Wonderful Workshops

I can't complain that I haven't had time to paint this week because I've seriously indulged not once, but twice! (GASP!)
Well for a start how could I clean the house when it's been so dark? 
At 3.00pm I've had to turn on lamps for goodness sake.
I dread to think what I'll see when the sun eventually does shine, but apparently that's not going to happen until at least next Tuesday... if we're lucky. 
So for now all my guilt is shut up tight into the broom cupboard. 

But can you guess what the subject matter was for my art group this week?
A Rainy Afternoon!!!! 
As you can imagine I was thrilled Emoji
I have to say I struggled with this one, not only for the subject, but also trying to keep my piece loose.
I nearly freaked out trying to get a little precision on a building whilst using the palette knife.
I apologised to all my fellow desk mates but they seemed to think it was a giggle... so they're now off my Christmas card list!  
I definitely need more time to work on this... so I'm not going to show you it this week.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone never mind my arty friends. 

I'm still attempting to catch up after being away and had completely forgotten that I'd signed up for a workshop.
Thankfully I'd entered it into my phone diary so didn't miss it. 
I had a great time which was organised by the Jack Tierney Gallery in Cults, Aberdeenshire.
The very talented visiting Russian artist Sofia Perina-Miller gave incredible demo's (four in all) and her enthusiasm was infectious, so we all had a play too.
Her work is so incredibly vibrant and free flowing. 
No pencil in sight. 
Here she is painting a poinsettia
Sofia sees everything in intense colour and transfers that to her paintings.
If you'd like to see more of Sofia's work... click here or visit her Facebook page here
Her energy was tangible and listening to her talk about all of her projects, plans and future work left me feeling a little dizzy. She apparently only has about three to four hours sleep a night. 
(I knew that's were I would find some more time... now I just have to try sleep deprivation... although somehow I don't think it'll be for me... I'm a dizzy blonde already at times) 

I now have an extensive art supplies wish list for Christmas, but unfortunately I don't think I've been that good.... I'll have to work on it!
St.Petersburg White Nights Wooden Box Set
Shin-Gansai watercolour pan
600gsm cold pressed paper 
to name but three...

Here's a painting I managed to do within the time restraints.
I always like to outline in pen so was thrilled when Sofia said that we needed to do that on our finished paintings. 
Yay... I knew I liked her 
This second piece isn't finished but I'll maybe have a play with it using the paints I already have. 
It's so dark here so photographs lately leave a lot to be desired...soz!
I'll certainly be looking out for more workshops to attend and Sofia says she will return in the spring.
Roll on spring for so many reasons...

And finally and more appropriately my sincere apologies if you have visited me recently and I haven't returned the call.
I've been away twice in the last few weeks and there's still two little trips planned (although these aren't cast in stone) I will be revisiting my posts to catch up with replies as and when I can.

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Happy Friday everyone... have fun and hopefully I'll see you again soon
(I'll be concentrating on the Christmas festivities after this weekw)

WOYWW...What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday #273

Today thankfully I didn't wake up next to a monster
Don't laugh because yesterday I did!
I turned to thank my hubby for my early morning cuppa and nearly dropped the cup.
Looking back at me was a red angry puffy slitted eyed monster.
Having someone look at you first thing in the morning and physically recoil from the sight of you, possibly isn't the best start to your day... or the fact that you have back to back meetings all day and look like you've been in the boxing ring all night.
But after anti-histamine and two days later he looks like he's just sleep deprived.
We're not sure what caused it... whether it was three excitable visiting dogs running throughout the house or the dust from yet more renovations.
Yep... we've moved into Phase 2 and this week we're changing all the radiators.
There are 18 radiators waiting to move in which means a little Pollifilla here, sanding there and a swish of paint in between. 

Anyway, I'm sitting here in the study on a 3C degree morning with the sun streaming through the window dreaming of hot showers and how long it might be before I can have one! 
I've lit the fire and I'm becoming increasingly cosy and comfy... at this rate I might not move for the remainder of the day, but before I forget I did promise that I'd show you my finished Highland Cow 'Hettie'
Yes, surprisingly I finished her and what's more I really like her!

(Painted using Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink)

Here's my last WOYWW post that show's her in various stages of undress...click here

And below is a photo of a real HIghland Cow that I promised I'd take if I saw one on my rounds. 
I have to tell you that I did virtually everything to make her lift her head, but she was on a mission to consume as much grass as she could possibly manage before nightfall.

I haven't shown you my desk this morning because
1. My daughter is using it once more and
2. I've got my next drawing in the planning stage and it's a surprise.
I'll hopefully be able to show you that next week. 
If you'd like to see other artists finished work and their desks then there'll be lots to visit over at
 Julia's Stamping Ground. 
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Have a great week and Happy WOYWW to one and all.

See you again soon

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Feathers...done and dusted

 As promised I'm posting the finished painting from Wednesday and the WOYWW linkup. 

Instead of visiting everyone's desk today, I decided to use the time to revisit my own desk and finish the feather painting. 
Don't worry I'll get to visit everyone who visited me and maybe a few more if I can...hopefully later tonight when someone's distracted with the Commonwealth Games coverage. 
Here's the photo from Wednesday's post first for those who didn't see it.
(click here if you want to see the post)

(I'm still unsure who has lost the feather, so if you know then just pop my a line...I'm still thinking it's from a buzzard. 
We have quite a few living nearby and they often fly over the garden)

At one stage I thought I'd ruined the painting, so I just took a deep breath and went for it... apparently that's what I should always do. It'll help loosen my work.
I've been stating that unfortunately it doesn't look like the real feather, but then I'm also told that if you want your work to look like the real thing...then take a photo! 
So here's the final piece
 I used Daler-Rowney Acrylic Ink which is a new medium for me. 
I'm enjoying exploring and discovering just how they work, plus I used a fine nib for the highlights. 
So there you are...finally a finished piece of work and with that in mind I'm linking to Paint Party Friday and The Artist's Play Room

I wish you all a happy weekend.
Have fun and enjoy! 

Yay...it's Friday and I'm ready to party with PPF and APR

I can't believe that today I've actually managed to complete a piece of artwork. YAY!
After a great week weather wise with lots of fantastic sunshine, today turned out to be rather grey and that freezing north wind blew. 
So much so that it really wasn't a good day to be outside voluntarily...so I stayed indoors. 
After flinging myself around for most of the morning, ticking chores and messages off my never ending list, I decided to get tough with myself and finally sat down at the kitchen table to finish the kingfisher picture I started a few weeks back. 
Here's a reminder...
I tried desperately to be loose with it and not stress too much and for most parts it worked but old habits die hard. 
There's a few things that I'm not happy about...but I'll not mention them because maybe... just maybe you won't notice them. 
My main aim was to just get something into my journal. 
And guess what? 
I've now got an idea for what I'd like to do for tomorrow...whoohoo...so it looks like I may have kick started my mojo into action at last. 

I'm so happy that I feel like partying...so I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday and the Artist's Play Room.
Why don't you take a look and have fun too - just click on the blue writing above to be transported to the party.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone