My Sunday Photo... Autumn Synopsis

This may not be the best photo, but in my defence it was such a dull grey day, so I suppose the result is not surprising.
I thought I'd show you a synopsis of where we are at this moment in time.
Autumn is just getting into full swing after a very mild start, so the trees are only just putting on their colourful display and as you can see here some plants are still flowering. 
I've started to take the tender plants inside, just in case a sneaky frost creeps in to visit during the night, but it's such a shame whilst they are looking so healthy.
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
The Virginia Creeper has been virtually changing colour right before our eyes.
I couldn't help thinking that this next photo looks like a string of hearts.
I love those little love hearts on the top right of the photo.
As you can imagine with the weather turning chillier and a wood fanatic on the premises, there's a fair amount of wood management going on. 
Sourcing, stacking, sawing and standing back to admire your handy work.
I did wonder when I saw this pile, if my hubby was expecting rain... a lot of rain.
It looks like a raft! 
These logs haven't seen the chainsaw yet.
They have just been raised off the ground for now, so that they don't rot over winter.
We have a full wood store with prepared logs and we're not afraid to use them... daily!
Our wood burner is doing a grand job of keeping the house cosy and there's nothing more homely than having a fire flickering away on such a dull day.
And finally here's a shot of the sky to show you just what I meant when I said we have had a grey day!
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Autumnal scenes

Autumn has been spectacular this year. 
It has highlighted what I already knew... that it's my favourite season. 
Maybe it's the fact that summer very often is a disappointment here in Bonnie Scotland, so when the temperature rises to 15 degrees (in October!) I'm right there to appreciate it as much as I can.
The photo above was taken whilst on a dog walk.
Who wouldn't love nature's palette?
Everywhere you look there's something to catch the eye.
Berry's, leaves, sunsets and sunrises to name but a few. 
This Canna Lily which I planted into a large pot along with fuschias, ivy and lobelia (which is hidden under all that foliage) hasn't flowered this year, but I'm not too sad about that because just look at the colour of those leaves.
I just have to try to save it from frost and the plummeting temperatures over night with our clear skies. 
I'm thinking about wrapping it with bubble wrap, but if anyone has any tips... I'm all ears!
The floating leaves caught my attention the other day on another dog walk.
The windy conditions caused them to float and congregate at one end of the lake.
There's nothing better than when a chore becomes fun don't you think?
Here's my son initially helping me to collect some of the fallen leaves from the trees in our garden... but as often happens... things took a turn for to the fun side with a game of hide and seek.
Muffin had to find him when he had buried himself in the leaves. 
She's never played this game before so it was fun to see her reaction.
You may have to look closely to find Muffin... she was nearly buried too.

And finally just when I thought Halloween is over... I got a big scare this afternoon, but thankfully it turned into delight very quickly.
The fog which has been visiting most of the country (mainly further down south) arrived here today.
I looked out of the window to check on the density of the fog this afternoon, when I suddenly noticed white shapes moving in the adjacent field.
Straining my eyes and doing extremely excessive blinks with my eyes were on stalks, I realised that the farmer had brought sheep into the field.
I'm delighted and have wanted the sheep to come nearer to the house since we returned from Australia (they used to be right up to our garden when we last lived here... which was so much fun when the lambs appeared)
I'm not sure what Muffin will make of them... she's never been close to one before.
In fact I don't think she's even seen one.
This'll be fun!
I couldn't take a photo because it's a pea souper out there now, but you know me... I won't be able to resist!

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I hope you are having fun this week and enjoying autumn too.
Happy Autumn to you all.

My Week On A Page #4 (Autumn arrives) PPF

It appears that spring has finally slipped quietly away and autumn has taken it's place.
I'm afraid I couldn't hang on to it any longer. 
All the signs are blatantly obvious now... the geese have flown over in their perfect V formations... chatting excitedly on heading south to warmer parts. 
The squirrels are busy evading my camera lens in their frenzied activity of preparing their winter food stores.
The leaves are just beginning to put on their autumn colourful display... with the odd leaf gently floating down to the ground. Many others will follow soon, but for now they're like gentle confetti. 
September is one of my favourite months, but one thing that I'm not happy about is the invasion of spiders coming into the house. No matter how often I sweep through with the feather duster... as soon as I turn my back... they're back and the web reappears.

