My Sunday Photo... Neesie Nattering in the hot tub

 I love this photo of my daughter and I having a good natter whilst sipping champers in the hot tub. We're amongst some of the best winter scenery I've ever seen. 
A winter wonderland
It's been quite a week...
 I've had to add yet another year onto my milometer, even though I'd like to fix it so that the numbers go in reverse.  Unfortately that's a skill that I've yet to master. 
I'm sure that if I do actually manage it one day, then I'll be very popular and my skills will be in demand. 
But for now, I'll have to be content with a new skill that I've perfected in recent weeks... and that is the art of getting dressed and undressed in multi-layers all at once in one swift movement! 
Since we've been experiencing winter temperatures of - 4 and 5 degrees Celcius 
(ha... I hear you laugh in Canada)
I need thermals and lots of layers... multi-layers in fact... so to save time and to keep my exposure to the chilly air to the minimum, I now can put all the layers on at once!
I know... I'm quite proud of myself.
It's like being able to take off your bra without taking your top off first.
You know what I mean ladies, but I know any guy reading this will be totally mystified... but then that's females for you.
(Don't try to understand us... trust me you'll never do it!)
I have to admit that this all sounds a little drastic but for someone who doesn't like to be in temperatures below 16 degress... it's a must! 
Which reminds me of someone else that isn't a great fan of the cold weather...

 I've been taking lots of photos of all the wintery scenes (nothing new there) and posting them on instagram.
You'll be able to see some of them on my sidebar on the right of this post.

By the way the news on my laptop isn't good.
Well I suppose it would help if I actually took it into the repair shop for starters! (Gasp)
See I told you it's been one hellova week.

I'm off to snoozeyland now because tomorrow I need my wits about me as I'm taking part in the British Garden Bird Count. If last years count is anything to go by then I'll be in for a stressed and hectic time trying to count all of my visitors to the bird feeders! 
I'll let you know how I get on and I've already started to take the most regular visitors photographs to complete a visual collage. 
Wish me luck

Have a great Sunday
If you'd like to see some more Sunday Photos then click here to be transported.
Bye for now...

A Giveaway...What's on Your Work Desk? WOYWW and other hotchpotch....

Well I made it everyone...I'm back in Melbourne from our winter wonderland holiday in Canada.
I sometimes feel I'm not quite in the land of the living yet after constantly travelling for 27 hours nonstop and crossing so many time zones along the's all a little blurry.
I'm also having the odd out of body experience (like not remembering where anything is stored in my own kitchen) but at least the jetlag isn't an issue....I normally wake at 4am anyway!
It could of course be something to do with being blonde or my age ( if) but I'm having none of that and just putting it down to all the travelling and trying to get back into the swing of matter what!

Thankfully, when we arrived back the temperature here wasn't up to the 40 degrees that Melbourne had been experiencing whilst we were was a lovely 23 degrees...just perfect to warm us up slowly. 
So thank you friends whichever one of you found the temperature control button and tweaked it down a notch...otherwise I'd be similar to this poor hibiscus that I found in the garden! 
It's now in intensive care and we're hoping for a miracle :-(

But before I get lost nattering of the first things I must do is to thank everyone who visited Canada with was great to have you come along and I know it was a challenge at times, especially when the temperature dropped to -25 degrees!
I also have to mention that upon arriving home there was the inevitable pile of post...but this time there wasn't just bills and junk mail...I also had some wonderful presents sent from friends from across the globe. 
My bloggy buddies!
 (I'll be in touch to give you my personal thanks as soon as I can as I have to say I felt very spoilt.)
 I've met some lovely people over the time that I've been blogging and hope it continues into 2013. 

So with that thought in mind I thought I'd pass on some of that cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling, spread some of the smiles and have a 'GIVEAWAY' with Mufftypup picking the winner once again. 
We had such a fun time doing that at the last giveaway plus Muffy wins every time because typically she works the system and doubles her own body weight with fresh she'll be all for it! 
I'll be posting the details of the giveaway in the next day or so...I hope you can join in. ;D
 As you can imagine after having a month away, plus we did have a New Zealand trip just weeks before that so I'm trying desperately to get back to some sort of normal routine which is proving harder than I thought. Hence I've not had much chance for my art which quite frankly isn't good enough, especially as I had decided for 2103 that I would be more committed to it...I may well be committed but it won't be to my art, if I don't stop trying to be an octopus spinning too many plates in the air all at once!

Oh here we go....I've just realised its Wednesday which used to be WOYWW for me, so I'll quickly show you my desk in the hope that Julia (our host over at Stamping Ground) will forgive this hotchpotch post. I'm hoping the sunshine outside the window here might distract her and I'll get away with it.
I promise to get my act together ~ seriously :D

But in the meantime why not visit some of the other WOYWW gang as I'm sure they'll be far more organised :-$

I only managed to join the WOYWW gang once whilst in Canada but if you would like to take a peak then just click here on my work desk.
Which has just reminded me about the red squirrel friend who visited us every day and took a great liking to sticky toffee puddings!

 I can't help but wonder how Nutkin is coping in our absence. 
I did leave him enough food to feed him throughout the winter plus every other critter within a 100 kilometre radius!
 He never writes...he never phones....hmm...typical.
He's probably working those eyes on the next guests already.

Anyway I must dash so I'll hopefully see you for the 'Giveaway' don't forget to check back....
In the meantime don't forget to have fun whatever you get up to :D

There's a Moose Loose....

