Meet my new bestie....the red squirrel

At last I've spotted a little critter! And Christmas has come early for him....
Up until this point the only animals that I've seen have been pet dogs and cats.
I hadn't even seen a bird or rodent since we arrived here and I must admit I was beginning to wonder if I would see any or where they'd all gone! 
(Maybe off to Australia for a little warm for their winter holiday? 
I believe it's rather toasty there just now...)

It's not until the little things like birds go missing from our lives that we realise how much we enjoy having them around and that we take them for granted. 
Take for instance their birdsong's not until it's gone that you miss it so much. 
The silence can be quite deafening here sometimes especially at night. 
Let me tell you, you have no idea how loud snoring can sound when there's no other sound around!!!
Listen to wonder I'm awake all's not jet lag after all!

Anyway, back to my little critter. As I mentioned in a previous post I always like to feed the wildlife especially the birds, so we have hung a feeder from a nearby tree. 
Expectantly we've waited....and waited...and fact we're still waiting for a bird, but just as I was passing the window today something caught my attention and there balanced precariously on the feeder was a squirrel. A RED squirrel.
I should just add a little note here to say that in the UK the red squirrel was virtually wiped out by the grey squirrel so I was thrilled to see this little guy. There are programmes now that are trying to reintroduce them but it'll take some time. The grey squirrels are quite a lot larger than the red and not as cute in fact they can be quite aggressive. 

I apologise that the photo is slightly out of focus but that's because he was in such a great hurry. 
Stocking up with bulging jowls, then just a flick of the tail and he was away again....puff gone!
But now I'd seen him I wanted to see more...I knew he would be hungry because there's been heavy snow on the ground for four days now. That has obvioulsy meant slim pickings and so with that in mind I produced a culinary delight for my new little furry friend. I chopped up some apple, nuts, and even sacreficed my blueberries. No expense spared for the little guy.
These were obviously too tempting and as you can see below he came running over to add to his daily five!!! By the way, the snow he's running over just happens to be well over my knees....I know this for a fact because I lost my boot whilst trying to fill the feeder!

After freezing my behooky off and finally locating my boot once more, I decided to retreat to the warmth of the fire to watch his antics...and look who wasn't camera shy after all.

Now this photo below I think is the cutest I've seen for quite some time. What do you think?
I think someone else must have been feeding him too because he certainly looks healthy don't you think?
I just need to name him now? Any idea's anyone?

I'm not sure if he's a he or a she...but I don't think either way that'll bother my new bestie, 
just so long as I keep up the peanut run! 

I've just heard that the weather forecast is for 40cms of fresh snow fall tomorrow! Whoohoo! 
Santa's nearly on his way peeps...are you ready?
Just remember to enjoy. Catch you later...

A Few Updates....

What a sporty weekend we're having....there's the fourth Rugby match blasting out here at the moment, as I try to hear myself type....we've had the football in between too, but the boys are happy, so I thought I'd nip in here with a quick update post.
I've not done one of these for a while so here goes.....
The main event is that we have a house guest. Yes, Zac arrived last night for his holiday, so Muffy's a happy bunny!

I couldn't resist snapping this shot of them looking through to the dining room. We were about to have a Sunday Roast and they weren't happy about not being included. They were sniffing all around the door frame trying to get the maximum smell if nothing else.

But then they did have their chicken dinner, so it all worked out in the end. Then the games commenced.... 

 I must try and get a video of all their antics. Its such fun to just sit and watch them at play. Today on our walk we tried using a joint lead (leash) It was so funny to see them trying to work it out, who got to take priority on which direction or sniff trail to follow.

At least you can see my handy work from the grooming course. I've had quite a few compliments on my handy work. Not sure how I'll get on when there's no experienced eye watching over me next time I have to clip her.

At the moment Muffin has just managed to fit into her bed. Zac has taken a liking to it, much to her disgust but well it is Zac, so she's curled up around him. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Anyone else would be given their marching orders.

Moving on with the update...remember the Flowering Hanging Mangers Well look how they've grown. They are still spreading out and only just coming to bud, but there's lots of potential there. I'll take another photo later in the season to show how they bloom {hopefully}

 And then the surprise news of the week....
I've been pottering about near the water tank off and on and noticed that every time I went near this particular spot, a startled dove would fly away. It happened so many times that I thought I'd take a peek and look what I found....

Unfortunately, I really had to take a few quick snaps not wanting to disturb the mother or the nest for too long. Apparently, they are notorious for abandoning the nest so I didn't want that responsibility. But the last news was my OH checked and the mother was sitting back on the nest so, so far all's well. They should be happy because we have a water bath which has fresh water daily and the huge seed block hanging near by. No need to scavenge here at this address. Unfortunately I was hoping that they may have spread the word to the lorikeets, but nothing happening there yet. But you never know?

I would love to give a final update on the painting but what can I excuses I just haven't got back to it. I've managed to put the gutta on {the resist that stops the flow of paint over the silk - its like gum or glue consistency}and the design is done so we're beginning to get there, but it will be into next week before I can show you. Hopefully it will be worth the wait ; )

Rainbow Lorikeets

Something had the Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) very excited this morning. As I walked Muffin through the nearby reserve the noise and chatter from a large flock overhead was near deafening. The Rainbow Lorikeets we perched high up in the trees and boy did they have a lot to discuss. I would have loved an interpreter to tell me what all the excitement was about.

I just can't get over how vivid and brightly coloured they are with their red, green, blue, yellow, and orange feathers. Positively flamboyant.
They also fly like the Falcon HTV-2 at incredible speeds darting, twisting and turning through the trees without a care, screeching to each other as they go.... 

On a previous walk I took this photo because I just couldn't believe that the lorikeets would actually use this tree trunk for a nest site. Its so low to the ground but obviously its safe enough because they popped back in before I managed to take they're photo. But I'll keep my eyes open when passing to try to capture them peeping out. They looked so funny watching me... watching them... watching me!

One of my new neighbours feeds all the local birds in her garden with a seed block.....
so guess what I had to get......
Yep, I'm hoping to attract the lorikeets into my garden. Plus the cockatoo's too!

There was an article on the tv tonight about Cockatoo's which have been taught to speak by their owners and then subsequently escaped....they are now passing on their language skills to other birds!
I must admit I didn't recognise any of the chatter this morning, but maybe thats a good thing hearing what some people have taught their birds to say!