Happy Blue Monday...with a winter warming recipe

Can you believe that it's Monday already? 
Where did the weekend go?
I'm happy to say that we made the most of it whilst it was here, but even so a three day weekend would be perfect wouldn't it? 
But let's not let it get us down because there's lots to be happy about...who knows what is installed for us in this coming week? 
So chin up, put a big smile on and let's get started...bring it on I say! 

I've wanted to show you for some time one of my leaving presents from a friend when I left Melbourne. 
Well it was part of a leaving present actually, but it just captured so much in one item. 
It is a Monet apron purchased by my friend from the Monet exhibition held earlier in the year during May to September at the fabulous National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Isn't it exquisite?

Claude Monet (1840-1926)
Monet's Garden is a stunning exhibition devoted to Claude Monet's iconic garden at Giverny. Renowned as the 'father of French Impressionism', Monet was inspired by his direct experiences of nature, culminating in the ravishing depictions of his lily and flower gardens in the rural property at Giverny, northern France. 

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”

I'm a little wary of using the apron really...either to paint or cook in it, as I don't want to spoil it. 
It covers so many things about me that my friend captured in one go. 
My love of art, Monet, gardening, the colour, cooking and baking all wrapped up in one. 
Wasn't she clever? 
So that's why when I wrap it around me it's like having a huge of all the things that make my spirit fly and I thought it would be perfect to enter for todays 'Happy Blue Monday'

Having mentioned baking if you want a winter warmer recipe for something seasonal then why not visit one of my old blog posts where I bake a Pear and Almond Cake
It's from back in July 2010 when we lived in Melbourne, Australia. 
Be warned there's a mention of Christmas...but then it is in the middle of their winter. 
It's so strange to read my old posts from back then...how I've changed. 
You can tell mostly by the photographs. 

Now why not pop across to see Sally and the other Blue Monday posts? 
I'm sure you'll have a very happy Monday if you do. 

Smiling Sally

Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
I hope you have a great week!