is! Visitors can come from all over the world and the group is growing....
 There are so many talented artists and crafters out there...there's always something to capture your interest or inspire you.
So let me show you what's happening on my desk this week....
 Once again my poor dining room table is my workdesk but at least it's getting lots of attention.

 I'm so glad that I snapped this shot yesterday afternoon after I'd been pretending it was summer. I'd been outside gardening...yep it's calls finally got through to me and I spent a few wonderful hours pottering...well bent double weeding actually! :$
When I entered the dining room the late afternoon sun was streaming in through the window, so I thought I'd photograph it there and then.
I'm so glad I did because my summer pretence has been shattered this morning...the wind is blowing a hoolie, the windows are rattling and there's a very wintery sky out there. Rain is undoubtedly on it's way....but if that's the case....that could mean a day to spend drawing! whoohoo :D

So as you can probably see Mr Kookaburra is finally finished! Yay....and I love him!

 There's also my book that I supposedly have to finish reading...the book club meeting is tonight!
Also the keen snoopers out there will notice a coloured piece of artwork...I know that's unusual for me but I'm pushing myself and it's exciting. It's a frog and I hope to post it to the Artist Playroom later this week.
I'm still playing at the moment.
And so in order to keep this brief I think I'll end there...
I'd just like to thank everyone who visited my place during last week...I really love to chat with you even if it is only briefly, even better if you've decided to follow me. Just so that you know...I do a little dance here whenever I see a new keep me dancing  :D
If I didn't visit your desk I's not that I don't want's just I need to sleep sometime, but I will try again this week :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!