Okay so here's where I come clean and confess....the snow kitten (Darnell's name for me...not mine) took a wee tumble on the slopes, so I'm resting up this afternoon whilst everyone else continues to throw themselves down the mountain!
I have to also say I've embraced the idea of a rocking chair far more than I ever thought possible....I'm trying to work out how I could take this one home with me, as I sit swinging back and forth with such velocity I'm in danger of a whiplash injury to accompany my dodgy knee! 

I thought an early session in the hot tub this morning might be perfect to aid my recovery. 
I have to say it's very bizarre being outside in a bathtub essentially, in freezing temperatures (although today was a tropical -10) feeling the sun on your face whilst enjoying watching and listening to the birds! 
You just have to be careful to keep all your bits under the water level...other than your face obviously because if you don't you soon realise that's something amiss...BRR....!
Another little revelation that I've become aware of is the fact that I don't feel the need for any lip plumping surgery (not that I've ever considered this you understand) because my lips seem to have grown since being here. I know I expected it of my waistline because as you know you definitely have to pack in the calories when you're on an expedition like this....copious amounts of chocolate are a must! 
Even in the liquid form with a little wee nip of something to keep out the cold plus a dollop of whipped cream and marshmellows balanced on top! 
But no it's my lips that seem to have expanded! 
So I have saved a fortune on lip enhancement surgery and certainly don't need any painful injections...
....all you need to do is plummet into sub zero temperatures and 'Bob's Your Uncle' 
(sorry that's an old family saying) 
oh.... maybe I should have kept that secret to myself until I patented the idea! Humm....

I need to explain by the way that those bubbles in the photo below are from thewater inlet and nothing else ~ RIGHT!  

 Whilst shrivelling (but at least I can blame the hot tub for all my wrinkles now) I took in all the sights around...listening to the birds in their highly excitable frenzy that I'd put even more food out for them. Chickadees, tree-creepers and woodpeckers came to see the strange sight before them...these humans have a lots to answer for!
Here's the view of the house from the hot tub...all warm and toasty with the chimney's such a reasuring sight when you know you've got to make a dash and negotiate those slippery steps, with water freezing on your body by the second, plus a dodgy knee that threatens to give way at any moment.

Looking the other way from my semi-submersible is the sauna and I noted that I think we've had someone participating other than me...see the little critters tracks...I need Laurie to let me know who it was...taking liberties?!?!?

 I have a good idea but I know it couldn't be a moose because they are big beasties....
I didn't think I'd see one whilst here but we've been lucky...very lucky! LOL

See isn't he gorgeous...I adore these wooden sculptures. They are so cleverly carved and cute to boot!
I bought this magnificent guy on my last visit. If you want to see more of Yome Lebel amazing work then click on his name. I soooooo want a bear and the beaver of course...
...oh and how could I resist the Canadian goose or the cat? 
I feel major purchases coming on... :D

Well the fire needs stoking, coffees brewing, kettles only seconds away from the boil and dinner is waiting for the 'adventurers' return...meanwhile I'll carry on with the music blasting out across the lake...and enjoy the sun dipping down through the trees.
I hope you've had a great day and remember it's a gift so use it well
~ ♥ ~

Artist Play Room ~ Celebrate!

I'm trying very hard to stay positive as I write today's post...but it's proving a little difficult because our fantastic holiday is coming to an end soon. 
We've had such a wonderful time as I think my Canadian posts may have shown. Even the 36 hours without power has become an amusing story to revisit, just so long as we're are cosy, freshly showered and have all the lights on! 
Even the 28 hour long haul flight was totally worth the journey. It has enabled me to connect with my family spending quality time with them, plus throw myself down mountains, trying to walk thigh deep in crisp virgin snow, hot tub bathing whilst sipping champers, meeting staff and management who look after this amazing special place, the trials of walking in snow shoes, dashing in and out of the sauna before my bits fell off! Managing in incredible temperatures of -25 degrees that I never would have imagined I'd be able to function outside of my duvet. 
It's been like living in my own Christmas card setting or on the set of Wham's 'Last Christmas' video (wow what am I thinking....enough!) 
So when I'm back in the sweltering heat of the Australian summer (which apparently has arrived with avengance with temperatures of +40 I'll look back over my photos of which there are hundreds and chill. 

I even managed to spend some time with my journal this morning which is something I plan to do frequently over this next year. I'm hoping we become best friends. ;D

After feeding the chickadees this morning (who were very grateful it has to be said) I smiled to myself because I've always called my children 'my chickadees' ever since we first visited Canada a few years back.
Whenever my kids are in the one location then I'm happy. It's not easy having one flown the nest but thankfully she returns frequently and so with this in mind, I thought I'd 'CELEBRATE' this fact by entering into the Artists Play Room with my sketch.

I really didn't give myself as much time as I'd like...and I know that sounds soooooo 2012 but it's difficult when you're on holiday and people expect you to 'stay in the room'. But I had fun which I suppose is the most important thing.

So that's it....I've kicked off the year with my first entry and it feels good. 
Thanks Jenn for keeping me focused and continuing to host the Artist's Play Room.
If you'd like to see some talented artists work, then click here
Or maybe you could enter yourself? 
Everyone is so supportive and a they're a great group of like minded go on...
...take a line for a walk!
Jenn our host is so helpful, inspiring, kind, encouraging, totally committed to helping everyone have fun and keeping our creativity flowing.