Empty Bird Feeder? (Paint Party Friday)

Well that was quite a night last night due to the incredibly strong winds that blew through this way. 
So much so that we could virtually feel the house shake. 
I was constantly woken up by the intruder light going off and on due to all the movement of trees, bushes and who knows what else. 
It gave me a tiny snippet of what it might be like to experience a tornado. Rather frightening.
Thankfully, there wasn't too much damage and debris when I checked around the garden this morning. 
The bird table (placed on the floor so that it didn't fall and break thankfully is still intact) but empty! 
And some of the feeders were no where to be found!
I feed the bird visitors in my garden every morning and I became aware of masses of eyes, tweets, and twitterbations going on as I wandered around the garden.
Where was breakfast???? 
This gave me a fun idea for a sketch...
I certainly had fun with this one... so decided that I'd carry on and add colour

I started off in my normal precise way but then reminded myself that I want to try to be a little more loose with my work... so took a deep breath and dived right in! 
I was thinking I should get out my bird books in order to get the correct plummage and colours but then that would be defeating the object and didn't seem fitting for this Friday fun sketch... so I ignored my urge. 

I even look at the wood work and nearly come out in a rash at how random the lines are. 
I'm pleased I've kept it so loose but I'm not promising that I might head back at some stage and tweak or maybe even take this theme and redo it. 
I'm linking up with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday 
Paint Party Friday
Why not make a cuppa and nip over to see lots of amazing artwork.
That's me done for today... 
It's Friday night so let the weekend commence.
Have fun everyone!

Opportunities could be around the next corner....?

I had so much pleasure watching a robin bobbing and bouncing around the base of the bird feeder the other day. But then he flew onto a pot hanging on the house wall.
Nothing unusual there I hear you say, but then he dived down into the side of the outer pot! 
It was a tight squeeze. 
Most odd I thought...but then I realised he was going to get a drink from the surplus of water contained in the base of the pot. 
This made me realise that the water bath which was located at the rear of the house was totally in the wrong place! 
Cool fresh water was on hand but not just handy enough. 
All the birds were oblivious to its presence. 

The feeders are proving to be incredibly popular but like a good meal in a first class restaurant you need a nicely chilled drink to accompany it.
So the bird bath had to be moved nearer to the feed station...and oh how that has proved a big hit! 
There's virtually a constant queue. 

(Here's Robbie taking in the new spa...I hope you can see him as he's a little difficult to spot)

That got me thinking how life can be like that bird bath.
We might all be missing opportunities that are just out of sight or around a nearby corner.
Maybe we just have to look a little further or step out of our comfort zone to find all kinds of possibilities. 
There could be all sorts of wonderful things lying in wait for us. 

Opportunities don't always come right into our path...sometimes we have to go and look for it!
Just a quick post today...I'm working away in the studio (spare room... hehe)
I hope your Wednesday is wonderful and full of opportunity.

Oops I forgot to post the view outside my window on the 1st September...forgive me? 

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Summer Rain...and visitors to my garden

We've been living in a cloud for the last five days...
Low misty dampness rolling over the fields and hills...but we are still in August, so thankfully it's still relatively warm. Perhaps it's just giving me a gentle nudge that soon the summer will come to a close, therefore I want to appreciate it to the maximum. 

I thought you might like to see some of my garden 
(well I was just playing really...challenging myself to make a little video and posting it with music etc...and I managed it! Yay)
I'll make sure that I capture the sun on the next video and not take it through the window! 

(for the first three weeks after we arrived back here we hardly saw a bird in the garden but now the word has certainly spread...'there's a five star restaurant for birds opened up in the neighbourhood'.
We're seeing so many different types now from the large wood-pigeons to the tiny finches and wrens. 
It's a pure delight)

There was a little reprieve yesterday afternoon as the sun worked its way through the cloud to warm and delight us once again. 
We decided to eat our Sunday Roast outside as it could be the last time for many months. 
But then who knows? 
The UK weather (as many of you will know) is very unpredictable. 
Take today for instance...it is still early as I type and the mist is still hanging very low all around but there's reports that it will burn off later and we could have sun and temperatures in the 20's!
That'll do for me thank you.
Whatever your weather...enjoy!