Paint Party Friday... Signs of spring

I just can't believe that it's Friday once more. 
I've got a busy weekend ahead, but I've actually managed to finish the autumn tree drawing, and as promised I've come to the Paint Party Friday link to show how it turned out.
Not only that but I've actually managed to started a new design.
I must be subconsciously thinking of wonderful springiness and lovely summer days because butterflies (or flutterby's as my daughter used to call them) appeared in my drawing.
Maybe it's the appearance of sprouting daffodils, crocus and much to my surprise Iris, that has set me off. Some positive signs of lighter nights, warmer days and the smell of cut grass.
I can't wait...
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Sunday Sketches
So I'm off now to put on my glad rags, a little lippy and then to enjoy Friday night!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and perhaps if you'd like to see more art, then click here.

Two T's... Trees and T2 Tiny Tin of Tea

I was feeling a little smug with myself last weekend because I actually managed to visit all of the linked artists joining in with Paint Party Friday.
It's something that I've tried to do each week, but then life happens and I'm afraid I fail abysmally. 
If you linked up after my visits, then I'm sorry I missed you... maybe I'll catch up with you this week.

So as my last post mentioned the rain finally spotted and we saw not only the sky, but some sun too. 
The temperature has dropped and there is talk of possible snow... oh yes and as the weather presenters have mentioned (numerous times)... "we'll have minus double digits this weekend"!
This must be the latest buzz word in the meteorologists office, or from the office memo, because all the news presenters are using this new turn of phrase. We would normally be given the actual temperature ie -3 or -32 (ha) or whatever, but obviously we've moved into a new phase and this is the up to the minute phrase.

Anyway... here's my desk this week (or kitchen table actually)
I decided to go back and revisit a previous design.
An autumn tree...
Here it is in more detail from my old journal.
But I've decided to draw this new one as an A3 design.
I used a uni-ball eye which is one of my favourites.
I do find these kind of drawings incredibly relaxing.
I can leave it at any time and also pop back at random times to carry on, which is perfect for me just now.

Before I go I must mention this gorgeous T2 Tiny Tin of Tea that arrived in the post recently.
Happy post... don't you just love it when surprises arrive.
(I've had quite a few lately... so feel very lucky and I smile for the rest of the day)
I decided that today was the day that I would dive in (not literally) and try it out.
I must say that I've been intrigued since it's arrival, but you can't rush these things. 
Patience is a virtue and all that.
I have to say I loved the tin as soon as I saw it, even before it was opened to reveal the delight within.
A blossom opens up along with the green tea. 
It's beyond fascinating to watch... I did video it, but it was a slow process and my available space is very tight, so I decided just to show you the still photo.
How cool is that?
And that's before you even taste the peachy tea!
Well, now that I have my cuppa it's time to start visiting all of Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Sunday Sketches
Have a brilliant day and a wonderful weekend.

Autumnal Tree...APR #58

Today is rather a strange day...I'm in a new venue for sending my post. 
I've come to a local library and I must admit it's a little strange. 
It's the first time that I've sat and used the communal computers and I'm just thinking is it impolite to wipe all of the keyboard with antibacterial sanitising wipes before I begin? 
I normally have the radio playing when I'm blogging but here the tapping of the eight keyboards is deafening!
I've played footsie with the chap across the desk from me...the girl next to me is constantly chattering about everything and anything not working or going to plan, she's even muttered that heaven forbid they've let a small child onto one of the computers to 'play'! 
There's another chap who seems to have lost his chin whilst he concentrates on the screen and I'm now trying desperately to relax my own face...which isn't an easy task I can tell you! 
OH NO..he's now decided to pick his nose! Surely not :(
Oh's like when you see a terrible sight but you just can't stop your eyes from revisiting! Yuk!
Now I wish I had used the wipes! 
I'm getting a little concerned about the chap sitting next to me who has slumped over the desk playing solitaire...he hasn't moved for the past 30 minutes! I do hope he's not peeking at what I'm writing.
Oh we're okay his time has just ran out and he's off...phewph!
The child playing on the end desk is accompanied by his Grandmother by the way and he's having a great time pressing every button on the keyboard because Granny just tells him..."I don't know darling...just press anything and see". Well it works for me :D
So with all of these distractions I nearly forgot why I'm here...
Oh's to post my entry into the lovely Jenn's The Artist Play Room. 
I've missed so many weeks what with gallivanting around New Zealand's South Island, plus packing up our belongings for the big move,  so I'm thrilled that I've actually got something to enter. I'm thinking that I will add colour because let's face it autumn is all about colour...but that will have to be later.
The only trouble is that I've already sent most of my art equipment away already, but I suppose I could add to my collection and purchase the colours that I need...they could always go via airfreight later.

 I've also another drawing (not in my journal) which I had hoped to post here, but unfortunately the usual daily business got in the way and it's still got some work needed. 
I've taken photos at various stages because I love that when I see other artists work broken down to show their techniques. Hopefully I'll be able to post that drawing soon. I'm quite excited about it.
In the meantime, I'll let my fellow 'puter people carry on...
Hormonal female next to me is still muttering...slump man has returned bring with him a rather odd odour (which I'd rather not dwell on) Happy feet across the desk is still tap dancing...and I seem to have missed the child leaving...maybe he's off for a nap now that he's been overstimulated. Oh yes and the chinless wonder has now found a tricky piece of skin near his thumb nail that seems to be putting up quite a fight!  
And so there you have's post!
But before I head off for a well earned tea break, let me give you the link for the APR so that you can check out what the other artists have been submitting this week.
I can't believe I've been blogging for nearly two hours without a cuppa. Unthinkable! 
I'm off....have a fantastic Friday everyone and an even better weekend whatever you have planned. 
Have fun!