Last Monday started out to be a very wet day, so it gave me the perfect excuse to head into the studio to create my week on a page painting.
Initially I sketched out the design 
The autumnal theme is prevalent with spiders and their webs, evasive squirrels and autumn leaves cascading down the page. I've also added into the sketch, packets used for collecting seeds. 
I have to admit that I've never taken the time to collect seeds before, but I'm going to give it a go this year. The trouble will be to remember where I put them when spring comes to call. 
There's also a bottle of dog shampoo included on the page, because we're heading into the realms of the daily paw spa. 
Muffy has hair (as apposed to fur) and once she gets wet, which lets face it when you're that low to the ground, is quite often. Even the early morning dew can cause soggy paws and tummy.
She can take an age to dry out.
It's a good job that she likes the hairdryer and will come running whenever she hears it.
I think she just loves the warm air blowing on her. 
A reminder of her youth when living in hot climates.
The remaining item is a helinium. 
One of my daughter's favourite plants. 
I've never grown them before, but have been delighted with their fantastic vibrant colour, like mini sunflowers in my border. I can't believe that they are still producing flowers and look like they'll carry on for some time to come... with lots of buds still to open.
They are perfect to cut and bring into the house for floral arrangements.
They last for ages too.
So here's the finished page... My week on a page #4
I have such fun creating these pages. 
It's a great visual diary.
Perhaps you'd like to give it a try? 
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Have fun and I hope to see you again soon.
Happy painting peeps!

Wonderful Workshops

I can't complain that I haven't had time to paint this week because I've seriously indulged not once, but twice! (GASP!)
Well for a start how could I clean the house when it's been so dark? 
At 3.00pm I've had to turn on lamps for goodness sake.
I dread to think what I'll see when the sun eventually does shine, but apparently that's not going to happen until at least next Tuesday... if we're lucky. 
So for now all my guilt is shut up tight into the broom cupboard. 

But can you guess what the subject matter was for my art group this week?
A Rainy Afternoon!!!! 
As you can imagine I was thrilled Emoji
I have to say I struggled with this one, not only for the subject, but also trying to keep my piece loose.
I nearly freaked out trying to get a little precision on a building whilst using the palette knife.
I apologised to all my fellow desk mates but they seemed to think it was a giggle... so they're now off my Christmas card list!  
I definitely need more time to work on this... so I'm not going to show you it this week.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone never mind my arty friends. 

I'm still attempting to catch up after being away and had completely forgotten that I'd signed up for a workshop.
Thankfully I'd entered it into my phone diary so didn't miss it. 
I had a great time which was organised by the Jack Tierney Gallery in Cults, Aberdeenshire.
The very talented visiting Russian artist Sofia Perina-Miller gave incredible demo's (four in all) and her enthusiasm was infectious, so we all had a play too.
Her work is so incredibly vibrant and free flowing. 
No pencil in sight. 
Here she is painting a poinsettia
Sofia sees everything in intense colour and transfers that to her paintings.
If you'd like to see more of Sofia's work... click here or visit her Facebook page here
Her energy was tangible and listening to her talk about all of her projects, plans and future work left me feeling a little dizzy. She apparently only has about three to four hours sleep a night. 
(I knew that's were I would find some more time... now I just have to try sleep deprivation... although somehow I don't think it'll be for me... I'm a dizzy blonde already at times) 

I now have an extensive art supplies wish list for Christmas, but unfortunately I don't think I've been that good.... I'll have to work on it!
St.Petersburg White Nights Wooden Box Set
Shin-Gansai watercolour pan
600gsm cold pressed paper 
to name but three...

Here's a painting I managed to do within the time restraints.
I always like to outline in pen so was thrilled when Sofia said that we needed to do that on our finished paintings. 
Yay... I knew I liked her 
This second piece isn't finished but I'll maybe have a play with it using the paints I already have. 
It's so dark here so photographs lately leave a lot to be desired...soz!
I'll certainly be looking out for more workshops to attend and Sofia says she will return in the spring.
Roll on spring for so many reasons...

And finally and more appropriately my sincere apologies if you have visited me recently and I haven't returned the call.
I've been away twice in the last few weeks and there's still two little trips planned (although these aren't cast in stone) I will be revisiting my posts to catch up with replies as and when I can.

In the meantime why don't you nip over to Kristin and Eva's Paint Party Friday there's always lots to see.
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(I'll be concentrating on the Christmas festivities after this weekw)