Agapanthus... PPF and Sunday Sketches

I'm happy to report that we had summer come calling this week...well for three days!
It was beautiful to feel the sun's warmth at last.
Oh my, I've missed it so much... anyway here we are, Friday already.
It's been a mixed bag this week of lounging in the sun to make the most of it, visiting castles, balancing up ladders to clean windows and pulling various plants out of guttering which seems to have grown like a triffid. 
But I did manage to do some of my art project and a quick painting of the beautiful Agapanthus that we have growing in our garden.
I think I'm quite besotted with their colour and I'm also so surprised that I've actually got them growing here in Aberdeenshire! 
I used to have them in my Melbourne garden, but didn't for one minute imagine that they'd grow here.
As you can see it's unfinished work once again.
I've slightly lost the plot here peeps, because hubby has just walked in after shopping and produced art supplies for me! 
Brushes, canvases and 34 piece Acrylic paint set.
No, it's not Christmas because I checked... nor my birthday... so do you think he's possibly guilty of something?
 I'm not sure of the quality of the supplies until I have a closer look, but hey I was taught never look a gift horse in the mouth!
(I have no idea where or what that saying means, but you'll get the gist)
So I'm away to play.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Have fun and thanks for visiting my place.